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      Katie Bagshawe

      Nowadays I try in times or turmoil and upset to think of things I enjoy to better cope with the general negative aspects of life. That way I try to remember that life isn’t all work, nor is it defined by health and illness, and instead try to focus on the little things that keep me happy. With that in mind I have a task for you all, think of five things that make you happy. They can be the big or small, little or large, just as long as they keep you happy. Here are mine and I’ll do my best to act these out or relive them regularly as a way of encouraging self-comfort, I’d love to read yours as a source of inspiration in expanding my bucket of happiness.

      1. Spending time in the garden. On a lovely day I enjoy doing a little bit of gardening or spending time reading a book. My Mum recently treated herself to a new greenhouse that I love to spend time in no matter the weather, and simply listen to the birds and watch the world go by with a cup of tea.

      2. Going for a run out. This was inspired by my Dad when we felt fed up of an evening, we would often jump in his van and he’d take us for a drive out round the local area, I’m lucky to live right on the edge of the Peak District National Park so it’s not far to get a spectacular view.

      3. Little treats. Carrying on from the above we had a little tradition of going to McDonalds and getting a hot chocolate and an apple pie. I recently did this on the way home from work when feeling a little low and it worked wonders in improving my mood before I got home.

      4. Writing. I’m desperately trying to get my love affair of writing back as all this grief business has made me feel very “what’s the point of it all?”. I’m equally trying to follow in Charlene’s books and do some more crafting hobbies and have a new affinity for jigsaw puzzles.

      5. Swimming. I haven’t been for a while but I love the feeling of being in the water and the joy afterwards of having done exercise. I’m vowing this week to try and do it at least once a week to get fitter and have a new hobby to look forward to after work.

      Share the little things you enjoy and I must steal a few ideas from you…

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      Hi Katie,

      What an excellent topic to write about! I also try to remember and hold onto the positive things I enjoy, and sometimes during really difficult times I tend to lose site of those things so I am happy to note them down here. I hope others will share what they love to do as well during times of stress or turmoil…

      1. Enjoying a glass of wine or tea in the bath will reading a book! This is a new found enjoyment of mine, but something that really relaxes me and helps me sleep as well. I intentionally turn off my electronics when I do this as well so I am “disconnected” for awhile, which really benefits me.

      2. Thinking about my next travel plans. Planning trips is something I really enjoy, so when I need to mentally escape difficult moments I think ahead to where I am going next and spend some time researching what I want to do there.

      3. Spending time with my dog. Whether it is taking her for a walk (if I am having a “good”/strong-feeling day) or just cuddling with her while watching a movie. She is the fastest thing to cheer me up on difficult days.

      4. Making cards/scrapbooking: I’ve written about why this is helpful in the past, it thoroughly distracts me and I like having something to show or give to others after spending a few hours in my craft room.

      5. Writing – this has become such a therapeutic ritual for me! Not only does it allow me to get my thoughts out of my head by putting them on paper, but when I hear from others that my words resonate with them, it makes me feel really good as well. I am so grateful to be in a position of helping others, although I wish we all were free of this cruel disease.


      I’d love to hear from others about what they do during tough times! Thanks for bringing up this topic Katie 🙂

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        Katie Bagshawe

        Thanks for sharing your responses everyone! After I sat for a few more minutes there was plenty more ideas popped into my head which just shows you positive thoughts can breed on themselves.

        Charlene I am jealous of the bubble baths! One of my favourite past times was to lounge in the bath with candles, a good book and a handful of bath bombs (usually from Lush). We’ve been having our bathroom renovated for quite some time and we can’t decide how to finish it so we’ve had to stick with showers in the meantime. I always take the opportunity for a bubble bath if I’m on holiday and our hotel room has one!

        Spending time with pets should of course been on my list! I had a gorgeous day this past weekend celebrating Mothers Day with all my family and took my dog along with me. She’s a thirteen year old Siberian Husky and working full time means I don’t get to spend as much time with her as I’d like. It was lovely getting to bond with her properly again (she is extremely independent!).

        Pete, the waterfront restaurant sounds idyllic! There is nothing more calming than being by the water. I always wish to live closer to the coast. Last year me and my Mum went on holiday down to Devon and sat on top of a cliff edge overlooking a gorgeous cove at sunset drinking a bottle of wine between us. We felt like rebels really but it was so incredibly peaceful and much needed. That and enjoying some fresh locally sourced seafood! We’re visiting Boston in August and staying in the Seaport District so I cannot wait to eat my body weight in lobster and mussels.

        Charlene, are you going to Hawaii?! Oh my goodness, I am so incredibly jealous! Which island are you staying on? My parents visited for their thirtieth wedding anniversary almost ten years ago and stayed on Oahu for a week. They visited the Pearl Harbour site and even attended a luau. Surprisingly for them though they both said their favourite thing to do was to sit outside coffee shops and watch the world go by, they loved watching the surfers at sunset as they always applauded and cheered as the sun would go down. I would love to visit myself! I was hoping to go for my 30th next year but it might be a struggle as I’ll be studying so the financial side of it might be a tad tricky until I’m back in full time work again in a few years time. I’d love to hear what you’re planning on doing though as each island seems to have something totally unique to offer!

