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      I am excited to be acting on the idea of one of our members, which was to create a forum where patients living with IPF/PF (or their caregivers) can showcase different projects that we’ve been working on. A couple of months ago, I wrote a column about the gift of quiet hobbies and how they can bring forward new opportunities.


      Many of you were able to relate to this column and subsequent forum topics, letting me know that you’ve re-engaged in quiet hobbies and projects as well. As a result, I also thought this forum would be a great idea for us all to share those projects!

      Since my diagnosis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) I have had to give up many hobbies and activities that I once enjoyed, such as sports or running with my dog. Many of these activities, including one sport in particular, was a big part of my identity growing up and when I had to give this up due to my diagnosis, I really had a hard time. I asked myself things like, “now what was I going to do with my spare time?”, “if I can’t play hockey, where will I channel my energy and keep my mind busy?” I was lost at first when I had to give up my favourite sport, and even more when I lost the social aspect of this game (ie. my teammates who understandably went on to play without me).

      Once I was able to move past that initial shock and sadness, I began exploring an old hobby that I loved in high school but had lost due to things just getting too busy. It is a quieter hobby, focused more on creativity and memory-making: I started scrapbooking and card-making again. I also began focusing some energy on home decor projects, and making gifts for others. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy doing this, it also brings in a little extra cash for me and it leaves people with something from me if this disease extinguishes my life early.

      Stay tuned: I will update a few images of the projects I’ve been working on tomorrow. For now, please feel free to share with us some of your projects, including photography, woodworking, painting(s) or any quiet hobby that brings you joy while living with IPF/PF. I look forward to sharing some of my projects with you tomorrow.

      Please remember not to save/use/duplicate a photo of someone’s hobby or project without asking them first, and obtain their permission to share it if you choose to do so. Thanks! 

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