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      Don Moffett

        I am scheduled to have Hernia surgery in two weeks.  I take OFEV twice a day, should I skip the night before?

        Obviously I will skip the morning before surgery because I will not be able to eat,

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        Christie Patient

          Hi Don, This is definitely something your pulmonologist and your surgeon should advise you on. They should consult with each other and let you know.

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            Tony Hernandez

              Commenting on Surgery and Ofev:   I was in pain with arthritis of the Hip.  Got a couple of shots with a couple of days of relief, but not the months I expected.  I saw a surgeon and the resultant Xrays indicated the need for a Hip Joint replacement.  But the anti-scarring benefits of Ofev were contradictory to the healing I would require following the surgery.  It seems the hip needs scarring to fuse the bone around the Titanium rod that is normally inserted into the joint.

              My VA doctors advised against refraining from the use of the Rx.  The surgeon insisted on one month of discontinued use before the surgery and for two months after the surgery.  I resigned to live with the pain until another solution came along.  Somehow, in a few short months much of the pain I had endured for nearly a year disappeared.  I no longer drag myself along nor do I depend on the use of a walking cane.  So far, I have been mobile during the past six months.


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            Derek Starkiss

              Hi Don

              I’ve had 3 orthopaedic ops plus a stroke whilst taking OFEV and skipping a couple of days of OFEV should not hurt you,  in my experience. Checking with you doctor will give you peace of mind. Hope you op goes well.



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              Martin Denny

                Just recovering from spinal surgery and was instructed to drop all medications before the operation except for Ovid.

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                Gary M

                  I second Christie and Derek – this needs to be discussed with your docs. My wife is having aorta repair surgery in 1 week. Her docs are having her stop many meds, including OFEV, which she stopped taking three days ago.

                  Hope your surgery goes well!

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                    Tony Hernandez

                      Gary, I hope your wife’s surgery went ok.  I, too, have a possible aorta valve surgery pending later this year.  I am still being evaluated for that procedure by the Veterans Affairs here in PR.   My surgery would possibly be a catherer insert (groin).  The heart murmur in my case was diagnosed decades ago.

                      I am on OFEV and I don’t know how long I may have to refrain using it prior to the surgical procedure.  One thing at a time, I say.


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                    Bill Mattila

                      OFEV does cause bleeding ,so I stopped a number of times for procedures and too many side effects. Don’t fear a short stoppage.

                      Also see Doctor and and ask him or her.


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                      Mark maron

                        Im having a colonoscopy and i stopped 5 days ago, For sure stop BUT then again none of us are your pulmonologist or surgeon and I would not take advice from here, just what others have done but each case is different, Good luck


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                        Carmen Quintas

                          Ask the surgeon and your pulmonologist

                          Wishing you good luck with your surgery

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