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      So I am back at finding the best way to get Esbriet without paying an arm and a leg again.  Unfortunately, my husband is losing his insurance that covers the Esbriet because now he HAS to sign up for Medicare.  It is like we are being punished because we will end up paying up front $3000 then $550/month. We are currently paying a premium we can handle.  We make too much to qualify for help but we will end up going through our savings because he can not work even if he could because he physically can not.

      Has anyone gone to Canada for Esbriet?  I used to go to India and it was so stressful hoping we would get it and not stopped at Canada because it was India.  Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

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        Medicare pays for Esbriet, at least in my case.  Also, I just read it is now out in generic form.

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        I did not know that it is now in generic!  So is your copay reasonable? May I ask what your supplement you chose?

        Thank you so much in advance

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        John Fraze

          I just read that it is coming out in generic. It didn’t say when it would be available to get an Rx for the generic version but I assume it should be soon. They will need some time to get the manufacturing process going and then the actual distribution to pharmacies. Ask your doctor or pharmacy when it will be available.

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            Rebecca,  I have Medicare as my primary insurance and Tricare as a secondary provider; Tricare is a benefit for being retired military.  I don’t know if the Tricare is involved in payment or not.  My cost for 30 Esbriet is $24.00 a month.  I was wrong about Esbriet being generic, but it is in the process of becoming available as a generic.






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              Thank you so much.  I am so glad that you as a veteran are able to have a decent co-pay!

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            Phil Ryan

              I just ordered a now monthly supply and the pharmacist of the UCSF specialty pharmacy mentioned that the generic will be out very shortly.

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              Linda Maguire

                According to an article in this forum on Wednesday, Esbriet is now available as a generic through Sandoz.  Not sure when the pharmacies will have it available, but the cost should be much less.

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                  I’m hoping so too.  The insurance agent that is helping my husband says it may take months once the FDA has approved the generic.  I had 4 years of one less thing to worry about when I didn’t have to go to India to get my husband’s medicine.  The stress level has started all over again; trying to get Esbriet we can afford.  I always feel that once the government gets into our lives,  it makes it so much harder or at least in my house.

                  Thank you for responding!


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                Christie Patient

                  Yes indeed! Here is an article on our site about the generic release. Keep inquiring with your local and specialty pharmacies.

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                  Pete Besio

                    My first order of the generic will be here this week, from CVS Specialty. Imagine my disappointment when my copay only went down to $440 or so(from $550), on Medicare. The full price is over $9K, compared to over $11K for brand name. I mean, I will take the savings, but I was hoping for an lot more.

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                      Pete, thank you for the info on the generic.  I already am imagining the disappointment on the cost of the generic.  I guess I am not surprised at the $110 difference in the 2.  It is expensive in Canada but still cheaper for us to get it there than even the generic here.  It angers me that we have to sign up for Medicare.  I am very happy for those that Medicare helps but for those of us that it does not, would it not be a great thing that we choose to elect out of Medicare?!


                      Thank you!

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