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      Katie Bagshawe

      So I am trying to utilise my spare time a bit better instead of just binge watching television or reading books, and now the nights are drawing in I’m tempted to start some new crafting type projects (fairly simple). I’ll post a blog post below that I’ve written for my support group regarding making some simple paper flowers as decorations, but I’d love for you all to share any projects you’ve worked on. Maybe I’ll share some of mine in the near future as I’m going to try and wrap my head around calligraphy and more papercraft. Thanks all! đź’ś


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      Hi Katie,

      Thanks for sharing – I think this is a great idea, and certainly can be beneficial to work on hobbies that don’t allow your mind to do so much thinking. This has been so helpful for me! When I am working on my adult colouring pages, or even some paper crafting projects (ie. scrapbooking or card-making) I am so focused that my mind doesn’t really go to the tough things I would otherwise be thinking about. There are lots of amazing therapeutic paper crafts too that the support group could work on, like a wishing quilt or paper bravery bracelets. Let me know if you want me to explain these further for you and I can… just trying to catch up on responses right now 🙂

      Thanks again, and chat with you soon!
      Happy almost weekend!

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        Katie Bagshawe

        Oh I would love to see some of your scrapbooking Charlene! I have all my holiday photos that I want to print off and display in something special other than the typical photo album. Some of those other ideas are excellent too though and I would love to hear more about them if you have time. I was obsessed with making the little origami stars at one stage that had quotes inside of them so that people could pick their own, a little bit like a fortune cookie > https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/433753007837649775/

        I am currently trying to make Christmas card invitations for my family as we have a little annual gathering. I made my first set last year and was really pleased with the results but alas didn’t take any pictures to share! I’d love to work on my calligraphy for card making and I also send letters to my brother who lives out of the area, plus I love a good wax seal on an envelope.

        Have you ever tried floristry or flower work? I really want to have a go at making a wreath to put on my Dads grave but haven’t bottled up the courage yet.

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          Hi Katie,

          Thanks so much for your reply and interest in my crafting obsession. I always love to find others who are interested in different aspects of creativity, whether it be paper crafting, scrapbooking, constructing, etc. I find these so therapeutic for me, especially since my IPF diagnosis. I have to figure out how to private message photos, so I can send you some pictures of my scrapbook pages. I’ve been trying to send Ray a photo of my eating lobster on the east coast and I can’t figure it out… I may just have to email a few photos to you, which is fine 🙂 I love this hobby of mine, because it is such a nice way to capture memories and it’ll be nice for my family to have someday too. Unfortunately, it is a hobby to also invest a ton of money into easily…which I do probably on a too-frequent basis!

          I love the origami stars idea with a message inside. What a beautiful craft idea, and I could think of so many uses in my practice for these. Thanks for sending the Pinterest link. Don’t you just love Pinterest?

          I am just finishing off some Harry Potter t-shirts for a friends daughters birthday and then I get to launch into Christmas stuff. Last year I made 5 different scrapbooked Christmas cards, and I actually sold them as a package just to friends/family to help with my transplant fund a bit. It was amazing how many people helped me out, so I am eager to do that again this year and come up with the 5 card templates for Christmas. I got one that has glitter in the front like a snowglobe, so when you shake it the glitter moves over the ‘merry christmas’ stamp. Can’t wait to get started!

          I haven’t tried it yet, but I do know it is possible with my Silhouette Cameo machine. I also love the idea of putting together fake flowers into wreaths for decor, but I haven’t gotten there yet. If you give it a try, please pass on some pointers for me as I’d definitely be interested in learning. I wish we lived closer together Katie!


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          Katie Bagshawe

          I’ve been trying to upload photos onto the posts but it is being a bit temperamental for me unfortunately! Definitely e-mail me some of your projects though as I’d love to see! I want to print all my holiday photos off and do some proper scrapbooking but like you say, it’s a black hole to losing money. I’ve just saved loads of things on Amazon and could easily spend a fortune!

          That’s such a lovely idea of making your own Christmas cards for others to buy, it’s something I’d love to do also. We have loads of lovely little craft stalls in our area, I would love to do something around Christmas selling homemade bits and bobs with a percentage going towards charities for lung disease. With the nights drawing in and the weather being cold it is definitely something to enjoy doing, especially having your own space to dedicate to crafting. It’s so easy to make thoughtful little gifts to share with friends and family, and can easily become a little income if it was something you wanted to commit to.

          I was looking at the silouhette cutting machines and was debating whether to invest to help with the papercrafts I’ve been working on. Are they quite easy/foolproof to use?

          I raided our hobby store today and they have a gorgeous fabric to make your own Scandic style advent calendar so I shall share that with you once I get it done. I haven’t been on the sewing machine in a long time so will need a bit of practise first but thankfully my Mum’s an expert to help me if things get sticky!


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          Hi Katie,

          I love having someone interested in my craft hobbies! I am a bit obsessed with crafting lately, it is so therapeutic for me and I am glad that I got back into it shortly after my diagnosis. I am actually going away on a scrapbooking retreat with some girlfriends the weekend of October 27th and I can’t wait. It should be so much fun to sit around in our pjs, warm and cozy at a lodge with wine and focus on scrapbooking projects with my girlfriends. I’ll hopefully be ready to launch into Christmas things by then!

          I will email you some pictures of my hobbies momentarily, I just finished some new fall projects 🙂

          As for the Silhouette machine, it is expensive initially (I think I paid $335 for mine) but I’ve made all of that back and much more in different projects/orders I’ve made for people. I absolutely love it, and it is a paper crafters dream! Its not the easiest to use at first, only because it does take some time to get used to but once you know the software it becomes a lot easier and the possibilities are endless. Not sure if that helps!

          I’d love to see the calendar you make! My Mom is also a genius with her sewing machine and has tried to get me to start, although I haven’t even attempted yet… hopefully someday soon.

          Take care,

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