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      Paul Viverette

      I just stumbled across this site while doing research for a friend who’s father has PF (I’m not sure which). There is a bunch of information out there about CBD oil and you owe it to yourself to read up. There are also a ton of companies which will ship CBD oil to your home.

      No, the results are not conclusive, and long term studies are still needed, and this is the main reason your main doctors will not advocate for Cannabis, and who can blame them. Doctors must deal in facts and cannot advocate (most of them) for a treatment that is not proven.  However, the results are promising and we do know lots of immediate benefits from the use of CBD oils. As we speak, restrictions are being lifted, and doctors and organizations are once again positive about the future of CBD. After being studied for so many years, and demonized because of its intoxicating cousin, THC, a focus on CBD research has become a largely popular course of symptom management, for a laundry list of conditions.

      I personally use CBD oil, and have had my life changed. My parents, both with MS, and Aunt who is an amputee, all use the same product from Hempworx. Yes, I am an affiliate for Hempworx because i believe in the coming revolution in the CBD oil industry. However, I’m not asking you to try our product unless you want to, rather, step out of your comfort zone and study up!  Hopefully my friends father with PF will start soon. Bottom line is any disease and course of treatment is a weighing of risk vs reward.  What price are we putting on quality of life. We have chosen to not wait, it can’t wait for many reasons. We have chosen relief from symptoms over a long term study. Remember that CBD/Cannabis has been used for 5000 years for the treatment of symptoms, in every culture, throughout history. I’m happy to talk more about our specific CBD oil upon request, but want to respect this thread and not seem “spammy”. If you do anything, realize that everyone is different, but our desire for relief is all the same. Please, please, please educate yourself!

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      Daisy Moore

      Hottest trending Education in the world is CBD? Our primary aim is to educate the masses with practical information on the legality and uses of CBD Products. The best way you can educate people about CBD is to start a highly educational website dedicated to education alternative product. Most CBD companies out there have the best product, but they lack the education aspect. This is a big need for the students educates with CBD. I Suggest CBD is the Best Education to the upcoming students.

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        Good suggestion Daisy – always so important to read up on credible information and education surrounding CBD oil. Thanks for the reminder.


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      Cooper P Abrams III

      You can buy it from Hempworx for $69 to $99 or Amazon for from $16-30. Each manufacturer will say their’s is best, pure, hihest quality, etc. All have wonderful testimonials. How do you know? I started using it two weeks ago (Hempworx $69), but so far can’t tellnif it is working. I go for CT scan in two weeks. That should tell me something. I’m giving it an honest try. Received bottle from Amazon today. The placebo effect does work on me.

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        Hi Cooper,

        This is hemp oil you’re referring to? I agree with you re: how can you be certain about which product is the best, most helpful, etc. I just did a quick search on Amazon and so many patient testimonials to read through. Do you take it via capsule? Curious to hear if you find it working for you after a few more weeks. Thanks for sharing and please keep me posted if you wouldn’t mind.


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      Cooper P Abrams III

      Charlene, I am using the liquid. I brought the 500 1oz bottle. I am experimenting trying to find out how many drops I should use and how often. I am currently on 4 drops three times a day. I will certainly keep you posted as things develop.

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        Much appreciated Cooper, thanks! This is something I want to try once a few people have tried it out, sorted out the doses and/or think it is helpful for them. I’m so glad for all the testimonials and information-sharing on this site. 🙂

        Take care,

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      Laura Bush

      I just received a small bottle with a dropped of Wild Reyne purified hemp CBS oil from one of my very concerned and thoughtful daughters. I’m not sure how many drops I should start with, or what benefits to hope for. I have read that it helps for pain and anxiety, and inflammation so she is hoping it will help with my Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. I wasn’t aware it could also help with my pulmonary fibrosis, but would love to learn more about this. Thank you! Laura

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        Hi Laura,

        Thanks so much for writing, and it sounds like your daughters love you very much! I’m glad you have them 🙂

        Unfortunately, I am not super helpful when it comes to trying out CBD oil and the amount one should try/take. If I take anything to help with my anxiety or sleep, it is actually in edible form as my friends make it for me and this is very rare. There is another forum thread on this site with more information about CBD oil though, as it tends to pop up for discussion a lot, which I think is great. You can find that discussion thread by clicking/copying this link:

        Goodluck and let us know how you make out with it.
        Take care,

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      I buy CBD oil for my father who got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after reading this article. It is little known fact that CBD oil helps to manage this disease. I think our knowledge about possible applications of CBD oil is very limited so I strongly support medical research and hopefully in near future  we will cure more diseases with this awesome medicament.

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      I hope so too @domicern! My stepdad is also using it regularly for pain and sleep management, and we’ve noticed such a difference in him since starting it. Suppose it doesn’t have to be for everyone, but for those who want to try it and see if it benefits them, all the power to them. Hopefully we will be able to cure many diseases, or in the very least, be able to manage their side effects better. Thanks for sharing.

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      Susan Howitt

      I unfortunately cannot get pure CBD oil here as I cannot get it through (French) customs, the sort I have got  has had all the *useful* ingredients removed and has done absolutely nothing for me.

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      Linda Williams

      Hello everyone. My daughter gave me some mixed CBD oil in coconut oil. She uses it for her back and neck as she has had Harrington Rods with hooks put through 6 vertabrae and it helps her. She gave it to me to try for my OA neck, shoulders, knees, back.  Recently I have been having constant pain in left thumb and index finger, palm. It really helped it and my neck when I applied it.  It is not CBD from a truck stop or convenience store, those often do not meet the 0.3% or lower of THC in the product.  In fact I believe Ohio is removing any of these products labeled CBD from such places.  But I did see some locked up on sale at one of our better grocery stores recently.  It also helped get rid of a rash on a friend’s hands when she used it over a weekend. But when she returned to work her hands broke out again so she believes she is allergic to a soap there. CBD is legal in all 50 states.  And is from hemp.

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      Hi Linda,

      Thanks for sharing this – CBD oil for pain management sure is a hot topic lately, and I like how you referenced the importance of it needing to be a quality product, that is important. Glad it is helpful for you, your daughter and friend, that is great news. Funny you mentioned pain in your left thumb – I just booked a doctor’s appointment about this, as I don’t remember any injury to my thumb whatsoever and the pain is excruciating. Its very weird, wonder if it is somehow related? Unlikely but possible I suppose!

      Take care,

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      Linda Williams

      Hi Charlene.  Sorry your left thumb is painful. I assumed it is from my OA. Was having trouble opening jars, etc so ordered some handy jar openers from Amazon. This helps and I still use my rubber gripper too. The 2 items from Amazon not quite what I thought they’d be but work.   If it gets too bad and I cannot do ADL’s my GP will order occupational therapy.  But managing so far.  Have had OA since 21yrs old. Sure hope that pain let’s up for you!Also she ordered Voltaren cream to put on it. It took longer to work  than CBD oil rubbed on area. CBD also lasted longer. Strange when I told her I had used CBD Oil on thumb area. she didn’t seem to know what that was so I explained briefly.

      May all your health problems get better!    Linda Williams

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      Boyd Smith

      I was a victim of anxiety and it was very intense. I was told to take CBD oil that took me out of the that situation. I suggested several people to use it.

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      Hi @roman-shpek,

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience with CBD oil and anxiety – a very popular (but unpleasant) symptom for many of us living with IPF. Therefore, I know folks will find your post very informative. Really glad it was effective for you, and hope you continue to do well. Dealing with anxiety is so tough!

      Take care,

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