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      Hi Everyone,

      Just chiming in with a quick forums post today! There is so much going on in the world these days, seemingly more bad than good so I thought I’d make today’s forum post light and fun…

      I’ve decided that I’ll stay up until midnight this new year’s eve to kiss 2020 goodbye, and welcome a new year (hopefully a little easier, more settled one) with open arms. As a result, I’ve been thinking about my new years resolutions which I always enjoy setting ahead of time. I try to make them about things that I can accomplish, rarely are they about things like: weight loss or better budgeting. Instead, I try to reframe those resolutions (which personally, I’m unlikely to keep) to things like: choosing healthier foods or saving for a trip or big purchase. For me, these just seem a little more attainable.

      A few years ago I posed this same question to our forums, but we have many new members since then:

      What are some of your new years resolutions for 2021?

      I’d love to hear them as we begin to look ahead to a (hopefully) much brighter new year!

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      Karen Martin

        My New Year’s resolution this year will be the same one I have made for many years now, and that is to do my best to always remember what is most important at any time. It is easy to get caught up in so many things in life, worrying, stressing and trying to do too much. After my husband had a leg amputated, I realized that there were many times that it was far more important to take him for a drive than to worry about dirty dishes or laundry. It was more important to spend time laughing at silly things than to watch the ever-depressing news. It was more important to stop for ice cream with him than to worry about that extra five (to say the least!) pounds I needed to lose. Just as you will never see a headstone that says, “I wish I had worked more,” you will not find mine saying, “That was a waste of time.” Happy holidays!

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        So well said, you’re absolutely right! This is 100% what I believe too, though I admit: I’m guilty of falling into the stress/worry scenarios, but those ultimately are not what it is important. I hope to be more intentional in where I choose to place my (already limited) energy in the new year, and focus just on the ‘here and now’. It’s hard, but it makes such a difference. Life has a funny way of working out in hindsight, and I need to remember that more often when I am facing difficult decisions or situations. Thanks so much for sharing and wishing you a most wonderful holiday season. Thanks for being such a wonderful member of our forums community!

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        Karen Martin

          Thank you, Char. I am not perfect in keeping this resolution. I have plenty of days when I feel the usual stresses of life, but I do try not to let them run my life as much as they used to do. I really love this forum and have learned a great deal from everyone here. Lets make the days ahead merry and bright!

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          I agree with you Karen, and am not perfect in keeping my resolutions either but at least we try right? That’s all we can do: our very best. Thinking of you this holiday season and hope it is as good as it possibly can be. Thank you for being part of such a wonderful forums community. I love having this platform too! Happy holidays.


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          Wendy Dirks

            Hi, Charlene – I think the only resolution I can make is to save money for my natural burial site. I’m hoping to be buried in a biodegradable straw coffin without embalming along with my son’s ashes and the ashes of the two beloved kitties who came to the UK with me 14 years ago. I want a tree to be planted above us. I have looked into the cost and although we have money in savings, I want to make sure everything is paid for, done and dusted in advance so I ensure I have what I want.

            As a point of reflection, I have followed the Celtic tree calendar and the circle of the year via a lunar calendar from the Luna Press for almost 40 years and recently subscribed to a guide to celebrate it as spiritual practice. The author of the guide says we shouldn’t be making resolutions in winter as it is a time to turn inward for resting and renewal, not doing new things. I like that idea a lot. Whatever your spiritual tradition, may you all find a spark of light in the darkness at this turning point of the year. I’ll be joining an online Winter Solstice ceremony hosted by my yoga teacher on Monday.


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              Hi @wendy-dirks ,

              Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Although difficult to think about, I can appreciate how helpful it will be to your loved ones to have this all prepared, including the financial aspect of a natural burial. A beautiful visual you painted with your words…

              Interesting thoughts on not making resolutions during this time of year. I like that idea too, and though I am not one to make grand new years resolutions; I try to think of them as a crossroads to do something better in the months/days/years ahead. I still haven’t landed on some intentional new years resolutions yet, but am working on them. Happy holidays!

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                Wendy Dirks

                  Thanks, Char – These kinds of discussions are extremely difficult but also important. I’ve been getting palliative care. I noticed another post about it elsewhere but the first thing we did was discuss my wishes. I’m getting wonderful care including physiotherapy and counselling and it’s so helpful. It’s funny thing – I am at the point that my oxygen needs are increasing, my oxygen SATS are decreasing and yet I feel much better physically because physiotherapy and yoga are giving me the confidence to be more active than I was during the first lockdown. So I’m feeling good despite concern that my illness is progressing.

