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      PSA Safe Grocery Shopping in COVID-19 Pandemic – UPDATED!!! – YouTube


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      Hi @lorraine ,


      Thank you for sharing this – I would imagine many others will be interested in learning about it! Hope you’re doing well.

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      Hi Charlene and thank you.

      Unfortunately, and as you may know, things are not going well in NYC,with regard to the number of COVID -19 cases and deaths.

      However, I am doing my best to stay off the radar, by social distancing, and fortunately that is going well.

      Stay safe and well.


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      Susan Zimmerman

      Don’t worry about disinfecting your groceries:

      Both my husband and I need to avoid catching the Coronavirus; he has IPF, and I’m his caregiver and have my own health issues. So after I watched the video last week, I started following the steps shown in it.

      Last night, I was just exhausted wiping down my grocery purchases, so I googled “Do I need to clean my groceries?” Up came reports <b>from just the past couple days</b> that no, we don’t need to! And don’t worry about packages, boxes, mail, etc. either. This article is from the state of Washington Dept. of Health. Since they’ve been dealing with the Coronavirus longer than any other state, they oughta know. What a relief!

      From the Washington State Dept. of Health:

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      And to you Lorraine! I am thinking of you often, I know poor NY is facing a deep crisis from this. Many I know and love are amidst it in NYC. Thinking of you all. Stay well! Charlene.

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      There are so many seniors in our area that stores are really busy during that tine. My children don’t want me to go out, and I am lucky enough that they can get what I need. Must admit that I miss going to the store as staying is boring and I like to shop

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      Hi Charlene:

      I am doing well.

      First and foremost I am doing Extreme Social Distancing. Doing many virtual social events with Zoom, House Party, Facebook Messenger and Google Hangout. I also do virtual workouts with YMCA 360 and YMCA @ home.

      Thank you for your love and support of NYC!!!

      Stay safe and well

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      Hi Judy: You raise a valid point. People here have been identifying smaller supermarkets, or even deli’s, in their respective neighborhoods, who deliver. I hope your community has similar alternatives, cause it is getting harder and harder to schedule deliveries from PeaPod etc, and then the recipient must then wait a few weeks for their groceries. Best wishes!

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      Hi Susan,


      Thanks so much for sharing this link with us as well, I know so much information is out there about how this virus can be transmitted. It is hard to keep track of it all! I’ve been uncertain about whether or not to wipe down groceries/packages that come in the mail, and like you, the process is exhausting and seems daunting. I wipe down what I can as I have Lysol wipes here on the counter, but then just wash my hands thoroughly once I open the product or put things away. I dispose of the box/bags they come in though, and wash, wash, wash my hands. My transplant team confirmed it can live on surfaces for up to 4 days – weakening with each day/more time of course – so I wipe down what I can and dispose of anything that could be carrying the virus. Just doing the best we can. Thanks again for sharing this link! I have no doubt it will help others 🙂




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      Staying in sure can be boring @craftyone , I agree! However, most important for us right now and safety first for those with compromised lungs. I am so glad your children can get what you need for you. What about online shopping? I’ve done that a few times, not gone crazy or anything but it is nice to be able to still have the option.

      Be well,


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      Susan Zimmerman

      Hi Charlene,

      Thanks for your reply. So in the interim, sounds like the info in the video IS accurate, so I’ve started disinfecting again. (Sigh… ) The doc who posted the original video has an updated one (as of 03/31/20) based on the feedback he got. I haven’t watched the entire new one yet but I think he tried to simplify the procedures. One thing I’ve been able to do is identified a place where I can leave groceries and bags for 3 days (in your case, 4) before bringing them into the house. That let me do the disinfecting only on the things that had to go in the fridge or freezer. And like you, wash those hands!

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      Hi Susan,

      Oh, that is a good idea – setting aside a place to leave groceries that can be in room temperature for 3/4 days before having to bring them into the house. I think right now it is good practice for us to wipe down as much as we can, as we’re able (I know Lysol wipes are hard to find here, not sure about there….) and then wash those hands, as you say! 🙂 Thanks for writing and if you discover any ‘gems’ of information from the updated video please let us know, or feel free to post the link if it is worth it. Many of us can benefit from this collective knowledge! Be well, Charlene.

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      Susan Howitt

      I unfortunately have to go to the supermarket, no deliveries here.  I have hand sanitizer with me at all times, have ordered a visor but it is some where in the post, and has been for quite some time. Can’t use a mask as I really can’t breathe in them and of course a nasal cannula stops any form of good seal.  The joy of living out in the country is that my supermarket takes very good care of me, the first time I went in I rushed round and my machine started alarming because I was breathing too fast so had to calm down.  The store allocated me a check out girl and she kept every one away from me, in fact she directed them to other tills bless her, and she packed my bags and was even willing to carry them out to the car for me but no, sweetheart thanks lost my breathe but not my strength.  I am now not so panic struck and make people keep away from me, amazing what a  cough into a handkerchief will do for  distancing !!!  I do wipe down the articles I buy with a soap wrung out cloth, there is now strong opinion that soap is the best killer of Covid than anything else other than bleach, and we all know what bleach does to our delicate lungs.

      Stay safe    Sue

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      Hi Susan,

      So glad to hear the community-feel of small towns taking care of one another, as your supermarket is doing for you. That is great to hear! I use a Vogmask and they aren’t easy to breathe under, especially having it on for a long time with a cannula, but I find it better than nothing. Sounds like you’re taking all the other necessary precautions you can to keep yourself safe. Thanks for writing and stay well!

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