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          Hi Katie,

          Yes I am going to Hawaii! I’ll be there from September 25 – October 10th, 2019! So far I’ve only booked my flights in/out of Hawaii, and am currently planning what to do while there. The islands I want to visit are Oahu and Kauai. One of my idols (Bethany Hamilton, a pro surfer) is from there so it feels fitting to go. The only thing I have planned thus far is a circle island tour of Oahu, starting at 7:30 am and going til 4:30pm and it includes a 60-minute snorkle with sea turtles. I’m so excited about that! Know that you’re welcome to join me if it is in the cards for you come September 🙂

          I’ll keep you abreast of my plans for sure as they develop! I am off to a conference next weekend in Quebec City and have booked some time at the spa there, so I am waiting to really dive into planning my Hawaii adventure until thats done.

          Chat soon,


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          Katie Bagshawe

          Oh wow your holiday already sounds incredible! I would so be there if it wasn’t for the fact I have study commitments starting in September that are going to be tying me up for the next couple of years. I love the idea of snorkeling and would love to have a go at paddle boarding as I know I would be rubbish at surfing. I love Bethany Hamilton too, I watched the film they made about her a couple of years back but always thought she was a huge inspiration to so many via her talks. My parents only stayed on Oahu but absolutely fell in love with it, I so cannot wait to finally get there myself one day! Can’t wait to hear what you get up to.

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          Hi Katie,

          Great to hear from you – yes, I am pretty excited about Hawaii already! I must admit though, I need to start pounding the pavement a little harder when it comes to saving for the trip as it’ll be expensive on the islands, understandably. Not too worry about the study commitments, I remember that time in my life well and the importance of keeping a budget. I’ll keep you posted as my plans come to fruition for sure…

          What might be really neat is that my friends from Australia might meet me halfway in Hawaii! I’m trying to convince them, but it sounds like it might not be too difficult to do that 😉





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          Katie Bagshawe

          oO if they have any sense then they wouldn’t hesitate at a trip to Hawaii! I have spoken to people in the past who managed Hawaii on quite a tight budget because they were doing extensive travelling at the time, but like you say, a little research will help you figure it out! I had no idea until my parents went how far away it was from the West Coast of the USA, it’s my small minded in travelling brain as everything in the UK is just a couple of hours away. They absolutely loved it though and found it a lovely relaxing break, I’m sure you’ll have a whale of a time and there is no feeling better than the sand in your toes and the sea salt in your hair!

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          Thanks Katie, yes I am super excited about it! I still haven’t done the internal planning yet for while I’m there – only have the flights to/from booked – but I probably will do that this weekend. I was just away last weekend, so trying to get caught up from that.

          I’m trying to think of ways to document the trip and bring the forums along with me on some of the excursions, and pictures I fear won’t suffice. Stay tuned, I am still working out these details!

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      I enjoy eating out at a waterfront restaurant with my wife.

      Having coffee or wine on the patio

      Watching movies on Netflix , amazon , hulu etc.alone.She does not like tv.

      Driving our Cadillac

      Going to my weekly Ptsd group

      Do I dare say , being intimate with my wife?

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      Thanks for sharing this with us Pete! I’m glad you felt comfortable listing the things you enjoy, including intimacy with your wife. We’re all humans and that is arguably an important part of feeling loved and valued 🙂 If you live near a waterfront, I think I’d combine your first and second options …wine or coffee on a patio near the waterfront. That would be bliss for me!

      Thanks for sharing.

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      Your location sounds lovely! I wish I resided near the ocean, I just love to be at the sea… looking forward to seeing tons of it while in Hawaii 🙂

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      Charlene –

      I went to Hawaii years ago when I was in my mid 20’s.  Maui is also beautiful.  Had a great time there.  I am sure it is changed much but the islands are beautiful.   Have a great vacation or holiday.   Would love to visit again sometime.  Not in the cards right now.


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      Hi Marianne,

      Thanks so much for writing and letting me know about your trip to Hawaii. I may connect for some further details in future! I’ve heard everyone loved it, and that Maui is such a beautiful island. Right now I am flying in/out of Oahu and then going to spend some time on Kauai so not sure I’ll get to Maui but I am still deciding. Thank you for your kind words, I am doing my best to remain as healthy as possible to get there in September! Take good care,

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      What I enjoy…

      Taking care of my son and my husband, cause I love them so much.

      Walking and playing with our dog.

      Feeling the smell of the new book.

      Watching the sunset. We have a really fascinating view from our window.

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        I love all these things too Aria!
        Especially sunsets – they bring me so much calm and peace, that they never get old watching them. Where is your view of the sunset from?

        My dog has also been a Godsend through my IPF journey. I am so grateful for her 🙂

        Thanks for writing us.

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      Pamela Green

      Great subject Katie, ( @katiebagshawe )

      Are you in Derbyshire? I am a Yorkshire lass living in the USA and as I am limited as to what I can do, my main pleasure is Netfix or Prime and watching the BBC detective programs like DCI Banks, George Gently etc.

      It so nice to see the countryside, places I recognize and my accent which is fading fast.

      You have inspired me to work on some of my older hobbies.

      Be well.




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      I live in the U.S. Virgin Islands so I enjoy the beach, the rainforest and the beautiful people here.  I enjoy living on an island hilltop that overlooks the Caribbean Ocean.  I wish I could get our more but due to my PF and being on oxygen 24/7 limits my life.  I enjoy making people laugh.  I enjoy music and writing.  I enjoy being with my little tribe of island friends here.  I enjoy a nice meal.  I enjoy painting and when I have my good days…..I REALLY ENJOY THOSE GOOD DAYS.  Monday was a GREAT day…..after work hubby and I went to our favorite beach bar & grill and listened to live music, having some appetizers, a few drinks and being able to reconnect with people I haven’t seen in awhile since I’m pretty much homebound except when I fly to Miami for my healthcare. I try to find something to be grateful about every single day.  Somedays it’s a real stretch but I find something for which I am grateful.

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