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                  Hi Wendy,

                  I’m so glad to hear you have palliative care involved and that they are helping you. There’s still such a stigma associated with palliative care and people thinking it is only end-of-life. We talked about this in a recent support group actually, it was one of the topics to discuss and it illuminated that there is still so much uncertainty (and even unknowns) about palliative care. I also have them involved, as its a requirement through our transplant program and they are so good at helping us with quality of life. I wrote a column about this awhile back, but hope others see this post and realize that palliative care isn’t just about end-of-life. Thank you for sharing and wishing you a wonderful holiday season ahead Wendy.

                  Take good care,

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              Pete Besio

                Hey Char,

                I resolved very many years ago to stop watching any news network. Does wonders for your outlook on life.

                I pay very close attention to the space industry.  The things they accomplish on a regular basis are awe inspiring and uplifting.  I do have the good fortune of living in FL, so I occasionally head over to Cape Canaveral to watch a launch. But SpaceX is very public about what they do, you can watch their accomplishments on YouTube.  I thought Elon Musk’s talk of going to Mars was the stuff of fantasy, till i recently watched the launch of SpaceX’s Starship prototype.

                But thjat is me.  There is so much positive in the world today.  People are doing incredible things.  People really do care about people.  A guy in FL just paid the past due power bills of all the people in his town, and inspired others to do the same.  Not seeing much of that on network news.

                So my resolution will be to continue to find things that inspire me and make me feel positive, instead of listening to all of the “nattering nabobs of negativity”.

                Be well everyone,

                Pete Besio

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                  @pbesio – thank you so much for sharing this! You’re right: there is so much good in the world, and people wanting to help others, which is (of course) rarely highlighted on the news. Just reading your post of these things has brightened my day, thank you. I blame the steroids but it almost brought a tear to my eye to hear of the gentleman who paid the past due hydro bill.

                  Divulging one of my secrets: sometimes when I’m really struggling/feeling sad, I think about what I’d do if I ever won the lottery. This wouldn’t be for me (who needs all that money) but I would enjoy making people so happy by doing things similar to the hydro bill payment for others. I think about paying off my friends’ student debt for them, gifting trips etc. It would just be so much fun to be able to make others so happy!

                  I love your resolution, and will be incorporating it into mine some how as well. Thanks for starting my day off on such a good note.

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                Pete Besio


                  So if i made your day a little better…that made my day a little better.

                  When I was younger, my lottery fantasy was…when I won…I was going to start a business.  My plan was to build that business with people that I met in my daily life that exhibited that attitude that we all want to be around.  You know, the server in the restaurant that was something special.  The high school kid that you could just tell had IT.  Positive people.

                  And thanks for bringing a smile…


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                  Love this @pbesio! Question for you: is this still something you’d do if you won? It’s such fun thinking about the possibilities of winning the lottery. I understand money (especially compared to health) is trivial, but it’s fun to think of the things you could do to make others’ happy with money and opportunities!


                  You certainly did brighten my day, thank you!

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                  Malcolm Mann

                    HI all

                    This is not so much a resolution, but more a real change of life. Where we live in SE Australia in a beach village, we are on a very steep block of land, there are 40 steps between the bedroom and the back yard, and the garden is becoming unmanageable for us.

                    Last month we decided to sell hoping to buy in the local area, but it seems everyone else seems to want the same type of house we’re after. We decided too look further afield and have now bought a beautiful place in the island state of Tasmania. We lived in Tassie for 20 years in the 80s and 90s and still have great friends in the local area, so we know what we’re getting into.

                    So my resolution is to keep the IPF stable-ish, and enjoy Tasmania’s natural beauty and do more swimming and walking. We’ll still be 1km from the beach.




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                      Mark Koziol

                        Hello Mal, this sounds wonderful. I’m glad you have friends in your new area so you may lift a spirit or spirits with. Be careful of those little devils. Take care and be safe, Mark.

                        Na zdrowie Mal!

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                        Hi @mal-com,

                        So nice to hear from you, thanks for writing and wow — what a great change! Here’s to a great 2021 for you, Tasmania is just beautiful. I’m so jealous! Enjoy your new home, being back with local friends and your ocean swims, thanks for the update. Maybe I’ll have to add Tasmania to the list if I can ever get back to that side of the world? Happy holidays Malcom and family, thanks for writing and take care.
                        All the best with your move!

