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      Cecil Zlotnick

      Recommended dosage from some pulmonologists is 801mg, 3 times a day.

      I cannot tolerate the side effects, particularly dizziness, nausea and headaches at this high dosage but at 534mg taken 3 times a day, I tolerate the drug very well.

      My question is whether the lower dosage is adequate to still slow the progression of PF sufficiently.

      Any answers and people’s experience would be a great help.

      Cecil Zlotnick

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      Norman Wendth

      We’re all different, but I understand that lower dosages still slows IPF’s progression—just not as much. It’s still worth it.

      Also, some of us develop tolerance for the medication more slowly than others. If I were you, I’d still keep trying to reach full dosage, just slowly and cautiously.

      Hand in there!

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      I’m on Ofiv but started very slowly so my body could tolerate it. Optimum dose is 150mg twice a day. I started with lower dose of 100mg twice a day and stayed on it for 2 months. No side effects. Then, I took 1 150mg pill in the am and 1 100mg pill in the pm (12 hours apart). Still no side effects. Did this for 2 weeks. Then I moved up to the 150mg twice a day. The first 3 days I had diarhhea and on the third day I threw up twice. After the third day I have been fine—-no side effects. My body seems to be tolerating it very well. Of course, I think diet is a big factor. Eat healthy. I have become very gassy—-that is, farting. And do they stink.

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      viola conklin

      I too was on Esbriet but could not tolerate at any dose. I was very sick with nausea,diarrhea and terrible headaches. My Pulmonologist discontinued it.

      I am now on OFEV 150 mg q 12 hours and tolerating well,just on day of vomiting and that so far is it. I think diet with protein before pill helps, I eat some low salt turkey and a piece of bread 20 min before takinf the Ofev.

      I too have noticed an increase in flatulance and very smelly!

      Hope this suggestion about food helps and timing of pill after eating.

      Good luck with your journey

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