• Sinus issues caused by PF

    Posted by Charlene Marshall on April 5, 2024 at 9:00 am

    Most of us know the dryness our sinuses experience from using supplemental oxygen. The cannula itself can bother our noses, but I find ongoing 02 use can cause everything to dry out and even cause nosebleeds at times. Remember: it’s important to never lubricate your nostrils or sinuses with Vaseline while using oxygen because it can be flammable. Aside from dryness though, has anyone experienced ongoing sinus pain, pressure, or recurrent infections since using supplemental oxygen?

    My first experience with COVID-19 was terrible, and I had a lot of sinus pain for over 10 days so I’m not sure if my discomfort is due in part to that, or my increased use of oxygen. Regardless, my pulmonologist says my sinuses are constantly inflamed and I shouldn’t have the ongoing ‘sniffle’ I do. She is referring me to an ear, nose & throat (ENT) specialist this summer.

    Has anyone had to see an ENT due to their sinus issues following a diagnosis of IPF? If so, please share your experience! 

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  • Sally

    May 28, 2024 at 3:55 pm

    I have had trouble breathing – totally “stuffy” nose for many months. I have complained to the doctors that when I try to spray something in my nose, most often it just falls back out. Finally, last month my pulmonologist looked in my nose and said “no wonder you can’t breathe – your nose is full of polyps !”……..I can’t have surgery because of having oxygen in my nose, so he has suggested Dupixent. I was turned down the first try, but guess they didn’t have enough info. Dupixent is for allergy, asthma, excema and nose polyps ! It’s a self shot a week. Supposedly it’s $3000/month, but hopefully with medicare and secondary it won’t be that – I will suffer using all the things I use now if it costs that much. I am hoping it all works. I use Ayr in my nose when it gets dried out. My PCP has just ordered a CT of my sinuses, so that will be another piece to the puzzle !

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