• Posted by Zo Michael on September 5, 2023 at 7:15 pm


    Has anyone tried Wei Institutes

    Supplements for PF?

    I have been told by a second opinion Dr. That I am advanced with my Ipf and my only recourse is Ofev.

    My pulmonologist of 8 years says it may or may not make a difference

    He says I just do not look or act what my CTs show.

    It was just called hypersensitivity pneumonitis for years. I was first diagnosed in 2015.

    I am trying Soup A, soup B and LC Enhancer.. I would love to know if anyone else had tried it and their experience.

    Thanks everyone,

    Zo from Virginia

    Ps. I look healthy but obviously am not. My oxygen levels drop pretty quickly with exertion. The heat has been difficult.

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  • Jan Cohen

    September 7, 2023 at 2:47 pm

    I have left my comments before about Wei products. I did the Soup A, Soup B and LC Enhancer for about 4 months (at outrageous prices) and never saw any difference in my condition. I’m on oxygen 24/7 and I think my lung condition is slightly worse. Now I’m using the AST Enzymes, but am not seeing any improvement there either. I do breathing exercises and take a large amount of supplements. I didn’t want to put up with all of the side effects of OFEV or Esbriet, so I’m not taking any drugs. At 90 I may have only a few years more with or without them. I’m willing to take my chances. I keep fairly active in the senior facility where I live and enjoy all the events that take place here.

  • joyous

    January 17, 2024 at 9:49 pm

    I have not tried Wei but other supplements. I am now 83 diagnosed through lung
    scans with IPF in 2017. Since then has been a rocky road. At first
    I was put on OFEV then Esbrient both of which I could not continue to
    take because of the side effects for me. Since nothing out there I
    utilized my training as a master herbalist and searched for
    supplements in herbs and homeopathy that would help with the
    coughing. For the Mucus coughing I utilize BHI Mucus. For the other
    coughs homeopathy Borion Drosera 30 that dissolves under the tongue
    and if really hard coughing use Dr.Christophers ANTSP an
    antispasmadic in a little water. . Went through lots of other
    products but settled on the Ridgecrest Clear Lungs Extra Strength
    and saw good benefits from it with very little progression until
    2022. I did not have Covid but shortly after taking the series of
    Covid vaccines it showed advancing in the lungs and I had to start
    using oxygen from a home concentrator at 2 leiters at first and for
    most of the year. I found that a lot of my hard coughing was caused
    because my oxygen had dropped in the 80”s . Now that it has
    advanced some more and am now on 3 ½ leiters or 4 depending on if I
    am walking or sitting. I have been quite mobile by utilizing the
    small 113 leiter tanks that could be carried in a purse or a satchel
    and last about 3 hours so could still attend church and other
    activities. Now that I utilize more oxygen I find it necessary to
    watch the gauge closer and take extra tanks for back up. I tried the
    portable concentrator but it was heavier then the small tanks and
    made too much noise in running and only had pulse not continuous feed.
    Also found out Medicare would not supplement the portable carry one
    and also needed tanks so just using the tanks. I came across research
    that was having good results with IPF utilizing Serracor-NK and
    and Serra RX from AST and Biomediclabs . I wish I had known about it
    when I was first diagnosed. I have been taking the therapeudic
    dosage for 5 weeks now so will take at least 10 weeks to see if it
    will help reduce the webbing in the lungs and give me better
    breathing ability. Also utilizing honey a teaspoon on waking and at
    bed time to see if it will help halt the mucus build up. Since
    nothing is out there to cure IPF I am for doing anything that would
    help with a better quality of life while LIVING with this disease.
    I will continue these supplements above I know this is a terminal
    disease and have a strong faith in the Lord Jesus knowing that each
    day is a blessing to breathe and get around. In this life we know we
    will have troubles but HE is there to lead us through and brings
    great peace to me on this journey. I am in hopes that something I
    have said in this post will help others as they take this venture
    living with IPF .

  • Kim Morrison

    January 18, 2024 at 2:16 pm

    I spoke with them but it was too expensive for me. I’ve been taking Haritaki that I get on Amazon. It’s a natural substance and is considered the king of medicine in India. I have seen some improvement with my shortness of breath and my overall feeling. My last lung function test had improved.

  • SallyB

    January 18, 2024 at 3:14 pm

    I have not tried those supplements, but I am concerned about your comment concerning Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis (HP). Were you diagnosed with it? I was diagnosed with HP via a lung biopsy about 3 years ago and started meds immediately, specifically immunosuppressants. Are you being treated for HP? Also, I am taking OFEV and am able to manage the side effects. I went to Mayo (Rochester MN) several months ago and they said that OFEV is likely responsible for halting my slow decline in lung function. I mention these things because if one is able to tolerate OFEV, I think it’s worth a try.

  • Lee

    January 18, 2024 at 6:23 pm

    I used the WEI soups and LC in the first year after diagnosis. After the first four weeks I noticed a “subjective” difference. Breathing felt easier. I was already on 3L/5L of oxygen. After 90 days I didn’t feel any more progress so I discontinued. I bought some of the herbs in the mixture such as Cordyceps and have continued to take them over the last two years. I also use Dr Paul Noble’s Zinc/ NAD+/Resveratrol protocol. It’s a low cost approach that uses widely available well known supplements and I’ve used that for 8 months now. My diagnosis was severed advanced IPF with less than 30% lung function. I’ve not taken any of the pharmaceutical anti fibrotics, but I follow a quality nutrition and basic supplement protocol, I do lung and breath training twice a day and I work out six days a week in the gym and walk four miles a day. I use supplement oxygen while exercising. I have improved my lung function over the last three years and have an excellent quality of life.

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