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      linda waldschmidt

      Does anyone know which air purifier is safe and the best one to use with the lung disease. I’m thinking of purchasing one, but I don’t want to purchase one that could do any harm to my lungs. Linda

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      Good question, i am interested too. Also about humidifiers?

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        Mark Koziol

        Hello Nan, we have two humidifiers in the house; one is attached to the furnace and ac, and the other stands by itself in the basement. I used consumers report to buy the stand alone humidifier and bought it at Lowe’s. Take care, Mark.

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      This is a really good question @lwaldschmidt! Not one that I remember ever discussing on the forums, but I wonder if someone can share if they’ve had this conversation with their physician and what the outcome was. @mark-koziol, did you ever have this chat with your doctor either pre or post-transplant? If anyone has discussed this, please let us know 🙂


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        Mark Koziol

        Hello Charlene and Linda, I never consulted with my doctor because the air purifiers do not emit anything that could be damaging to your lungs. I purchased my unit off amazon when I was diagnosed with ipf. I searched for the best one on consumers report and purchased it. I trust consumers report because I have used them for 20 years to make major purchases. It serves one room and has 5 different settings. I feel it does an excellent job of ridding the room of allergens and dust. Filters must be changed when necessary and the machine will tell when it’s time to change. My particular model cost approximately $250. The filters can also be purchased on Amazon. Large purification systems can also be attached to your furnace and ac units. Hope this helps. Mark

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      Robert McGrath

      I have a room unit in my living room and one in my bedroom and have for years. A simple model by Hunter, available almost everywhere. I have also had electrostatic filters for micro particles. Based on what I see on the filters, they do work. I keep them on slow speed. However, I am really writing to add that likely more (or at least as important) is having a high rated filter on your furnace and change it more frequently than 1x per year. Although I’m not at all sure that the horse hasn’t left the barn in terms of disease control, if you think filtration will help, I’d do both. I do have a whole house humidifier which provides the proper amount of moisture in all seasons as it’s adjustable. Best of luck. I was diagnosed 6.75 years ago and am 67.

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        Mark Koziol

        Hello Robert, thank you for your input. You make a great point to change your furnace filters more than once a year. We also change ours every 2 months. Thank you again, mark.

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      john styles

      I put the uv light in my air handlers. Duke  said they were able to eliminate their drug resistance bacteria by using the ultra violet light in their air handlers. It is suppose to cost between $175 and $400.  Mine cost $200 and $375. The manufacturer says the bulbs only last a year but mine have lasted 2 1/2 years.

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        Les V

        UV lights are very effective at eliminating air-borne bacteria and should be considered by anyone with pulmonary issues like IPF. HVAC contractors can install them. It also helps to have the air ducts cleaned out every few years because they are dust catchers and breeding ground for mold spores.

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          Mark Koziol

          Hello Les V, thank you for commenting. Air duct cleaning is important for lung health. This is a good preventative measure for healthy individuals as well. Mark

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      jaime L manriquez

      ( @lwaldschmidt )

      Hello Linda, I have a SAMSUNG air purifier, its a great unit have a lite to show how is the air its going through the filter ..from red to green, also have a bacteria doctor , its tells you the quality of air you are breathing, is about us$ 200.00…best regards


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