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      Greetings All:

      While Social Distancing, on Staten Island, New York — I have been taking FREE Virtual YMCA classes.

      If interested, here are the websites: and

      Health & Fitness Videos: Live Workouts, Stretching & Yoga, Stretching and Yoga, For Seniors, Condition & Strength, Mediation & Relaxation, Cardio, Yoga, Bootcamp, Barre, Active Older Adults, Weightlifting, TaiChi.

      And with my iPhone in my pocket, I track my daily steps. Yesterday, I did two walk classes and cardio. Y not take a class too?

      Stay safe and well,





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      How can they cure those who get the virus when your lungs get scarred as the same if you have ipf

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      Mark Koziol

      Hello Joe, 80% of the persons who get covid-19 will only have mild symptoms. In the limited research on patients there has not been fibrosis but rather the disease simulates ARDS where fluid collects in the lungs. Some of these persons may never return to full lung function but some may take a year to return to their full lung function. Regardless, the lungs are the most fragile of the solid organs because they are in constant contact with the environment. This is one reason why lung transplants have high mortality rate and lower life expectancy in their outcomes. Take care, Mark

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      Malcolm Mann


      Hi Loraine
      In these days of restricted movement Jan & I are doing the old 5BX exercise program from the 50’s, designed by the Canadian Airforce. No equipment other than a rug is needed, You get a core, aerobic and strength workout, we add a few extras as well.
      The expression on Ki’s (lurcher (dog)) face while he’s relaxing on his bed make it all worthwhile.

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      Katie Bagshawe

      So many people are getting into virtual workouts which is great! So many apps and websites are offering free memberships as well so it’s a great time to try and increase your stamina.

      Here in the UK we have a fabulous chap called Joe Wicks who does daily 30 minute ‘PE classes’ for the kids, but it’s taken the nation by storm and everyone is doing it. What’s even better is that it is completely free!

      Check out his YouTube here >

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      Mark Koziol

      Hi Katie, thank you for providing the YouTube link for virtual exercise. Take care, mark.

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