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      Winter in Canada is known for its bitterly cold temperatures and significant snowfall amounts. While this is expected in December through March, it seems unseasonably early to be dealing with so much snow and cold in November. 

      Each year I spend time thinking about this and am always curious: how do other IPF patients proactively protect their lungs in the cold weather? 

      Here are some of the things I do: 

      • Zip up my oxygen tubing under my coat: whenever I am outside for more than a few minutes, I zip up my tubing into my coat which helps keep the cannula warmer and the flow of oxygen a bit more consistent because the plastic doesn’t stiffen in the cold.
      • Cover my nose & mouth: I didn’t think I’d like this option due to being fearful of not being able to breathe, but having a loose scarf over my nose and mouth really seems to prevent breathing in the cold air into my lungs.
      • Have someone start my car: this has been so helpful to me the past two winters! My colleagues all offer to start my car and crank the heat for me when they leave, and I follow shortly after. Having the car warmed up in advance helps me get warmer faster after being outside, and is better for my portable oxygen concentrator (POC) too as it shouldn’t be subjected to really cold temperatures either.


      Do you use any of these tips when protecting your lungs from frigid temperatures?

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      John Penn

      I will use a mask and it helps tremendously. I walk my dog at times when it is in the teens and 20s and having mouth and nose covered really does help.

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      Fortunately i don’t live where there is temperatures like that. But it does get cold. When i get into any type of chilly temps i start coughing a lot. Does anyone have that problem and if so, any antidote for it? Chuck Gerson from Cambria Ca.

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      Hello everyone. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. The cold and being out in it. I really try not to be. It really messes up your lung when the cold hits it. If I have to go out, I have a cloth mask I’ll put on to get thru the cold air. But I have to be quick. With only 1 lung, I have to be real careful. It I should get a cold, it would turn into pneumonia quickly and then I would probably be done. The plastic air line freezes up real quick. It is 30 degrees out right now and I had to run out to the shed to get something. I wasn’t out more then a couple of minutes and it was froze. Fun trying to get thru the door with the line stretched out behind you.

      I’m very glad I don’t live anymore in the snow and freezing temp. Don’t think I would survive. Well, that’s 2 cents on the subject. Everyone, have a great day.

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