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                      Jofac O’Handlin

                        Hi Charlene,

                        Sorry, a bit late on this thread. I have not been a N.Y. Resolution type, but this year decided on several, necessary to perk me up. As a lifetime runner / jogger, and now not, to work on a bit of fitness over and above our evening walks. But more than that! So my list:–

                        1. Fitness, flexibility, and light strength exercises. (Charlene, you will be too yoing to remember the Canadian Air Force 10BX basic exercisers for office staff)

                        2. Practice the guitar for 15 mins each morning + singing and remembering words!

                        3. To try and tutor our 2 grand-daughter’s on elementry finance, as our daughter and hubby don’t seem to be conscious of it.

                        4. To put down on paper my family’s local history over the 20th century. As the baby and last of the 4 kids, and like all here, on a short string. So, Better do it!

                        Regards to all, Joe

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                          Thank you so much for sharing your new years resolutions, I loved reading them! I’m glad you decided on a few to help perk you up, especially after the year we all just had.

                          I bought a guitar in 2019 and haven’t learned to play it, but want to. Goodluck with the guitar and singing! I wish you could teach me, I’m not sure I’ll be very good at learning on my own.

                          I’m sure your granddaughters will appreciate your teachings too!
                          Thanks for sharing and wishing you the very best in 2021!

                          Keep in touch 🙂



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                        John Garner

                          Hello, my name is John and this is the first time I’ve said anything on this forum. I have only been diagnosed with IPF for about seven months.  At first it was overwhelming and confusing.  I am getting more educated with my disease and have come to terms with it. I am on Ofev and know that it can’t be cured but I am not going to let this thing control my life.

                          As far as New Years resolutions, I don’t really don’t know why but I don’t make them anymore. There are so many things that I cannot control, like my government, the hate in this world, my family and friends or even my little cul-de-sac where I live. I can however control how I react to everything. I put my faith in God and know that He has the last word.

                          Thank you for this forum. I have learned a lot and have been encouraged to go on.

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                          Hi John,

                          Thanks so much for writing to us, I’m glad you chose to post to the forums. I hope they have been helpful for you since your diagnosis of IPF.

                          Kudos to you for the mindset of not letting the disease control your life. How we react to IPF is part of the battle, because unfortunately we can’t change the diagnosis much like other concerning things around the world right now. How we let something affect us is the best way to control a situation sometimes! So glad you’ve found comfort in your faith, and hopefully these forums too. We strive to make them engaging and informative, so if there is anything you’d ever like Mark or I to write about/discuss, please don’t hesitate to let us know.


                          Wishing you the very best in 2021 John and keep in touch 🙂

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                            I liked this one from Pete Besio,

                            “So my resolution will be to continue to find things that inspire me and make me feel positive……”.


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                              Mark Koziol

                                Hi Gil, I think that is an excellent outlook and resolution for the new year. This is something that you can do every day. I am not a New Years’ resolution type of person, but I wholeheartedly agree with this and will try to use this motto every day. Take care, Mark

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                              Malcolm Mann

                                Hi @Charlene-Marshall
                                Thanks and all the best for the new year, the packing up is progressing and the place is in total chaos. We’ll be on the ship to our new home on the 26th of Jan.
                                Do include Tasmania on your next island escape, there’s plenty of room in our new place, we could organise a coughing duet to welcome the new day each morning.

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                                Ben Robinson

                                  the oldest New Years resolution in the books. Exercise more. Weights and cardio.  That is the key to healing PF or at least extending the years.  Crank up the O2And bust hump.   it is hard but do it.

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                                  Thanks for sharing your new years resolutions Ben! They likely align with many other IPF patients, and I certainly agree with you: exercise is the key to remaining as healthy as possible with IPF, as hard as it is. Take care and stay safe!

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                                  Hi @mal-com, so nice to hear from you! I’m glad the packing is progressing, and I’ll be thinking of you as you board the ship to Tazzie (did I spell that right, as a non-Australian)?? Will you be boarding from Melbourne area? I remember driving along a really curvy road in Melbourne along the water – I know, not much help – and seeing the ship bound for Tasmania. I actually took pictures of it, I think it was near the Bolte Bridge? It’s cool to have a visual if that might be the one you’re taking to your new home!

                                  Tasmania is on my list, if we ever get to travel again! I’ll be thinking of you on the 26th — stay safe and goodluck with the move 🙂

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