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      Sometimes it can be hard to love your life or your body when you feel trapped as a result of your chronic illness. Since being diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) in 2016, I’ve really enjoyed reading articles or columns from other young adults living with a chronic illness. The topics always vary, but typically speaking, they always spark my interest because I find them relatable. TheMighty is an amazing website that showcases various stories about chronic illness.

      I recently read a column on “the good days” of living with a chronic illness, and realized that I often neglect to remember or acknowledge those days. Many of my days are consumed with frustration of not being able to breathe or feeling tired, that I typically remember those bad days more often than the ones that I’d consider good days. Is that because I don’t acknowledge them as “good days” and consider them to be normal (or what should be the norm)? Something I need to consider next time I have a really good day.

      I believe it is important to acknowledge the good days, even when they might be few and far between. I also realize what characterizes a “good day” might be different for each person, and I am curious to know: what would you consider a good day while living with IPF? 

      What would you be able to achieve/accomplish or physically be able to do in order for you to reflect and say “today was a good day”? 

      I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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      I consider it a good day when I go for more than an hour without thinking about this disease. Usually there are physical and mental reminders that make forgetting about it impossible. On a good day my chest doesn’t feel tight or heavy, breathing isn’t a struggle, and I have some energy. I get errands done, finish some work, go to pulmonary rehab, and have dinner with friends. I’ve had some rough days this summer with the humid weather, so I really have appreciated the good days when the air is cleaner and lighter.

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      Thanks for sharing Cynthia! Those are all things I’d factor into my “good days” as well, hang in there, cooler/crisp air is coming soon with fall just around the corner 🙂

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