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      There has been a lot of recent discussion about mucous and phlegm in our pulmonary fibrosis forums. In particular, people seem interested in how to resolve this issue naturally. I recently saw this photo on another social media site pertaining to patients living with various lung diseases, and thought it might be fitting to share here!

      Please note: BioNews does not endorse or have proof of this method being effective and is sharing this photo for informational purposes only.

      Have you ever heard of pineapple/pineapple juice being beneficial for clearing mucous in the lungs? It doesn’t get more natural than this, if this solution is indeed effective!

      Would you try this natural solution to alleviate coughing or mucous from the lungs? When the weather turns warmer where I live, and pineapples become available in abundance again, I know I’ll be trying this. What are your thoughts?


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      Hi, Charlene! @charlene-marshall.  I am definitely going to eat more pineappple to see it’s effect on phlegm (I don’t have it often) and if it might relieve my coughing which seems to be happening more than before.

      My only comment on this lovely fruit is I believe it is quite acidic (gonna look it up…be right back… I just googled it and unfortunately, it is highly acidic and  would contribute to acid reflux/GERD which is a part of the reason I have IPF.  So, I take back my first sentence and now characterize pineapple as my  forbidden fruit!

      It is possible that those people who don’t have acid reflux/GERD will find it will help mucous and/or coughing.  I sure hope so!

      Not feeling as well as I was but I will see Dr. Cebek on both this Thursday and Friday and then M-W-F the week after.  Yes!

      I hope you and Dr. Andy had some time just for yourselves over this weekend! Oh, and btw, I use whole milk in my American coffee but LOVE expresso, dark and strong, served in a demi-tasse with a lemon peel to touch upon the tiny cup’s rim as I brace myself for a little bit of heaven!  (Actually, I have just one cup of regular coffee in the a.m. and rarely do I indulge in an expresso.  Coffee is also very acidic and, well, you know the rest!)

      I’ll touch base with you and Andy @drandyhall again soon.  Hugs,








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        Lisa Powers

        You can get Bromelain in capsule form and skip the acidic problems, and unfortunately, the delicious fruit flavor. I have used Goldenseal for colds to help dry up sinus and post nasal drip, but I don’t know if this also works for mucous in the lungs. It might, but I’d like to hear a doctor or naturopath’s thoughts about it for IPF.

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          I agree Lisa, it would be interesting to hear their perspectives on this natural use for cough suppression in IPF patients. Where to you purchase the Bromelain capsule, do you get it on Amazon?


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      Hi @marshaharris,

      So nice to hear from you, thanks so much for contributing your thoughts to this topic! You know? I didn’t even think about the acidity that can be found in pineapple, and how this might be problematic for those with GERD/acid reflux issues, very important to remember so thank you for bringing that up! I’m curious to hear if it has been helpful for anyone that can try it and might not have any acid reflux issues 🙂

      I hope you start to feel well again soon, and that your appointment with the dr. goes well this week for more laser therapy. Has your energy levels subsided a bit with a gap between treatments would you say?

      We would get along well in our choice of coffee Marsha – I also love espresso, and a good dark roast coffee. This is why I loved Australian coffee, it puts the “strength” of Starbucks coffee to shame and was absolutely delicious. Expensive, but delicious. When we have our coffee date, let’s go there okay? 😉

      Take care and goodluck with your appointments this week!

      Warm regards,

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        Steve Dragoo

        Personally, I like the dark chocolate idea to suppress the cough – and sorry – I bought it all from Amazon already…

        Bananas and pineapple in the Philippines – part of our daily breakfast! Yummie.  Also, take moringa a super – superfood from tree leaves…


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          I may also end up in the Philippines with you Steve, sounds like a beautiful place 🙂

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      Charlene, @charlene-marshall, I would love to meet you for coffee in Australia! I thought you’d never ask!  Just give me the date and I will be there…maybe I’ll even stay there, who knows?

      Yes, the past 10 days or so I’ve pushed myself too far and it definitely is apparent by the way I feel. Today I made some changes to my calendar that will help.  My top priority is to continue laser therapy in the hope that my energy level will be improved along with my oxygen numbers.  Should that be the case, I’ll feel better.  If not, I am prepared to deal with that too.

