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      John Weitner

      I’m in the Niagara Region and they are following the Ontario guidelines. I dont qualify for the 1st group getting the vaccine.

      I’m not sure if I will qualify for the 2nd phase starting in March  which is described as:

      “In the second phase, high-risk older adults and other at risk populations will be identified for vaccination in Niagara.”

      My question is anyone able to get a doctor referral so that they can get the vaccine right away?



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      Hi @johnweitner

      You live in one of my favourite regions in Ontario! Particularly NOTL… love it there 🙂

      I haven’t heard too much about vaccine distribution in Ontario from credible sources. I’m waiting for an upcoming call with my lung team and plan to ask. I’ll circle back if I find out more information, but so far the blanket statement for all patients in the transplant program is that they don’t know when we’ll get the vaccine. It seems like a lot of miscommunication is occuring with just securing enough vaccines for LTC and healthcare workers. I’m anxious to know too! I haven’t heard of any fellow patients getting their doctor to write a referral to get it sooner. Keep each other informed?

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      John Weitner

      I received my 2nd shot of the Pfizer vaccine on Thursday and it’s a real feeling of relief to have it.  I wish I could say I got it here, but I have a home in Florida and received them there. They are very well organized and efficient – took all of 30 minutes and that includes 15 minutes in the waiting room after getting the shot to make sure you dont have a reaction. I had no side effects other than a little soreness on the arm receiving it.

      As for a doctors note, a friend of mine was able to get his shots at Toronto General Hospital where he had a liver transplant 14 months ago.  I would encourage anyone in Canada with a lung issue to find out about getting it.



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      Carlo De Pellegrin

      I just registered in York Region for my first shot March 28 and my second shot July 18. There was no definitive definition that would have given me any priority due to my IPF even in the second Phase, which was supposed to start in April. So the progress is going faster then expected, due either to overly pessimistic government projections or some older people not getting vaccinated, or both.

      The issue as I see it now is the second shot which I’m being told should not be a four month delay. so we’ll see what happens.

      The registration process was not perfect , but not terrible either.

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      Hi @carlo

      I’m so glad you were able to register and are getting your vaccine today by the sounds of it! I helped my friend’s Mom register in York Region last week and it wasn’t a terrible process. She also said getting it was quite smooth, so I hope yours goes well today. I have my second one booked for the end of June, so it seems as though there is a 16 week standard gap between both Pfizer doses, which I know isn’t ideal but I also understand why they’re doing it this way: having a larger amount of the population vaccinated with 90% protection (after 3 weeks of dose #1) is more effective for herd immunity vs. a smaller amount of people with both doses, up tp 98% protected. It’s one of those “collective effort” things, which I understand given there aren’t enough vaccines to go around to do everyone within the 4 week timeframe. Seems everywhere in Canada is getting better with the vaccine rollout though. Definitely room for improvement, but better! Talk to your doctor about the “should not be 4 month delay”… a lot of doctors actually agree with this 🙂

      Let us know how it goes today!

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      I have IPF and have spent the last year at home. I just received my first AstraZeneca shot.  In the Ontario guidelines it says that people in the highest risk category and a caregiver can qualify for a vaccine in some areas. Of course IPF isn’t on the list but I have a doctor’s letter stating I’m at highest risk and my caregiver has a letter as well because they would not currently qualify otherwise. Has anyone had experience getting someone vaccinated based on being your caregiver? We would hate to show up and get turned away.    Stay well!

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      John Weitner

      Hi Rob..

      I have a friend in Ontario who had a liver transplant 15 months ago at the Toronto General Hospital – Both he and his caregiver (his wife) were able to get the vaccine and the 2nd dose 3 weeks later.  He did however have to get the shots at the same hospital.

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      Thanks John.  Organ transplant is on the list and I’m just worried the doctor’s letter stating IPF is highest risk won’t get be enough.

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      Christie Patient

      @obleek Rob, I have several rare disease friends whose caregivers were also vaccinated when they got theirs. In one case it was a lung transplant patient, in the other it was a muscular disease (not respiratory), and they had no problems. They were both in the US though. Fingers crossed that there aren’t any problems for you both! I imagine a doctor’s note will suffice. Please let us know how it goes.

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      Thanks for the replies. Looks like we got an appointment for Friday.  ?

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      I should think you would have no problem if you signed up for the vaccine at a facility (hospital, clinic, etc.) where you have been treated for IPF or any other condition where your IPF would have been noted in your medical record. If you have IPF you are at high risk if you contract Covid 19.

      I am in the US. I served in the Navy for four years until 1962, The local Veterans Administration (VA) Medical Center, a civilian hospital that had treated me for pneumonia over a year ago, and my civilian primary care doctor’s office each wrote me and stated I am in the high risk group and they would notify me as soon as I became eligible.

      All contacted me to make appointments within two days of it being available. I chose the primary care office simply because they called first.

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      Just letting you know that if you are on Esbriet(and I assume Ofev as well) you would qualify for the 3rd vaccine dose on the basis that it is an immunosuppressive therapy. Your doctor needs to fill out and sign your region’s vaccine referral form and then you can book the appointment.  I called Shopppers and got my shot the next day.
      Be safe


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      Thank you so much for sharing this information Rob! I know it will be helpful to many as navigating when/how/who qualifies for the third shot can be confusing.

      Take care,

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