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      Harletta Carathel

      Has anyone experienced coughing and phlegm after eating a meal?  and if so, what have you done that may help?

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      Susan Howitt


      For coughing at any time can e severe but at least it brings up the plegm, I take tiny sips of a good strong quality orange juice with pulp and keep an eye on myO2 levels which drop dramatically when I eat


      regards Sue

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        Hi,yes i have that when i hade the wrong sugary stuff..aswell if i slouch..if i sit very straith its less..what is helping me to have a small spoon Gaviscon advance…after calms it down

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      Hi Harletta,

      Thanks for writing and starting this topic thread. I don’t have this issue after eating, but can often get into a coughing fit that brings up a lot of phlegm. I’ve heard, similar to Susan’s post, that some high acidic juices can help with coughing and can be paired nicely with a meal. I know my cough felt drastically reduced when I was in Hawaii and was having fresh pineapple juice – though, I don’t know if that was psychological as I was so relaxed and really enjoying my time there, but worth a try for you maybe?

      Goodluck and let us know if you find anything that helps!

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      Jan Shabra

      I have extreme productive coughing after eating. My doctor said it is from food aspiration and suggests a fundoplication procedure where
      the lower part of the esophagus is wrapped around the top of the stomach and stapled. Food or fumes would not be able to go back to the lungs. You would have to eat small portions. I am still researching but need something done to help me.

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      john styles

      Its all about the diet for me. I had bad coughing after eating. I discontinued the wine ( seems like as we get older its give this up and then give that up)  and stopped snacking after dinner.  My coughing subsided and the o2 saturations raised a couple of points. I think there was a recent article on Pulmonary Fibrosis news about Gerd and acid reflex. I would never guess I may have had some acid reflex. Take a Nexium now in the mornings and my cough is much less.

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      Karen Martin

      I have also found myself coughing after eating, mostly in the evenings.  I will sometimes take something like Tums and it seems to help.  I regularly take Prilosec but it doesn’t always seem to cover the evening meal.

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        Harletta Carathel

        Karen, this sounds like me.  It is that evening meal for some reason that the coughing is bad.  It is keeping us from eating out with friends as that usually happens in the evening.

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      Steve Dragoo

      Hi All,

      I do cough some after most meals but I love spicy food too much.  Charlene, pineapple, and apples are both good for the lungs but they may cause some acid reflux.  My doctor has mentioned a couple of times GERD can cause the cough reflex to kick in and that can be mitigated with some proton pump inhibitors. Some of those are OTC. For me, they usually give me some stomach pain and I can only take them a few days it seems…

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      Definitely good points to consider Steve, thanks! Pineapple and apples are both very acidic so something to be mindful of if you struggle with acid reflux. I’m lucky I didn’t while I drank so much of it in Hawaii Lol.

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      Merle Sweet

      I was diagnosed with Usual Interstitial Pneumonia in October 2014. I do not qualify for oxygen yet, but am very short of breath during any exertion. For the first few years I had PFTs every six months, but every three months during the last three years. My results show that I plateau at a given level and remain there for approximately 9 to 15 months when most or all of scores decrease again and stay at that plateau for another substantial period before another decrease in PFT scores. That continues to be my progress pattern.

      For about the last two years I continue to cough up phlegm (mostly clear) within 10 to 15 minutes following consumption of any food or liquid. This often happens while rinsing dishes at the kitchen sink or upon sitting in the family room after leaving the kitchen. It is usually one or two coughs, the phlegm shoots up, and that ends the coughing.

      I get these same coughing up phlegm bouts in bed just after waking in the morning maybe every other day and I also often get these bouts while reading in bed.

      I have been on omeprazole for approximately six years. I had a swallowing procedure about five months ago which ultimately led to a GIs recommendation to have two procedures which are scheduled on September 15: (a) upper endoscopy and (b) manometry.

      I’m hopeful that I will learn whether this phlegm cough following solids and liquids (and other times as mentioned above) is related to my UIP or if it is a separate issue.

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      Yes, i cough and spit up phlegm after i eat. I dont take anything for it i just am learning to live with it.

      Although i should have stock in puffs tissues i go through 4 boxes a month sometimes it seems more than that..

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        Steve Dragoo


        Hi Deborah,

        Check with your doctor for GERD.  Also, I hesitate to say this but Serrapeptase which is OTC has helped my mucus a lot the past 3+ years.  I hesitate because there are some big cautions so if you want more info please ask.

        Stay well,


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      Yes, i do have gerd..

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