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      Hello forum members,


      Just chiming to send you a quick hello from Hawaii. I am currently “resting” in bed, as it is 6:00 am and my body is still a bit mixed up with the time difference. Combined with excitement, I’m having a hard time sleeping but surprisingly, I am still managing very well! It is very hot here, about 42 degrees during the day but the humidity is different than at home so as long as I don’t exert myself too much, then I am doing just fine. Yesterday I even swam in the ocean! I did put my oxygen on overnight to help give my lungs a bit of a boost, and today I am swimming with a dolphin. This was a big expense for me, but it is on my bucket list and we all know that life can be short with IPF so I decided to go for it.

      I’ve attached a few photos of my trip so far, and I hope they show up for you all. Everyone on this forum has been so supportive to me, and kind with my long-awaited trip so I am happy to share these with you. I will post more when I have better access to wifi as I am currently using my data which will be costly. Stay tuned for another update.

      Sending much love to you all from the beautiful island of Oahu.
      Mahalo! 🙂


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        Charlene those pictures look awesome, so glad you got to swim with the dolphins – yay. It is humid here in Southern Ontario even though it is fall so good you are there and not here :).

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          Thanks Nan! It is very hot here, but the heat is really different than home so I’m not having too much of a hard time. I have a bit of a cough right now,so I’m being really careful but enjoying every moment. It’s so beautiful! Goodluck on Monday – I’ll be thinking of you!

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          It looks gorgeous. Have a wonderful trip.

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          Linda Williams

            Dearest Charlene, am so very glad you got to go to Hawaii!   Beautiful photos!! Enjoy and breathe easy!

            Linda Williams



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            Thank you so much Linda – it is a dream and trip of a lifetime! Hawaii was always on my bucket list and I truly love it here. Thank you for the kind words 🙂

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            Rene Hakkenberg

              Dear Charlene, so great to hear that you made your dream come through. You have been so wonderful for all of us IPF-era and we are so thankful for your always encouraging words and we now wish you total enjoyment of the Hawaii trip. Rene

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              Rene Hakkenberg

                In addition, may I suggest that you take all your time to relax and enjoy and don’t worry to respond to our forum messages as long as you are in Hawaii. You deserve it.

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                David Ota

                  42 degrees?!?  Just where are you from? 🙂

                  YOW! Swimming!

                  Fun Fun Fun!


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                  42 degrees is hot for me as a Canadian @davidota 🙂
                  Hope you’re doing well!

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                  Chuck Harrison

                    Have a great time Charlene !

                    You friend , Chuck

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                      Thank you so much Chuck! Hope you’re doing as well as possible, I think of you often 🙂

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                        Chuck Harrison

                          Hi Charlene , how’s your day going so far ? Over the lag , or are you dealing with it .

                          charlene I’m on Facebook messenger just type in my name and we will be in touch

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                          Hi Chuck,

                          Nice to hear from you my friend, thanks for writing!
                          Yes, thankfully I am over the jet lag from my wonderful Hawaiian vacation. It wasn’t as bad as thought, and I think a lot of it was coupled with fatigue from a long flight and a few busy weeks. It was amazing, I am so glad I was healthy enough to go.

                          Thanks as always for writing and I hope you are keeping well. I think of you often!

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                      Steve Dragoo


                        Hi swimmer,

                        I just saw this post my Tuesday morning for some reason. Hawaii looks familiar to some of the Philippines except I have not swum with a dolphin yet – maybe a shark or largest gator in the world but not a dolphin. Are you enjoying the Kona – maybe that kept you awake?  Make every moment yours to remember – except the Kona because you have to share that one.  Stay well friend… – Steve

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                          Hi my friend @steve-dragoo!

                          Nice to hear from you and Alooooooooha! I can’t get enough of how the locals say that 🙂 I’ll send you a picture of me with the dolphin via email, it was such a magical experience and I was so emotional getting to cross that off my bucket list.

                          Also, you’re right about the Kona coffee. It is delicious! Even my friend who is here with me is drinking it black and she doesn’t really like coffee. I’ve bought about $100 worth of it to bring home Lol. Talk to you soon!

