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      Just a quick note to our Canadian forum members: I hope you have a wonderful Canada Day and that you get a chance to celebrate our country with your friends and family members! Enjoy the holiday and stay safe everyone.

      If you are Canadian, what are your favourite things about this country?

      Has being in Canada benefitted you more than you anticipated since your IPF/PF diagnosis?

      Don’t worry, I’ll be asking the same questions on July 4th!

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      Happy Canada Day to you, too!

      Within the hour, friends who immigrated this year to Canada from Hong Kong will arrive to watch fireworks on Halifax Harbour. Sadly, this anniversary in Hong Kong with protests – often with violent police interference – cause great grief for my friends worried about their family and friends in Hong Kong. I remain hopeful that the world’s continuous watching will prevent further violence – so everyone enjoys peace. Thankfully, my friends feel safe here, but sad though proud to become Canadian citizens ASAP.

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      Happy Canada Day back to you Marjorie – I hope where you are was as beautiful weather as it was here yesterday! Thanks for writing. I’m glad your friends have arrived safely to Canada, and I can only imagine the worry they have for their friends and family at this time. We all deserve to enjoy peace and living in comfort! Glad your friends feel safe 🙂

      Hope you enjoy our country’s birthday!

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      Lorena McManus

      Happy Canada Day to you Charlene! I am grateful for many things about Canada. I am thankful for a home, and enough food to eat and all the life I have that I often take for granted, a life that many around the world don’t have. Many don’t even know where their next meal is coming from and live in squalor. Sadly, many are children. Canada has given me everything I could possibly need. I recently read Canada was among the top 3 passports welcomed around the world and is listed as the top place to live. I am grateful for all these things. I am grateful for its diverse beauty and that i’ve had the privilege of seeing so much of this country. And I am grateful that I live in a country untouched by war.  I am also grateful for our health care system. It is not perfect but I would be in dire straits if I lived elsewhere I fear.  Canada I am grateful for you🇨🇦🇨🇦. Thank you!

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      Thanks Lorena – I echo many of your sentiments; I can’t imagine trying to navigate this disease without Canadian healthcare. It sure isn’t perfect, but I am grateful for it. Did you have a nice Canada Day? I recently saw that Canada was voted #1 when it comes to quality of life too, which makes me proud! Thanks for sharing and I hope you had a wonderful long weekend🇨🇦.


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      Steve Dragoo

      Happy Canada Day! Free maple syrup for everyone???

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      jaime L manriquez

      Hello Charlene, would you believe that I just saw yor greetings of Canada day, well let me tell you , I became canadian 40 years ago, I lived most of that time in Calgary AB, but for health reasons I move back to Chile where the summers are way longer and not too dry. Canada is a great country which I m proud  to be part of . I make those greets mine too , thanks. Taking this opportunity to comment about serrapeptase I m on it 1 pill 5mg  twice a day, since a week. trying to rid the terrible phlegm, if there is anybody who has any experience with it?…thanks, God Bless you all


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      Hi Jaime,

      Oh, no problem – hello from a fellow Canadian! Calgary is a beautiful city, did you ever travel out to Banff or Canmore? Some of my favourite destinations to see the beautiful mountains. Certainly one of the downfalls (in my experience) of Canadian summers in the provinces that aren’t coastal, is the high heat and humidity. Glad you are somewhere where the summers last longer and it isn’t to hot or dry 🙂

      Have you noticed any difference with the phlegm and serrapeptase use? If you type in “Phlegm” on the search bar on the top right hand side of this page, it should come up with a few different threads on the topic and different ideas to help manage it. Wishing you the best!


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