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      Augusta Adkins

      My coughing started about 6 weeks ago. Trying to figure out what is normal for IPF.  My chest feels tight. Throat gets sore from coughing and evening is when is more annoying.
      I take allergy pills and cough drops. Is this the typical IPF cough??


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      Wendy Dirks

      Hi, Augusta – I have a different form of PF (CHP), but the symptoms are similar. My coughing has been steadily getting worse over the last couple of years and is worse when I get up and just before I go to bed. I also cough when I laugh or sometimes when eating. At this point, the coughing can rapidly turn into convulsive, gut wrenching episodes that make me feel as if I am going to vomit. It’s pretty awful. I also take allergy medication and use cough sweets to sooth it and the best remedy by far is simply swallowing a spoonful of honey. I have been keeping a diary of my symptoms for a couple of months and I notice that the coughing seems to occur when I change positions after a long period of time. For example, in the evenings, I sit on the couch and read a book before bedtime for at least an hour, and when I try to get up and go to bed, I begin to cough and it continues until I’m actually in bed. The same thing occurs when I get up in the morning. I am only supposed to use oxygen when I’m up and about but I have found that if I lie in bed in the morning with the oxygen going for a while, then get up, the coughing is much less severe. The same thing applies in the evening when I’m going to bed. If I lie down with the oxygen going at a very low flow and suck on a cough sweet, the coughing is far less severe.

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      Hi Augusta,

      Thank you for sharing, though I’m so sorry to hear about your cough. The PF cough can be so unpredictable in terms of when it develops and sometimes it can be triggered by things other than disease progression like allergies, irritations, etc. My throat often gets sore if I have a coughing fit, but I don’t experience the chest tightness – sometimes just muscles get sore from coughing. Do you have any other signs of a cold, which might be due to the new cough and/or chest tightness, things like, sore sinuses, fever, aches? This is a good question to ask your doctor if you can, about the sudden onset of coughing, because he or she will know your IPF “baseline”.

      Take care,

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      Definitely worth asking your doctor about, since there are many remedies to try. My husbands cough got much better when I read on one of these threads, or maybe on IPF Facebook pages, that taking Prilosec or other ppi can help. He had no symptoms of GERD, but the Prilosec definitely helped, so we think the cough was a symptom of silent GERD, which is very important to treat if you have ipf. Other remedies mentioned have been Fisherman’s cough drops, gabaoentin,  and low dose morphine when other remedies don’t work.

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      Liam Mullaney

      Yes coughing is so debilitating and so painful in the throat. I have IPF and find that I get coughing fits after eating dinner and when I’m trying to get to sleep. I think it’s a combination of tiredness and lying down. I just get tired about 8pm every evening. Sucking a sweet helps at night but also a cough medicine called Benylin. In the morning I find my throat is sore from the coughing the night before and I gargle with Disprin and this relieves the pain. Hope this helps

      Liam from Ireland

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      Hi Augusta,
      I coughed for a year before finally getting the diagnosis of IPF. I started on Ofev in January of this year and my coughing has almost disappeared. I am convinced that the Ofev has helped. The side effects can be bad at times, but right now and l will take that over the constant hacking anyday😀. Hopefully you can get some relief. Take

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      I have used Hycodan, a cough suppressant, for several years.  It contains Hydrocodone, so you must take it with caution.  Lately, the Hycodan by itself was not always adequate (@ 5ml 4x per day) so my Pulmonologist recommended the Tessalon Perles generic benzonatate (@ 1 capsule 3x per day).  Latter helped me.  Good luck!

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      Cough comes and goes.  Think it is a result of GERD and IPF.  Sometimes a cup of hot water with lemon helps.  I also have allergies but not food related.  Some things that seem to set off my cough is laying down flat to sleep or rest, talking, drinking tea or a drink with caffeine (assume because of GERD).  Rarely does a day go by that I don’t cough.  Sometimes cough so much that I vomit.  I do use cough drops or lozenges.  Hope this helps.

      I have had the cough for at least 5 years before diagnosed with IPF.


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