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      Mark Koziol

      Hello Pulmonary Fibrosis Forum members:

      I want to reiterate the importance of staying safe this holiday season. I contracted COVID-19 in early November. I am ashamed to say I let my guard down. Thankfully, I didn’t have severe symptoms, and it appears there will be no lasting effects of the disease on me. Unfortunately, I passed this virus on to my wife, who did exhibit several days of uneasiness. Anxiousness and the uneasy feeling of wondering when the virus was going to infiltrate my body and cause sickness or even death was devastating to my mental health. We are both better, but I think about how this scenario could have turned out worse because of my immunosuppression.

      On a happier note, I did celebrate my five-year lungaversary on December 4th. I am incredibly grateful for my selfless donor, my wife, family, and many friends who have helped me along the way. The five-year milestone is a tremendous accomplishment for lung transplant recipients. Survival rates hover around 53-56% for lung transplant recipients, and I am happy to be living the best life I can. My quarterly transplant appointment went well, and there is currently no sign of damage to my lungs from the COVID-19 virus. To my amazement, I received the highest score on my lung function test I have ever received.

      Forum members, please stay safe and assume everyone is positive with COVID-19. Wear your mask, social distance, and avoid others who do not reside in your home. I hope everything will be back to normal by summer with the new vaccines being approved and distributed. I am providing government links for COVID-19 for our members.
      US CDC
      European Union
      World Health Organization



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      Patricia Meadows

      For the Canadians like me in the crowd, here’s a link:

      Stay well, everyone, and Merry Christmas!



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        Mark Koziol

        Hello Patricia, thank you for adding the link for Canada. I had it opened at the top of my monitor and I forgot to add the link. I apologize for leaving my northern cousins out of the topic. I will add now. Thank you and I’m sorry. Mark

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      Karen Martin

      Mark, I am so sorry to hear you and your wife both dealt with COVID. I am glad to hear things are better now. Don’t beat yourself up too much for letting your guard down. I keep hearing about so many people catching this who I suspect have done their very best. There is still so much unknown about the virus that I think it is a wonder not more of us have contracted it. Hopefully the vaccines will soon get this under control and we can all begin to breathe a little easier. Take care! Kare

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        Mark Koziol

        Hi Karen, thank you for your kind words. I can not wait until our lives are back the way they used to be. We know our lives aren’t normal but it sure beats what we are going through right now. Take care, mark.

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      Regina Bolyard


      I’m glad to know that you and your wife are doing well after having COVID.  Since starting on prednisone I have been more anxious about being inadvertently infected with the virus. I acknowledge the need for continued vigilance but it is good to know that a body on immunosuppressants can still mount an effective defense.


      Thanks for sharing your experience.

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        Mark Koziol

        Hello Regina, thank you for your well wishes. Our bodies are such a complicated system. I consider myself very lucky to come through this unscathed. I wish you the best. Many people say when they are on prednisone they have ravenous appetite. I have never felt that way but I always keep some healthy and filling snacks at the ready. I would usually do this when I was put on a 40 or 50mg taper. Doing this can help ease concerns on weight gain. Take care, Mark

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      John Weitner

      Mark, I’m happy to hear that you came through this without any damage to your body.

      I’m very nervous about getting Covid. I spoke with my lung doctor a few weeks ago about Covid with those with IPF. He stated that my odds of dying doubled if I did get it,  compared to another 67 year old with no underlying conditions.

      I’ll be first in line to get a Vaccine as soon as I can..




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        Mark Koziol

        Hello John, I feel the same way you do about Covid. I feel I was lucky because many transplant patients haven’t been as fortunate as I was. Many transplant patients ended up in the icu and/or on a ventilator. Please stay safe. I will be waiting on what my transplant team has to say about which vaccine we should take. I have entrusted them with my life and I intend to follow their lead on which vaccine will be best. Thank you John and take care, mark.

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      You tend to post interesting information, thank you Mark,

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        Mark Koziol

        Hello Gil, thank you for your positive words. I try to come up with material that is relevant for our members. I do have to say I have learned from the veteran of the forum; Charlene. I try to follow in her footsteps. She has been an excellent mentor. Happy new year Gil.

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