      Whoa, it’s after 1am and I need to be up by 6 or so in the morning so I’d best be asleep soon, you think? I’ll touch base with you soon when we will plan to blow this popcorn stand and be off to Australia before we know it!

      Good night and take care, my friend.  You are in my prayers.              Marsha ???

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      I will stay there with you @marshaharris! Australia is such a beautiful country, and their amazing coffee is just one of the perks of being there. Ah, wouldn’t that be amazing if we could actually go and have coffee on the beach. Are you a beach lover?

      This is one of my favourite spots among the northern beaches of Sydney! Isn’t it beautiful?

      I hope the changes in your calendar help, and allow you to prioritize self-care and rest a bit more. I know that is hard to do, and I applaud you for making those changes. Let me know how laser continues to go for you 🙂

      Hope you slept well, goodness that is a late night. A nap might be in order before we head to Australia Lol! Lots of time to sleep on the plane though! Ahh, wishful thinking. Enjoy your day – I’ll be thinking of you!


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      Hmmm pineapple. Just might have to give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion

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        I am going to give this a try as well Paula! Let me know if you feel like it makes a difference 🙂

        The only thing someone raised, which I never thought of as is really important to consider if folks have acid reflux/GERD is how acidic pineapple juice is. I’d never thought of that, so just something to keep in mind. Goodluck!

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      Laura Bush

      Good morning!  I was so excited when I saw Natural relief for mucus in the lungs as a topic. Unfortunately I am allergic to fresh pineapple and I don’t think I should try drinking pineapple juice! I hope there are other options! Any other ideas? Thanks, Laura

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        Hi Laura,

        Thanks so much for writing, and hope this note finds you doing well! Yes, it sounds like pineapple juice is effective as a natural mucous relief, although I haven’t tried it myself yet. Sorry to hear you’re allergic to it though, that’s no fun. I’ll keep an eye open for other natural supplements to reduce the cough, but have your read our Herbal Remedies for IPF forum? It has lots of different ideas on there for reducing the cough/mucous. Something to start with for sure 🙂 You can find it here:

        Let us know if you find something particularly effective, and I’ll do the same!
        Take care,


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      Hi all, I’ve tried pineapple to help with coughing too. I don’t have gerd nor do I suffer from acid reflex, but the acidity in this wonderful fruit does do a number on the inside of my mouth, so I do it in small doses. I found a great supplement through my nutritionist that has bromelain (pineapple extract) as its main ingredient. It also includes other natural ingredients that reduce inflammation. It’s called PneumoVen. 60 capsules in each bottle made by Premier Labs. I tried to purchase it directly online, but found it’s more available through Amazon. It provides me with the properties of pineapple without giving me sores in my mouth. Winner!!

      Hope this helps,


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        Hi Patsy,

        Thank you so much for sharing this – another good tip for folks to remember, as I know despite pineapple being delicious it is very acidic. I also have issues with acidic fruits and mouth sores, and I noticed that Linda said she has this below too. Do you know what this is caused by? I wonder if it is medication-related for me, although I have no idea how to decipher which medication has caused it.

        The supplement you shared absolutely does sound like a winner, awesome! I am going to check it out on Amazon as well, especially if it has other anti-inflammatory properties. Wonderful, thanks so much for sharing as I know others who can’t have pineapple will benefit from this. Have you noticed a difference in your cough Patsy?

        Talk to you soon,

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      Hi Patsy, thank you for the tip

      I also have mouth pain from acidic drinks. Looking forward to a possible solution. I do miss pineapple!


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        Hi Linda,

        Do you think you’ll purchase the supplement that Patsy shared? I am going to look into it right now, as I also share the unpleasant side effect of mouth sore and stinging from certain acidic fruits, like pineapple. Please report back and let us know if you do choose to try the supplement 🙂

        Take care,

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      Nice to know Patsy.
      I purchased some pineapple juice today, sure hope it helps. Anyone have any idea as to how much one should drink? I might have missed that piece of information.

