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      Sarcoidosis is a disease that I am unfortunately having to learn about quickly, as two people I know have been diagnosed with it within the last 16 months. Before my colleague was diagnosed with it, I hadn’t heard of this inflammatory disease, however, as I’ve begun researching it, I am learning there might be a relationship between Sarcoidosis and Pulmonary Fibrosis.

      I still have a lot to learn as my research is still in the infancy stages, however, it seems that this disease  primarily attacks the lungs along with the lymph glands. I’ve also discovered that Sarcoidosis is typically diagnosed within young adults, primarily between the ages of 20-40 years. Unfortunately, this fits the profile of the two people I know “recently” diagnosed with this disease. A brief overview of the Mayo Clinic’s website says that untreated pulmonary Sarcoidosis can lead to permanent scaring in the lungs (PF) and/or occasionally causing Pulmonary Hypertension as well.

      Have any of you heard or experienced someone you know living with Sarcoidosis?

      Were any of you told the development of your PF was secondary to Sarcoidosis, or that the two diseases were connected in any way? 

      Please connect with us if so, I’d be curious to hear.

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      Joan E. Lynch

      My husband got Sarcoidosis after major surgery on lymph nodes in his chest as a prevention measure after testicular cancer.  They diagnosed his symptoms later  as too much calcium in the blood and was treated with prednisone for several years.   Pulmonary Fibrosis was never mentioned.  He did not have trouble breathing.  He passed away from heart failure in 2012 after major heart surgery in 2011

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        Hi Joan,

        Thank you for writing and sharing your husband’s story with us, though I am so sorry it didn’t have a different ending and sure wish it did. I think my two friends both diagnosed with Sacoidosis are being treated with Prednisone, although I am a bit worried that one (she is in the US) isn’t realizing how serious this disease is and that it needs to be regularly monitored. It also seems like a scary one! Do you know if there was any connection between the heart failure and Sarcoidosis? It seems like it can touch a lot or cause a lot of secondary issues due to where it can be and spread – the lympnodes. Thanks for sharing, sending you prayers and much love.


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      Laura Bush

      I was diagnosed with Advanced Pulmonary Fibrosis in October of 2018. I was hospitalized for pneumonia and the chest CT scan showed the fibrosis. My pulmonologist and rheumatologist both feel that the fibrosis was caused by my Sarcoidosis and Rheumatoid arthritis. I had been on Plaquenil and Prednisone but it continued to progress. The next thing we tried was Cellcept and Prednisone, but my condition worsened.  Finally, I had two infusions of Rituximab.  The breathing tests and chest CT scan will be repeated on Dec. 3rd. I’m praying it has at least stopped the progression of the fibrosis.  My symptoms have not improved since the infusions.

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      Hi Laura,

      Thanks for writing to us regarding this topic, and for sharing a bit of your story. I’m so sorry to hear of your advanced diagnosis, and that both specialists think it was the cause of Sarcoidosis – that must be so frustrating to hear. I know RA can also cause a host of issues, especially for the lungs. Did the shortness of breath worsen, or the fibrosis with the Cellcept? That scares me a bit as I know so many people are put on this drug for the management of IPF. Sorry to hear that the symptoms have not improved with the two infusions, I will pray alongside you that the scans are a bit better or at least show a slowing in the progression of the fibrosis in December. Hang in there, and feel free to write any time.

      Sending love and prayers over to you!

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      Rachel Penney

      Pulmonary sarcoidosis can go into PF. Proven by patients, pulmonologist, CT Scans, PFT tests, etc.  It happened to me so I speak from experience.  Diagnosed with sarcoidosis by biopsies, PFT tests, symptoms, etc.,  in 1991.  Went into PF due to the sarcoidosis, proven again by biopsies, Ct Scan, PFT tests, etc. in 2008.   This connection has been known and proven for years. Fortunately, it does not happen to all sarcoidosis patients, just a small amount.








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        Thank you for sharing your experience with Sarcoidosis-related PF Rachel, it means a lot to me, though sorry this happened to you. I didn’t want to believe it, as I think my friend has pulmonary Sarcoidosis and I’m sad knowing the struggles with PF that I’ve had; I never wanted her to experience it. Hopefully, as you say, she doesn’t get it as some patients are fortunate not to. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

        Kind regards, and thanks again for sharing.

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      Joan E. Lynch

      Charlene,  I have no idea if the sarcoidosis caused my husband’s heart problem.  I really don’t think so as he had a coronary bypass quite a while before the sarcoidosis diagnosis.  But who knows if it did, the doctors never told us that.  I do know that he almost died from too much calcium in his blood and was monitored closely for a long time while on prednisone.  We were naive and optimistic and did not know it was serious.   I hope your friends take care and the salt works for you.  I live by the Ocean I think it helps my breathing a lot.

      On another note, I think I got my PF from a Reclast Infusion for osteoporosis in 2014.  I had a bad reaction which lasted almost 5 months.  The doctor thought It was my heart and was sent for many tests.  I wasn’t diagnosed with PF until November 2018,  but I don’t think the doctors believe I got it from that.  Thanks for your kind words…………J

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      Hi Joan,

      Thank you for getting back to me regarding this, and sharing your husband’s story so courageously. I’ve heard prednisone can cause so many issues, so I am cognizant of that when I am on it for acute breathlessness/infections. I too hope the salt works for my friends, and I know I tend to feel better by the ocean as well. There has to be something to be said about that.

      I so appreciate your writing and sharing your experience with us. Feel free to connect any time, and sending you nothing but my very best.


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