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      Steve D.

        Question – Does anyone know of a single location that lists and regularly updates the status of all clinical trials taking place for IPF? Using Google provides way to many false positives and dated information. This is certainly a service I would subscribe to if available (assuming it’s reasonably priced)!!  Any inputs will be appreciated!!

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        Mary Frances

          MAUDE is something you can check in with

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          Samuel Kirton

            Have you tried the U.S. clinical trials site? There is also a matching tool for clinical trials on the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation site. Most convenient though you will find a Clinical Trial page at Pulmonary Fibrosis News on the top banner of the page.


            Sam …

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            Gina Myhill-Jones

              Hi. I think your best bet is always to talk to your respirologist and let them know that you’re interested in drug trials. I’m currently participating in a trial after being turned down for another. I’m in Canada and can’t find any one registery for tests running or planned. But my respirologist hasn’t failed to find the right fit for me.

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              Donna Heiser

                for all clinical trials for IPF

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                John Dominguez

                  Check out

                  Plug in subject parameters in the Search blocks and you will see the list. Currently (4/20/2023) there are 211 Studies found for: Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis | United States


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                    Thanks John! This website is indeed the most credible site to find IPF studies or clinical trials, many of the others are not vetted for credibility, however, this one is. Thanks for sharing for our members!

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                        I just asked my Dr.’s office if my name could be submitted to the Clinical trial/Research Division today.
                        I was told I may get a call in the next week.
                        I was approached by another Hospital in the area a Clinical Trial they were doing I declined there’s. I didn’t feel I qualified for it anyway. I must have gotten 10 calls and e-mails on participation.


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                      I’m being screened for a Phase 3 Fibroneer trial.   My doctor is also considering an inhaled Teprostinil trial.  Has anyone had any experience with either of these drugs?

                      Stay well.

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                      sally williams

                        I am participating in the Trepostinil trial.  I am in week 10 of 1 year.  Pretty easy, inhailing the drug or placebo 4 times a day.  Not too many side effects, occasional headache, dizziness.  This is my second trial.  I believe that we need to do whatever we can to get rid of this dread disease.  I only participate in the ones that allow me to stay on Esbriet.

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