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      Hi Paula,

      So nice to hear from you – thank you also for the update on the transplant email, I am working through my notes this morning and will reply to you. Such great news!

      Let me know if you find the pineapple juice effective at all, but as for how much someone should drink, I’m not sure I ever really revealed that. I actually am not sure, maybe a glass per day or 8oz per meal? That is truly just a guess, as I’m not sure. I’ll do some researching and see what I can find out for you.

      Enjoy your Saturday and I hope the sun is shining where you are!

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      I see so many posts and I wonder if any of these people have seen the posts about WEI products. They are expensive but I believe that their herbs stopped my fibrosis with a 2 month treatment. I don’t even know that I have it right now and it has been over a year since I took the herbs. No side effects, capsules 3 times a day and my lung function tests have been stable or improved since then. There are many cases where people have improved or been cured from the herbs. It is hard to not be skeptical but for some cases that I read about it sure would be a worthy investment. $900 for a month supply, Gabby – 612-808-9234. At least they would all know that there is hope out there and people have been helped…

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        linda waldschmidt

        How many people have been helped with ipf with this herb.

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          Steve Dragoo


          Hi Denny,

          That is good news for you regards your success with WEI.  Have you done any forced air or 6-minute walk tests for a comparison? If you don’t mind me asking, how long ago did you find out you have pulmonary fibrosis?  Your news is especially encouraging to me as I cannot find a class 4 laser in the Philippines. Wei may be the answer.

          Stay well,


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          Steve Dragoo


          Denny – which mixture did you get from WEI? Thanks – Steve

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          Hi Linda,

          Thanks for your post to this topic thread and welcome again to the PF forums! 🙂

          It’s hard to say how many folks have found improvement with Wei products, although I know for sure that Denny endorses the use of them based on his success with the herbal formulas from Wei. We do not endorse this product from PF News (we as a company can’t endorse any alternative treatments for IPF, and always encourage patients to check with their physicians), but are certainly open to others sharing their thoughts and experiences with products. Feel free to connect with Denny directly about his experience if you’re curious, I know he has a lot of information he could share with you. Goodluck and let us know how you make out if you try it.

          Warm regards,

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      Thanks again for sharing Denny 🙂
      I hope folks who are interested in learning more about Wei see this post and connect with Gabby, as I know you’ve said she has been particularly helpful for you. It is hard not to be skeptical for some instances, but folks who have tried these products have spoken highly of them and that is really important. The cost may be a barrier to some folks, but hopefully those who want to give this a try see your post and have the information readily available. Really appreciate you posting it!


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      Steve Dragoo

      Hi Charlene – I’ll try that for the lungs – especially back in the Philippines as there are plenty of pineapples.  It is also very good for an upset stomach.  Steve

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      Awesome, Steve! I’ve heard it is good for an upset stomach too, sounds like the only thing folks might need to be careful of is the amount of acid in pineapple if they struggle with acid reflux. Did you see that I booked my flight to Hawaii last night? I posted it as an update on the forums because I simply couldn’t contain my excitement. I plan on eating as many fresh pineapples as I can while I am there, I’ve heard they’re amazing 🙂

      Hope the sun is shining where you are. It is beautiful here today, albeit cold….


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      Steve Dragoo


      Hi there – no I did not see your post about Hawaii. I must not be on that thread…  I’ll wave when I fly over to the Philippines and no I still have not reset the ticket.  I was going to today but after I read some of the posts about flying, I sent a not to my doctor.  Waiting on her response before I reset.  Talk soon… – Steve

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        Hey my friend!
        Hope you’re having a nice week!

        Sorry about the delay, I’ve gotten a bit behind on emails and am going to try and spend some time tonight and tomorrow catching up so I am just getting back to you on this topic now. No worries, I didn’t actually post my news about Hawaii in a forum topic, I just did a status update on my profile so it’s probably long buried in the activity feed by now 🙂

        Did you get any response from your doctor yet about flying? I know you were waiting for that about step one for your flight rebooking. Hope that all goes well and that you’ve had a nice couple of days.


