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      Some of you may know that I live with a beautiful 3-year-old golden retriever, who has become the “apple of my eye”, and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. She gives me reason to get up in the morning, comforts me when I am sad and is a companion like none other. I know many of you can relate to how much you love your “fur-babies” as well!

      Back in December 2017, I wrote a Pulmonary Fibrosis News column about how my dog is the best therapy for me in this fight against IPF. Every word of that column still rings true to this day, and I don’t know where I’d be without her. I “accidentally” got Abby 3 months before I was diagnosed (coincidence?) and let me tell you: that was the best accident of my life. Sometimes I just look over at her (like now) sleeping soundly on my pillow and smile, thinking: how did I ever get so lucky?  

      Speaking of sleeping on my pillow however, I did want to ask others who are currently living with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) what your doctors say about pets in the home. I’ve heard many people comment that physicians have recommended getting rid of any birds you have as pets. I’ve also heard that some doctors warn against cleaning the kitty litter, unless you’re wearing a medical-grade mask to avoid the inhalation of fumes, dust or hazardous waste.

      Abby sleeps right in bed with me, and inevitably as any golden retriever would, she sheds like crazy! I am very good at washing my bedding regularly, usually once per week to ensure all the fur and/or any dirt and bacteria is washed away. With that said, sometime when I have a really bad day, I fall asleep with my arm around Abby and my head resting against her body, where I’d surely be breathing in her fur.

      Has your doctor ever warned you about pet hair being a risk to your breathing as a patient with IPF/PF?

      If so, did they mention anything specific about dogs?

      Truth be told, I’m not sure I would even change this nighttime routine with Abby even if my doctor recommended it but he hasn’t said anything to me about her fur. She just brings me so much comfort, but I am curious to hear from others what their physician’s thoughts are about pet hair and/or having your pets sleep in bed with you.

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        My doctor told me to stay away from kids. However, he never said anything about pets. I have two cats and they keep me cheerful. I do make sure that my house is vacuumed and floors and furniture dusted. I live in area with bad air quality and believe staying inside with my cats is less hazardous than being outside.

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        Hi Jeannie,

        Thanks so much for getting in touch and sharing yours (and your doctors!) thoughts on having pets. I’m glad he didn’t say anything – my dog brings me so much cheer as well. Its nice to have pets through this, isn’t it? I suspect that as long as we’re diligent about their fur and keeping things clean, that there are a lot worse things we could be exposed to. Glad we’re on the same page with this! Keep well, glad you are protecting your lungs from the air quality outside.

        Take care,

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          I had cats for years.  I don’t currently have any pets.  I recently tested highly allergic to dogs and cats.  I assume having a pet would not be a good idea for me.  I always figured I would get another cat but think it would not be a wise decision.  I also tested allergic to various grasses and trees.  I have not discussed adding a cat or dog to my family.

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            Hi Marianne,

            Thanks for getting in touch and sharing your thoughts on this topic. Sorry to hear your tests revealed a high/strong allergy to cats and dogs. I would agree, probably not a good idea at this time as it could significantly worsen your breathing since you’re known to be allergic. Stay tuned to the forums today, Mark actually has a post scheduled about allergy season and how they impacted him before his transplant. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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                I wonder if your allergic to cats if you would be able to have a sphynx cat because they are hairless?

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            john styles

              I have a dachshund and he is 14 years and sleeps with me and my wife I can not and would not give him up. My wife bathes him once or twice a week and and we change the bed liens weekly. Now we did put the ultraviolet light in the air handler and use the pet dander air filters and got rid of the feather pillows and comforters. We tested and treated for radon Evan though our levels 4.1, we brought them down to under 1. I have   auto immune disease since I was 10 and having some personnel experiences with the auto immune I think that once one thing bothers our system other things can trigger a response. For example I was taking milk thistle and after several years developed diarrhea, then I took a probiotic and that pushed me into the hospital, once I stopped the probiotic and milk thistle I was fine, Skin problems and diarrhea went away.  I get a lot of comfort from my pet. If I was to get over concerned about the dander I would have my self tested for reactions.  For the emotional support a pet gives us I would try to hang onto your pet.

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              Andrew Hall DC

                I used to breed quality German Wirehaired Pointers many years ago.  I went dogless for over 10 years after my breeding bitch died of old age.  When I got diagnosed the doctor said I would be on o2 in 4 years, and that’s when I got a new Wirehaired pup.  I said BS, watch me, I’ll be hunting behind my dog in 4 years and I won’t be dragging an oxygen bottle behind me!  Also got a Chocolate Lab (rescue) a year ago, and the dogs bring me a lot of joy.  Took them on a 3 mile hike yesterday, they help keep me active and I would never give them up.

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                Mark Koziol

                  Hello Andrew, thank you for your comments. I have had a transplant and was never told I could not have a dog. Like yourself, my dog brings me lots of joy as well. She makes a wonderful companion. You keep staying active as possible. Thank you again, Mark.

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