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      Just a quick note from me tonight, as I am once again feeling under the weather. Overnight last night I developed a seemingly random fever, which started with terrible chills and shivers that I could not get relief from no matter what I tried: heated blanket, multiple layers, tea, etc. I finally fell back asleep despite the shivering only to wake up soaked with sweat a couple hours later. Recognizing my fever broke, I got up to drink some water and check my temperature: 101.6.


      Low-grade fevers aren’t abnormal for me, and I’ve spoke to several other patients with various lung diseases who’ve told me they often suffered from fevers prior to their lung transplant as well. Some experienced various “bugs” or infections in their lungs as the culprit of the fever, whereas others were oxygen deprived and this was their body’s way saying I’m tired. That said, a fever of closer to 102 is cause for concern, and unfortunately this has happened to me a lot in the last few weeks.


      When I woke up after taking Acetaminophen this morning, the fever had drastically reduced. Aside from general muscle weakness and fatigue, I felt fairly well, however once the Tylenol wore off, the fever came raging back.  I realize I am probably just fighting something now, and I have been in touch with my transplant team as well, but this is happening more often as of late. For the last two months, fevers, with no other obvious accompanying side effects are something I am experiencing every few weeks.


      Has anyone else had experience with this?


      If so, how did you manage it or what did your physicians say was the cause?


      Thanks in advance.

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      Ginger Adelstone

      Hi Charlene,

      I get short fevers daily. And most of the time they dissipate after a few minutes. If the don’t, and the Tylenol does not work, I get a hand towel and get it good and wet, and just keep applying it till it goes away I’ll put it over my forehead, the top of my head, and under my chin. That really works. Seems under the chin is sensitive to temperature.

      So glad you are on the Transplant list! I wish you the best in that journey! I had been off for awhile. Was sick with pneumonia in Jan/Feb. seems I’m still not 100%
      i hope you will be though!


      Ginger Adelstone

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      Hi Ginger,

      Thank you so much for writing to me and sharing a bit about this topic, although sorry you also deal with fevers and IPF! It’s been bizarre for me, and pretty unexplained but my medical team is investigating it now because they are getting pretty high occasionally. I’ll keep the wet hand towel under the chin in mind, that is really helpful information.

      So sorry you were sick with pneumonia earlier this year, are you almost 100%? It takes so long to recover from doesn’t it? I had it in November and it was just terrible. Keep recovering and hang in there, thanks again for writing to me about this topic!

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      Karen Martin

      So sorry to hear you are dealing with the fevers, Charlene, but very happy to realize you are working with a transplant team. I hope the future holds many good things for you. Karen

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      Thank you so much Karen! I really appreciate your kind words, and happy to report that indeed the fevers are subsiding thankfully. I hope you’re doing alright during this tough time. Hang in there! Char.

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      Jerry Genesio

      I’m sorry to hear about the fever and malaise that you’ve had, Charlene. I’ve not had any of the ailments you mention and hope you’ve shaken them by now.

      Stay well!

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      Thanks so much for the kind words Jerry! Happy to report the fever seems to be a lot less frequent now, and definitely not as high which is good news 🙂 Thanks for writing and keep in touch.


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