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      Raymond C. King

      Hi Charlene.

      I guess I too missed your post about having booked your flight to Hawaii. Good for you.

      It is nice to eat some of the fresh fruit while in Hawaii. The plant ripened Pineapple and tree-ripened bananas are wonderful. They have maximum sugar content.

      While we were in Hawaii, I thought it would be nice to have a couple of pineapples shipped to our house. Our tour hotel said they would ship them to us. I guess I was kind of naive as when we got home and received them, they were green, just like in the local markets. When they ripened, they didn’t have the same sweet taste as fresh ones.

      I too have a lot of mouth sores if I eat acid fruit like pineapples, raspberries, oranges, and grapefruit, etc. They cause mouth and cheek sores. Then my mouth cheek sores cause me to bite my cheeks sores when I chew. Also, with the acid reflux problems, I still cheat and eat that good stuff and naturally suffer. I just weigh the effects versus the good taste. Good luck with eating that stuff while you are there.


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        Hi @raymond-c-king,

        So nice to hear from you – thanks so much for writing! It’s always nice when we get a chance for a quick catch up, as admittedly I fall behind on emails more frequently now since the amount of messages coming to my inbox from forum activity has nearly tripled lately. It is wonderful though, because it means folks are connecting with one another on this site 🙂

        I mentioned above that I actually posted about Hawaii on my status as an update, as opposed to a topic reply thread so it probably is long buried with all the activity on the site. That’s okay, I just was really excited. I fly out September 25th and look forward to sharing this experience with folks on the forums, maybe posting some photos and documenting my experience. I am really looking forward to it.

        I’ve heard about the delicious pineapples and bananas in Hawaii and can’t wait to try them. Both are fruit I thoroughly enjoy – putting both in my smoothie this morning for breakfast actually. I’ll have to be careful though, as acidic fruits can cause sores for me as well! Where did you stay when you visited Hawaii? I am thinking of doing Oahu and Kauai – I think I’ll like the serenity of Kauai, nice quiet and green from what I hear.

        Take care and talk to you soon,

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      Raymond C. King

      Hi @Charlene-Marshall,

      I know you are very busy. WOW! Triple the forum activity you are having to upkeep up with now. I thought they were going to give you someone else to help with that? I guess that is your job though. I’ll try to keep my posts simple and be more patient so you can get a little rest.

      Thanks for the Hawaii trip departure update. Kauai is very, very quiet and green being known as the “Garden Island”. Oahu is the busiest island around the clock but really has a lot to see and do there. They have the most variety of restaurants than any of the islands and bring in the best shows and cultural activities from all the islands. Try to go to the Polynesian Cultural Center on the North side of the Oahu island while you are there. It is really worth the trip. As for our Hawaiian guided tour, we spent 13-days covering Kauai, Hawaii (the big island), just one day in Maui, and 5 days in Oahu. I know you will enjoy whatever you do there.

      I’ll close now.
      Ray King

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        Hi Ray,

        Thanks so much for your reply and understanding. Yes, it is a busy site now as we’ve grown to over 1000 members, but I am so happy for this because it means folks are finding it helpful. I wouldn’t change it for anything! 🙂

        We did bring on a co-moderator, his name is Mark ( @mark-koziol ) who will be helping me with replies, along with posting content. He offers a very unique perspective, one that is different from mine as he had a single right-lung transplant, so he can offer the post (and pre) transplant perspective. Neat huh?

        I am really excited to spend the last half of my trip in Kauai for some peace and quiet. It looks beautiful, and I know spending a few days in Oahu will be busy but I’m excited for that too. I think I’ll visit the Pearl Harbour memorial while I am there, and I’m debating also squeezing in Maui. Everyone says it is beautiful, but it is another flight (between islands) so more money, and I’m not sure I want to be that rushed. I’ll see though, I hope to start planning more details this weekend. Did you visit Maui at all, would you recommend it? Oh, I see your trip breakdown now, sorry I missed that before! Do you think 15 days between Oahu and Kauai might be too long? Maybe there will be a need to go to Maui 🙂

        Chat with you soon, and thanks for writing

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      Raymond C. King

      Hi @charlene-marshall,

      I sent a reply to your above post to our personal 3-friends communications source address as my reply here had an Internet link that had unrecognized characters in it and it was not accepted. Eventually, I’ll learn how to copy an Internet link here.

