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        Hello everyone.  I hope you are all well, and in good spirits.  This is a trying time for all of us with Covid-19.  I am now working from home full-time, and grocery shopping at Walmart at 10 pm om Friday evening each week.  Mom and I are going for coffee, and enjoying it in the germ-free confines of my car.  As you know, mom is 93 years old, with ILD/Fibrosis.  I’ve had to increase her oxygen to 3-4L and 5L with exertion.  This is keeping her levels above 88.  I am always busy with her, the house, or working.  I’m still spending time outdoors, just without human interaction.  It’s just too risky that I’ll bring Covid-19 home to mom.  Very sad situation we’re in… very sad.

        A question for you all: Metformin.  Mom has high blood sugar, (new for her), which has given her a plethora of symptoms.  Her PCP at MGH, Boston has prescribed Metformin.  I’ve been reading about studies of Metformin reversing, or halting the progression of lung disease/fibrosis.  Have any of you had any experience with this drug?  ANY experience at all?  Is Metformin safe for people with ILD/fibrosis?

        I hope all of us can emerge from this Covid-19 thing, unscathed.  We’ve all got this awful disease already, we all deserve a break!

        Peace to you all! And if any of you reside in Massachusetts/Rhode Island/Southern New Hampshire, please feel free to message me about meeting for coffee…


        Kristin – residing in the metrowest suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts

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        Ken Monroe


          I’ve been on Metformin for well over 15 years; I’ve had IPF for at least 9 of those years.  Is it safe – yes.  I think it’s the most common drug for Type II diabetes.  Does it slow down IPF – unknown and can’t be proven outside of a controlled trial.

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          Mark Koziol

            Hello Ken, thank you for replying to Kristin. I have no formal knowledge of what metformin is or what is manufactured to do. Take care. Mark

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            Virginia Currie

              If Metformin can reverse the progression of ILD, then it is good need for me.  I wish you can  update about the latest studies on this.  This is a good news for a diabetic like me and  afflicted with ILD.

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                Thanks, Ken.  I’ve been reading about studies online stating that Metformin somehow lessens symptoms/reverses ILD.  While I’m very skeptical based upon all the reading I’ve done that this disease is irreversible, it was giving me some hope to cling to.

                Virginia: I haven’t been able to discuss the validity of any of these studies with my mom’s pulmonologist in Boston, (he’s always so busy), you might want to bring it up with yours when you meet next.  Good luck!

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                Hi Kristin – thanks so much for bringing up this topic, and giving us an update on how your Mom is doing as well. It can be so tough to care for someone with IPF/ILD – I ache at the time my family has spent with me since I’d gotten so sick months ago – but know how much you’re making a difference in her life. Glad to hear you’re also enjoying quality moments each day, like going for coffee, but also being smart about germ exposure with the news of COVID-19. It is hard not to be fearful, but taking the proper precautions to protect ourselves is the best we can do. Stay safe, and enjoy those quality things together 🙂

                Regarding Metformin: I don’t have any credible research statistics or reviews aside from what has already been published. I’ve also not had the chance to speak with my physician about this, however, I know others have and circled back with me about it. My Mom is a pharmacist and says that one of the biggest benefits to this drug is that there are very few (if any) long-term side effects from being on Metformin… it is very safe. However, the studies about Metformin and ILDs have only been conducted in mice thus far, and our DNA makeup is just too different to apply the findings to humans. The results in mice have been promising yes, however, these can’t yet be applied to humans. It’ll be good when/if they can replicate similar studies on humans. Fingers crossed that isn’t too far away!

                Wishing I didn’t live as far away from the beautiful New England area, I’d love to meet with you for coffee. I know a few members are at MGH, I hope they reach out 🙂

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                jaime L manriquez

                  hello Kristin, yes , as Charlene said , Metformin its been tested on mice with a good outcome, in my case  i m on it for a while, 850mg a day for my diabetes ll, I have IPF since 2013, I´m  not taking any antifiobrotics, no 02 yet. I think its been good to me. ( I´m 71 )

                  best regards


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                    Hi Jaime – thank you for responding.  Mom is on a low dose, only 250mg.  It seems that she has good days, and bad days with her fibrosis.  It’s like some days she requires more oxygen, and some days not so much.  Her pulmonologist uses the term “flare up.” Wondering if anyone else has had this happen?  I would definitely say that your IPF has been very good to you.  🙂  Again, thanks, and best wishes always!

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                    Jofac O’Handlin

                      I believe that this topic was previously covered on this forum. A retrospective on diabetic patients with IPF and taking Metformin apparantly showed no statistical improvement over normal non Metformin IPF sufferers.

                      Best wishes all. COVID-19 is a worry. Joe

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                      Hi Joe,

                      Thanks so much for writing. Yes, the topic of Metformin has been discussed a few times, but curiosities from new members always peak which is great. Keeps the conversations going 🙂

                      Yes, I agree COVID-19 is concerning. I hope everyone is staying safe! This is another popular topic of discussion on the forums.

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                        Thanks, Charlene.

                        Caring for a 93 year old, I simply don’t have time to search through every thread.

                        And thanks for the response.  The reason why I ask about Metformin, is because my mom was prescribed Nitrofurantoin in December of 2016, and I’m sure you know what happened.  She was in MGH for 5 days with pneumonia.  I was livid.  Now, I try to ask questions about what could happen before she takes ANY new meds.  Physicians seem to prescribe meds like giving out candy on Halloween, and they don’t check for any pre-existing conditions which could essentially, kill you. You have to be your own doctor, and this was the second best hospital in the country, and her pcp attended Harvard Medical School.  Absolutely shocking to me.

                        Again, thank you for your kindness, and I do hope you are feeling better.





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