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                        Ernie Kully

                          Hey Charlene,

                          Hawaii is on my bucket list too – going there next summer with the family!  I hope you have the greatest time ever – you deserve it.  Take care, be well, and have fun 🙂


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                            Thank you so much Ernie! It is absolutely beautiful here, I highly recommend coming so glad you’re planning on it next year. The scenery and the beauty has far exceeded my expectations 🙂

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                            Steve Dragoo


                              Hi Charlene – do you need my shipping address (again)???  It is indeed good you are having the time of your life and I hope you will exam the benefits of laser, serrapeptase, nattokinase, and Wei.  I feel pretty well most of the time considering my age and other maladies and remain convinced these therapies will generally help many with this dreaded disease.

                              I think it is now safe for you to watch “47 meters down”.

                              The heat does sneak up on me sometimes over here like when I go to the market and we buy for the week – it is always hot, crowded and active carrying the bags and fresh coconut for water later but now almost at month 5 and still no O2… – Steve

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                            Chuck Harrison

                              Hi Charlene.

                              Have you notice any difference in breathing salt air ?

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                                Hi Chuck,

                                Good question! I’ve been in the pacific almost every day, and the only real difference I’ve noticed is that the salt water seems to be loosening my cough, or that could be all the pineapple I’m eating as well because I know that is good for the lungs and inflammation. I typically don’t have a cough, not a productive one anyways, but the ocean does seem to be loosening up my chest a bit, if that makes sense? I’ve not needed my oxygen near as much here as I do at home, and I’ve even done some bigger things like: jumping off a cliff into a waterfall, a 30 minute “hike” – it was a very mild hike – uphill and swimming with dolphins. It’s truly been a dream come true 🙂


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                                  Gordon White

                                    Thanks for sharing your trip.  The great memories will last a lifetime.

                                    Kona is my very favorite coffee.  Wonderful stuff!

                                    One question or observation –  If you breath better there and need less oxygen, what is the elevation?  I am now living in Florida at an elevation of 60 feet above sea level and breathe much better than I did when I lived in Virginia where the house was at 1,900 feet.




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                                    Hi Gordon,

                                    Thank you so much for the kind words! Hawaii is beautiful, and you’re absolutely right – the memories will last a lifetime! In terms of elevation, I may not be the best to answer that. The only thing I can share is that my doctors actually didn’t want me visiting Maui, which surprises me. They said the elevation on that island is significantly different than Kauai (where I am right now) and Oahu. Truthfully, I think it is because they didn’t trust I wouldn’t try to do the Road to Hana which is not great for folks with a lung condition.

                                    Part of the reason I am finding I don’t need as much oxygen could also be because I am a lot less stressed (naturally) while on vacation. I’m not rushing around, and sleeping in as need be. I also find the humidity different here than at home, less moisture I think. Maybe it is the salt water too… I’m not sure!


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                                ARMY PETE

                                  hey charlene

                                  I am so happy for you. you go girl. now stay of the computer and have fun .lol.

                                  “see you” when you get back.

                                  army pete

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                                    Thanks so much for your kind words Pete! I’m so thankful to have gotten here safely and to have had an amazing trip thus far. I am just so lucky and filled with gratitude! 🙂 I’m enjoying a quiet morning right now – in need of some rest – before we fly to Kauai tonight so I’ve been happy to reconnect with my forums community in bed with a coffee. I hope to post a few more pictures soon.
                                    Stay well,

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                                  Linda 6996


                                    You truly are in paradise!  ENJOY to the max..

                                    As a fellow Canadian I would like to know which company you used for out-of-country health insurance as I have been unable to find one that will sell me insurance to travel to the U.S.



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                                    Hi @linda6996,

                                    Thank you so much for your kind words and Aloha! I LOVE the meaning of true “aloha” spirit here in Hawaii and wish we used it back at home in Canada. In terms of out-of-country health insurance – good question! I actually rely on the health insurance through my employer, which was in place before I was diagnosed with IPF and I think that might be the trick. Although, I did buy supplemental insurance through my credit card. Did you try that yet?

                                    Take care,

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                                    David Swain

                                      Hi Charlene. I’m so happy for you that you made it to Hawaii. What beautiful photos! Wow, swimming with dolphins and all the other activity – great. Make the most of it and treasure those memories.

                                      I’m interested to know if you used oxygen during your long flight. I’m flying from UK to New Zealand again next January. I’m not on oxygen, so didn’t use it last time we flew. I’ve deteriorated since then, but still not on oxygen. I’m staring Ofev on Monday.