      • #17778

        Got it and replied @raymond-c-king! I just hadn’t been online yet to approve the ‘moderation’ it required due to the link, as I was out last night. I’ve approved it since, and its all good. You didn’t do anything in error, it just is the system that often picks up on links as spam. Cheers!

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      Raymond C. King

      Hi, again @Charlene-marshall,

      I am very happy Mark will be helping you answer questions on the forum. I’m sure he will be able to take on some of the lung replacement problems along with other things. You have really been having a huge increase in responses so I know a lot of people are grateful to have you respond to them and you are still handling all of the stress.

      Yes, the Honolulu Pearl Harbor USS Arizona Memorial and The National Military Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (the Punchbowl) are a must to visit.

      As for which islands to visit when going to Hawaii? It really will depend on what your interests are. It is hard for me to recommend which one I found the best for me because at the time we went we had a lot of different interests then than we do now. Each island provides different interests, fun, and excitement.

      I did find a good Internet site to visit that tells you what each island offers and even has a brief quiz that you can take that will help you decide which island is best for you. That may help you go to the right places for what you want to get from the visit. Then you can do more Google searches to see what it might cost you. The air prices from Oahu to each island are about the same. Some a little more than others but not that much for air. You can look them up when you determine what you want to see and do and of course, what you can afford at the time.

      The site below will help you decide on what you want to do. It is titled: “Which Hawaii Island to Visit”?

      Good luck with your decision. I’m sure you will make the right one for you. If I can help, let me know.

      Ray King

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        Hi Ray,

        Thanks so much for your reply! I got your emails and other forum post as well about this one being marked as spam, and you’re right, it was held for “moderation” on the back-end until I confirmed it wasn’t spam. Likely just due to the link you kindly shared, so all good now 🙂

        Yes, I am really glad Mark has joined us too! He is posting some really amazing content, and then his column entitled “Gonna Live my Life” is awesome as well. It can be found on the main Pulmonary Fibrosis News page.

        I plan to visit the Pearl Habour site on one of my first days while I’m in the city, because then on the weekend September 27th onwards, I’m going to rent a car and drive around the island. I’m really excited to see the north shore, both of Oahu and Kauai. My main goal of going to Hawaii will be taking in as much opportunity for seeing the ocean as I possibly can. As long as my lungs are good enough, I also hope to snorkel or swim with the sea turtles! I know every island has beautiful ocean views. I really want to see Queen’s Bath in Kauai!

        I definitely will save that link Ray, thanks so much for sharing it! I plan to do a little more researching tomorrow after I catch up on the forums (hopefully!) today and get some crafting projects done that I’ve been working on. I’m looking forward to doing that this afternoon…

        Have a nice weekend and chat with you soon 🙂

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      Raymond C. King

      Hi Charlene,

      Thanks for letting me know that I can post Internet links ok in plain text. I will know what the message meant that I got when I posted to you on the forum, I will know not to worry next time.

      I will check out Mark’s column “Gonna Live my Life” as soon as I can. I’m working on my taxes this weekend so I’ll probably be busy.

      It is good you want to rent a car to get around the islands. They do have good bus service to get to some of the places you might want to visit, shopping centers, etc. Some free.

      I’m sure you will find out where the best islands are to visit for your intended resting and water sports that you want to achieve at the link I gave you. The link expands to show pictures and what is available for the things you select you to want to do. Example:

      “Poipu Beach South Kauai: One of America’s Best Beaches. Kauai is renowned for its beautiful beaches, and Poipu is no exception. In fact, the Travel Channel named it one of “America’s Best Beaches.” Plus, many Hawaiian visitors consistently list Poipu as their favorite Hawaiian beach. Poipu offers beachgoers spectacular scenery and a series of golden crescents of sand; ‘going to the beach’ at Poipu actually means going to two beaches. You’ll find a narrow sand spit (called a tombola) extending from shore out towards an island; thereby creating two separate beaches. As an added bonus, the tombola is a favorite hangout of the endangered Hawaiian monk seal, as they can often be seen lounging and napping here. Poipu is one of the most popular beaches in south Kauai- with both human visitors and marine residents!

