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      “Overall, in this study, we demonstrated that [nifuroxazide] ameliorates and reverses pulmonary fibrosis,” the authors wrote, noting that further research is needed into the mechanisms underlying its effects.

      “These results support [nifuroxazide] as a viable therapeutic option for IPF treatment,” they concluded.

      read full article here:

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      Christie Patient

      Wow, what great news! More research is needed, of course, but the fact that it’s an already-approved medication is amazing!! That should reduce some of the hurdles in research and clinical trials moving forward. Very promising, thank you for posting Ron.

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      Steve Dragoo


      Nice one Ron. I’ll try to get some over here.

      Stay well…

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      FYI from Wikipedia:

      Clinical data
      AHFS/ International Drug Names
      Routes of
      administration Oral
      ATC code
      A07AX03 (WHO)
      IUPAC name
      CAS Number
      965-52-6 ☒
      PubChem CID
      4495115 check
      D07111 check
      ChEMBL244888 check
      CompTox Dashboard (EPA)
      DTXSID4045343 Edit this at Wikidata
      ECHA InfoCard 100.012.293 Edit this at Wikidata
      Chemical and physical data
      Formula C12H9N3O5
      Molar mass 275.220 g·mol−1
      3D model (JSmol)
      Interactive image
      ☒check (what is this?) (verify)
      Nifuroxazide (INN) is an oral nitrofuran antibiotic, patented since 1966[1] and used to treat colitis and diarrhea in humans and non-humans.[2] It is sold under the brand names Ambatrol, Antinal, Bacifurane, Diafuryl (Turkey), Pérabacticel (France), Antinal, Diax (Egypt), Nifrozid, Ercefuryl (Romania, Czech Republic, Russia), Erfuzide (Thailand), Endiex (Slovakia), Enterofuryl (Russia), Pentofuryl (Germany), Nifuroksazyd Hasco, Nifuroksazyd Polpharma (Poland), Topron, Enterovid (Latin America), Eskapar (Mexico), Enterocolin, Terracolin (Bolivia), Apazid (Morocco), Nifural (Indonesia) and Septidiaryl. It is sold in capsule form and also as a suspension.

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      John Baldino

      wow, great news. I would like to be in on clinical trials since I am out of options. Thank you

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      Why can’t they prescribe this off-label?  Why do they do that with some drugs but not others?  My mom was given an antipsychotic for pain!!!  We never knew.  She was in a daze all the time.  It wasn’t until I looked up the side effects of the drug.  That’s when I realized what they had given her.  Apparently they will give anti psych drugs for pain, headache, and anxiety.  Can you imagine?  So, if they can give you something as heavy as an anti psych drug, why can’t they use some of these other drugs off label?  The doc can monitor his own patient.  To me, sounds like money making BS.  I worked for an FDA attorney years ago, and he said, the more a file is open, the more the trial goes on, the more money that they make.  When the trial stops, the funding stops.

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      John K. Grubb

      From what I can tell this is prescribed in the US under the trade name of Ambatrol.  The standard prescription if 4 times a day for 7 days.

      Is anyone going to ask their Dr. for a prescription for this?

      I think I will do so — targeting to finish taking it 4 to 12 weeks before my next scheduled cat scan.

      Many medical solutions are accidentally discovered.  Baby aspirin for second heart attacks.  I live in Houston and knew the lady who sold Dr. Debakey Dacron cloth to be used by him in an experiment to sew up a hole in a heart.  About 3 years later he performed the operation on my Aunt Beth.

      My argument to my doctor is simple — at the present state of medicine I have no hope to improve.  This is an easy, inexpensive experiment that may offer some hope.  It also have virtually no downside.

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      Steve Dragoo


      Ron – have you started it yet?

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