                                      All the best and good breathing. – David.

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                                        Hi David,

                                        Thanks for writing, so nice to hear from you, although sorry to hear you’ve deteriorated! It is very disheartening to hear how many folks are having a harder time with their IPF in the last few months. Are you finding you just have increased shortness of breath? How has starting the Ofev been for you?

                                        I sure will treasure the memories forever, I am so thankful my lungs tolerated the trip here!

                                        Oddly enough, I didn’t use oxygen on my trip from Toronto-Vancouver or from Vancouver to Honolulu. However, I did need it during the short flight from Oahu to Kauai island. Isn’t that strange? I don’t know if it is because the plane was smaller, or because the elevation wasn’t as high as the flight is only 30 minutes. I’m not sure! I have my SimplyGo Respironics machine with me though, and everyone has been so accommodating for it.


                                        I hope your flight to NZ goes well. Have you done that elevation test that physicians offer to test your oxygen needs while flying? I’ve only recently heard of this but maybe it is an option for you.

                                        Keep me posted and thanks for your kind words!

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                                      jaime L manriquez

                                        Hello Charlene. what an envy, those beautiful pics, and sceneries

                                        ,here in Puerto Montt , only 8, quite cold…Have a great time there,

                                        enjoy your stay over that beautiful place…best regards from Chile


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                                        Thanks so much Jaime!

                                        The scenery is beautiful, Hawaii has exceeded all my expectations thus far, just beautiful! I am tiring out though, I admit it: but going to spend a few quiet days by the beach before flying home. I’ll send some warmth from here to you!

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                                          Hi from N glad you made a dream come true. Have the best of times.

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                                            Aloha Lesley!
                                            Sending you love and best wishes from Hawaii – I am about half way to you right now 🙂


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                                            Aloha, Charlene!  You are so sweet for sharing your Hawaiian Awe with us!  Love your pics!  As you described your morning resting in bed while drinking coffee, my immediate thoughts were, “damn, I want to be there, too, drinking Kona coffee and relaxing in the bed right next to yours…feeling buoyant from the lusciously beautiful panoramic view I am experiencing as I gaze out the bedroom’s huge picture  window…and every so often floating in and out of conversing with you…..(who is also feeling floaty!)……

                                            Enjoy all that inspires you to act and rest quietly  surrounded by beauty that heals and restores your energy!

                                            Be safe and maybe even book a massage on the beach!?!  (Oops, my bucket list…oh well!)

                                            Hugs,  Marsha




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                                            Hi Marsha,

                                            Thanks so much for writing – you’re so sweet, and that visual would be perfect. I sure spent lots of time literally floating in the ocean while here in Hawaii. Sadly, the trip is coming to an end and I am now at the airport waiting to head back to Canada. It’s okay though, the memories are enough to truly last a lifetime and I will cherish all of them — I hate to admit that I am getting tired, but I am and am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed and seeing my dog again. I hope to share more photos when I get home and settled! Also, I am bringing back about $100 in coffee 😉

                                            Chat with you soon,

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                                              Charlene, so happy for you! And thank you for sharing your adventures and your pictures. You enjoy your dream vacation. You deserve it!!

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                                              Thank you so much for your kind words Burma. I am home from paradise now and will forever treasure and hold dear the memories of this incredible trip. Seems fitting that this weekend is our Canadian Thanksgiving as I have much to be grateful for! I look forward to sharing more photos with everyone once the jet-lag wears off!
                                              Kindest regards,

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                                              Carmela Vasta

                                                hello my dear friend—so glad to hear  from you and delighted trip is going very well–pictures are fantastic, and i hope swimming with the dolphin was fun!!! –many hugs & much love! Carmela!!!

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                                                Hi @carmela,

                                                So nice to hear from you! Thank you for your kind words regarding my trip to Hawaii – it was a trip of a lifetime, and one that I’ll never forget. I am so grateful that my lungs cooperated and that I was able to push myself physically, beyond what I thought was possible. Swimming with the dolphin was my favourite thing I think, beside snorkelling (above water only) with sea turtles and tropical fish. Being in the ocean does my soul so much good, so I am very glad I was able to make this trip happen! 🙂

                                                How are you doing? Hope all is as well as possible!
                                                Sending love and hugs back to you!!

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