      “If you’re looking for fun things to do at Poipu Beach, you’ll be happy to know that it’s a great spot for swimming, snorkeling, and boogie boarding. Plus, you can find all sorts of equipment rentals nearby. There is also a large shallow area that’s perfect for kids to splash, swim, and play. Of course, it’s also an ideal spot to sit back, relax, and watch the palm trees sway- a favorite pastime of many Kauai visitors.”

      “Towards the eastern side of the beach you’ll find Poipu Beach Park, complete with a lifeguard, picnic tables, restrooms, and showers- so you can make your Poipu Beach excursion a full-day affair.”

      That is just a sample of what you can find out at that link. Good luck in selecting your dream vacation.

      I’ll close now so you can do your many work projects enjoy your vacation searches.

      Have the rest of a good weekend.

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      Thanks so much Ray, I am excited to re-visit this link in more detail tomorrow (Sunday). I think I am going to go to one of my favourite little coffee shops with my laptop and do some researching on that link, to find what I want to do! I have lots of time to plan, but any tidbits of information are of course welcomed and helpful 🙂 The north short of both islands, Kauai and Oahu are on my list so I can likely check out Poipu beach… it sounds wonderful! I’ll need to rent a car to store my oxygen in when I don’t need it, along with a change of clothes, snacks, etc. Thankfully, you can rent cars pretty cheap now a days if done right. I’ll keep you posted on how the plans come along!

      I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend, sorry to hear you’re doing your taxes. I have to do that too, just haven’t started yet. Maybe I should do that tomorrow instead 😉

      We’ll see….

      Enjoy your evening.

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      Jay Turbes-s

      We tried unreconstituted/organic pineapple juice…no noticeable change.

    • #17858

      Hi Jay,

      Thanks for connecting back with us and letting us know that unfortunately, it isn’t a noticeable solution to the coughing that you noticed. Hopefully it was a nice treat if nothing else, and enjoyable!


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      Kathleen Greco

      Yes, I have heard of pineapple long ago for mucus & by a couple of Doctors also . I know people who use it drink it…eat it during allergy season. I myself can eat a half in the afternoon than the other half in the evening.

      It is really a wonder food for mucus. I have to find the info on it again & why & how it helps.

      I asked before does anyone have stomach bloating or extension from either IPF or meds for it?? please answer as I put this question out there many times. My stomach is huge & Dr. even did a scan to see if anything would show up to cause this, had ultrasound too.

      Thanks,  Kathleen (Snookie)

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      Hi Kathleen,

      Thanks for getting in touch and sharing your thoughts on this topic! I’ve heard how good it is from a number of people, so I can’t wait to snack on all the fresh pineapple I can while on vacation in Hawaii in a few months. Hopefully it’ll help. The only drawback I’ve heard about this is the acid that is in pineapples, sometimes it can upset the stomach of those who struggle with GERD/acid reflux.

      Hmmm, I can’t recall off the top of my head that anyone has posted about stomach bloating but hopefully someone sees your question and replies if it is something they’ve also experienced. I struggle sometimes with swelling of my legs and feet, which I attribute to medications or maybe some extra work my heart is doing but it isn’t in my belly. Nothing showed up in the ultrasound, like fluid or anything? Hopefully someone has some advice to share.


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        Steve Dragoo


        Hi Kathleen,

        I do love and enjoy fresh pineapple over here in the Philippines (recently).  Other fruits that help the lungs are apples and papaya.  No bloating here but I only consume regular servings.

        Something that stopped my lung mucus cold is serrapeptase.  Highly recommend it but ask before you do it.  One side effect I never expected was serrapeptase cleared up most of my capillary varicose veins.


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