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      It’s no secret that inflammation can wreck havoc on our bodies, especially when that inflammation is not in response to acute injury or infection. A Q&A from Harvard Women’s Health Watch discusses when inflammation is actually a good thing vs. when it can be dangerous for us. We talk a lot about inflammation here on the forums, and I’ve shared that my cRP (a blood marker of inflammation) was recently very high. Now, this was in the peak of my experience with COVID-19, so that could be the cause of this elevated cRP but I still want to do everything I can to reduce excess inflammation in my body. One of the ways to do that is focusing on a healthy diet, and supplements which naturally reduce inflammation in the body.


      One of our amazing forum members sent me an article on 8 natural supplement options that helps reduce inflammation in the body. That article can be found HERE. Please note: I (nor is anyone at BioNews/PF News) endorsing the use of these supplements, I am just sharing this article merely for information and interest sake. I am looking forward to spending the next few weeks really examining my diet and exercise regimen. I took a medical leave of absence from work officially (more on that later, it was very hard to do) and my focus is going to be improving my mental and physical health through a good diet and more exercise. Hopefully this “reset” helps me feel better overall, while also reducing that elevated cRP.


      What supplements or food do you find helps reduce inflammation in your body as a patient with IPF/PF?  

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      I try to drink ginger tea with lemon balm at least three times per day.  I find it helps a lot.  I make it from fresh grated ginger that I boil for 20 minutes with 2 bags of lemon balm tea added.  I don’t know if it actually works but I read lemon balm improves the elasticity of your lungs.

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      Hi @michele ,

      Thanks so much for sharing — I want to try this now, as I love lemon and ginger. I would imagine this is also very fresh, and soothing as well. Thanks for sharing, and glad to hear you find it helps. I’ll give it a try!
      Charlene. 🙂

Viewing 2 reply threads
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