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      For many of our forum members, this news won’t likely come as a surprise to you. However, I thought it would be beneficial to share this with everyone, on the principal that it helps even one person living with pulmonary fibrosis (PF). According to this article published last month, unexplained breathlessness could be caused by down bedding dust.

      Down duvets and feathered pillows were not something my doctor initially advised me to stay away from as a new patient diagnosed with IPF three years ago, however, I also never asked the question. I did ask my physician for direction on how to reduce exposure to more obvious things like cat litter, bathroom mold, dust or pet dandruff and he was able to advise me on the importance of protecting my lungs from these “more natural” home pollutants. First and foremost: he said to eliminate these exposures, which would be my ultimate goal if I was aware of them, of course, aside from getting rid of my pets. However, I have heard of a lot of other patients ridding their home of down duvets and feathered pillows which is encouraged for anyone according to this article.

      Take a read and see if anything surprises you – I’m surprised that so few physicians are aware of this possible cause of breathlessness.


      Is this something you’ve ever discussed with your doctor?

      If so, what did he/she have to say about it?

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      Malcolm Mann

      I tried to post on this subject before but the computer said no.
      When I was diagnosed with PF in 2015 one of the very first question was “do you have birds?” I answered “no”, I was never asked if I used feather/down bedding.
      We have been using down doonas/divets/bedding for 40 years. We have since changed over to a wool duvet, and banished the feathers.
      In my case the tests they did with my IPF diagnosis revealed very little bird allergy indicators, but you cant be too sure.
      Unfortunately there hasn’t been a magical reduction in symptoms since this change

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      john styles

      I think between feather pillow and comforters and silent gerd that a lot of the problem is answered. I posted a link to a study on feather pillows and comforters in my previous post done in Spain a few years ago. A real eye opener.

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      john styles
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      Thanks so much for sharing this link with us John! I remember this one, or similar links, being posted about this previously but thought it was good to re-share with people especially with newer members of our forums community. Really interesting, isn’t it? I’ve removed all my feather and down bedding, and never have had pets like birds. Hope you’re doing alright, and looking forward to the holiday season.

      Take good care,

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      Hi Mal,

      Nice to hear from you – how are the fires in your area of the world? Any more control over them and the smoke? I hope so, think of you regularly right now, along with my “family” (really are friends) in Australia who I’ve grown to love dearly. I think I’m going to come down in 2020! 🙂

      Thanks for sharing this experience with us re: the bird allergy and feathers when you were diagnosed with IPF. Sorry to hear removing them hasn’t made a significant difference, though. Keep us posted on how you’re doing.

      Warm regards,

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      Susan Howitt

      Birds are the first thing the hospital asked about and yes I kept lots of feathered pets, ducks 10, geese 7 , chickens 12, finches 6 , budgie 1, I had got rid of most of them as I thought I had become allergic to feathers about 12 years ago, all bird tests were negative.  I did have dogs, 8 of them and there was no way in this world that I would part with them as they were all rescues, I now only have two, fairly young at 10 years old, the others died of old age or illnesses, the two I have, luckily for me are non shedding being a Yorkshire terrier and a poodle.  I don’t have any carpets now, the dog beds are easily washable (once a week) and I hoover (got hepa filters) wet mop the floors every day,   The one pollutant I have got are two wood burning fires, I have oil central heating but never use it as the smell of the oil makes me cough uncontrollably.  My I do sound fanatical don’t I?

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      Not at all Susan – thanks for sharing your experience with us! I am really glad you’re doing what you can to eliminate or reduce the potential exposures to features and allergies. Really important, though I know this isn’t always possible because of the love for our furbabies. I wouldn’t get rid of my dog for anything, and she sleeps in my bed with me. Take care, Charlene.

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      I have similar dogs, i have a yorki-poo so like your 2 dogs combined lol plus i have a shi tzu. We live on the 7th floor of an apartment building so i have to take them out a few times a day and my husband does the evenings, I could not cope without them, glad they don’t shed. I try to keep the exposures down, especially since i have also had cancer. I got rid of my feather pillows and I wont use my duvet anymore after reading this article. My son and d-i-l came to visit last weekend and she had a cold. I dont think they even thought how this could effect me and of course i wanted to see them. Now my husband has a cold and i feel one coming on. Tis the season!

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      Susan Howitt

      Wrote last night but because of power cuts (very high winds) unfinished reply was wiped. I had to use the emergency oxygen tank, the others are plugged into the electric supply boy does that dry out your nose.

      Hi Nan

      Awwww Yorkie-Poo gorgeous, my Yorkie is miniscule , just under 2kgs, my dogs are the reason I fight this disease.  I am lucky to have 2000m2 garden so just let dogs out, take them for a 3km walk each day if not pouring with rain, being on my own I would hate to be in an appartment.

      I do hope that your cold doesn’t develop into anything serious, people can be so inconsiderate, I had a visit yesterday and as he was leaving he gaily told me he thought he was coming down with the nasty flu type virus that is doing the rounds !!!!! Went straight out and bought 2 bottles of plant based Echinecea Complexe 40, an immunity booster, has kept me healthy before so hopefully will work this time, time will tell. I take a maintenance dose every day of 20 drops, usually it is 20 drops three times a day, so going back onto that with fingers crossed.

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      Thank you Susan, that is what i am doing now, when i am doing something and feel short of breath i stop and check sat. Often in the 80’s. My throat has been sore or dry for a few days but has not developed into a cold so fingers crossed that is all. i think i need to get a humidifier.

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