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      Theresa Skuczas

      I discovered I have IPF in March of 2022; after heart stents, I am on 4% oxygen last month. Nasal drip is always bad when I eat, walk just sitting when laying down or morning, nighttime stuffed up. Coughing up mucus, not out, just up. I think I had this IPF longer than six months.

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      I use a couple of things for the congestion and post nasal drip issues. I have a prescription Nasal Spray called APO-MOMETASSONE and I also take MUCINEX to help the congestion.

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      Ray Townsend

      Hi Theresa,

      Nasal drip and excessive mucus are really big problems for many of us and I’m sure different things work for different people – here are my experiences.  (I live in the UK so perhaps medication names may be different in the US).

      I was diagnosed in February 2021 after suffering with breathlessness, post nasal drip and mucus for a number of years.  I’m on 150mg of Ofev twice a day and so far my symptoms remain stable. (I am not on oxygen).

      I found the way to partially control post nasal drip was by taking Beconase morning and night but recently I have switched to another nasal spray called Avamys and this I think works better for me.  I have controlled my mucus problem by cutting out most dairy products and taking Carbocisteine.  Originally I took 2 x 375mg capsules morning and 2 before bed and frankly it didn’t work and I was thinking of cutting the med out but then a respiratory nurse on my care team suggested taking two <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>additional</span> capsules in the middle of the day and this miraculously cleared up the mucus problem – at least for now.

      The above information may not work for you but I hope it is of some help.

      Try to keep positive – we are all at different stages on the same journey.

      Best regards, Ray Townsend

      Ps.  For me the other thing that helps <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>everything</span> is exercise so if you can get out for a walk most days I think you will feel the difference.

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      Hi Theresa

      I have IPF and take Esbriet.  Also Serrapeptase seems to help.  For nasal congestion I use Omnaris and also saline sprays.  For lung congestion I’ve been inhaling Mucomyst(Acetylcysteine) with a nebulizer for the last 3 years and it has helped greatly.
      Stay well.

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      I was diagnosed IPF in 2017.  I am sure that I have expelled several dozen gallons of mucus since then.  I use face cloths to cough into… they are soaked within an hour or so.  Ofev 150 x 2 a day and Guaifenesin 400 mg x 3 a day to make coughs more productive, that it does…. it works better than nothing I suppose.

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