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      Often when I first lie down to go to sleep at night I find I have to keep clearing my throat. It can be quite annoying. Does anyone else suffer from this, and is there anything I can do to stop it? Because this seems to happen when I’m lying down, I’m wondering if I should get one of those wedges they recommend for acid reflux.

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      Mark Koziol

      Hello Cynthia, I clear my throat constantly. One reason is I feel it is like a nervous twitch for me. Also I think part of the reason is I have post nasal drip. I take a daily over the counter allergy pill. You might want to try sleeping with pillows lying at an angle with your head slightly elevated. Talk to your physician, maybe they can diagnose the reason this is happening.

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        Mark, yes, I have post-nasal drip too. In fact that’s what they blamed my chronic cough on for over a year before I got the ILD diagnosis.

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          It sure seems like there’s some relationship between IPF/PF and sinus issues, post-nasal drip, runny nose, etc. Have there been any studies linking them? Acid-reflux also seems to be in the mix.

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      Glenda Rouland

      Yes all the time sometimes when I lay down keep doing until through is sore.   Bought Grossan nasal irrigator on amazon at dr advice makes a huge difference.

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        Thanks, Glenda. I’ll ask my doctor about that at my next appointment. It’s really annoying when I’m trying to fall asleep.

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      Tom Schroeder

      My problem seems to be just the opposite … I have trouble clearing my throat when I’m vertical.  With my back issues, I seem to be best at night when I’m horizontal, on my BIPAP machine and the head of the bed is elevated about 5 inches.  As I understand, acid reflux may have been one of the causes of my PF.  First thing the doc suggested was to slant the bed and it seems to help.  Before investing in a wedge, you might try raising the head of the bed with a few bricks to see if it works for you.

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        Thanks, Tom. I’ll try that.

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      linda waldschmidt

      My throat clearing is during the day, like i have something stuck in my throat. I have some heartburn. I’ve tried allergy meds and did not notice any difference. Any body have suggestions. And could it be part of having this disease.

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      Hi Cynthia, I also have throat problems. Ppost nasal drip was causing coughing when I went to bed. That was allergy and was cleared up with antihistamines. My Dr. told me to try 2 or 3 until I found one that worked for me. That was years ago and still have to take it. I also have throat clearing problems​ when vertical. Thick mucous seems to accumulate. Did not have this until I found out I have PF. Also sleeping with 2 pillows helps post nasal drip which I developed long before PF.



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      I have throat clearing and post nasal drip when vertical. So far I have tried allergy medicine but it is not helping. I would like to know what allergy medicine the rest of you take if you take allergy medicine.

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      Hi all –  My pulmonary doctor referred me to an ENT doctor because primary care doctor said I had acid reflux.  ENT doctor and a speech therapist had me doing exercises instead of clearing my throat or coughing.  I still do it but not as much.  I also drink water or do a breathing exercise when I feel like I need to cough.  I still see the ENT doctor but they spread my appointments out to 4 months instead of every month.  When it was thought I had acid reflux and that was thought to be contributing to my ILD, I was referred out to a general surgeon for further testing and possible surgery for a hiatal hernia.  Surgeon determined I did not have acid reflux and sent me back to my pulmonary doctor.  For about 8-9 months I had like 3-5 doctors visits each month to try to figure out if my dry chronic cough was separate from my ILD issue or if they were connected.  Not coughing as much as I was but today has been a bad coughing day.  I am wondering if because I walked outside this morning and there is lots of pollen in the air.  In this medical journey it was determined that I have allergies to dog and cat dander as well as many grasses and trees.  I am not currently taking any medication for any allergies.  I actually was not aware of when I was clearing my throat.  I know throat clearing for me is much worse after a bronchoscopy of which I had 3.


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      Not sure if I am dealing with the same issue (although I do have the nasal drip and nose bleeds), but when I am talking all the sudden my voice craps out on me. Sounds like I (for a better lack of description) a frog in my throat. Even trying to clear it, does not seem to do much until it decides to behave itself. Quite annoying if you ask me.

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      Anne Philiben

      I have found that sometime pineapple juice has been helpful.  Also Robitussin and codiene most effective at relieving dry cough.

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      Thanks for sharing Anne! This is a popular topic for many with IPF/ILDs, and some suggestions work for some people whereas others don’t. I believe the more information we have, the better! Thanks for sharing what works for you 🙂

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      Joan E. Lynch

      I have had a nasal drip on and off for years.  Mostly on now.  I use Flonase every morning in my nose as I think I also have allergies.  I lost my taste a while back but the Flonase helped that.  I also have a problem with my voice when trying to talk it is most annoying I agree.  I started on Gabapentin a week ago and I am feeling much better with my dry cough.  Also, I find  good over the counter cough drops  help.  I think all of the problems we are having are connected to IBS.  Just need to find what works for you.

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      Hi Joan,

      Thanks for writing to us about this topic. It is nice to hear from you!

      Sorry to hear about the post-nasal drip, Mark recently wrote about this too and it seems a lot of people with IPF suffer this nagging issue. I’m glad the Flonase is helping, and interesting that it improve (yes?) your taste again. I am convinced I should be trying Gabapentin as the dry cough is the most frustrating side effect I have of this disease. Thanks for sharing that it has also been helpful for you!

      Take care, and stay in touch 🙂

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      Tom Pratt

      Hi, Charlene and Lindas
      I am a first time poster, having joined the forum yesterday. I have just started Ofev 5 days ago and so far feel better with no side effects, but i’m waiting for the symptoms to start. I have been on Flonase for a couple of years and think it helps. I was prescribed gabapentin for neuropathy in feet about 3 months ago and took 600 mg once a day. In thinking back, my cough got better about then. I am currently taking it twice a day and cough is significantly better. I too have the heavy phlegm that accumulates at the back of my throat and I constantly have to clear. No doctor I have talked too about this has mentioned it as possibly coming from my disease.

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      Hi Tom,

      Thanks so much for writing and welcome again to the PF forums. While I wish none of us had to deal with this cruel disease, this is a really special community and I’m glad you’ve found us! Everyone is so kind and helpful 🙂

      I am thrilled to hear that you feel good about 5 days into the Ofev – I will keep my fingers crossed that this continues for you. Be sure to check out the Ofev thread if you need more information and/or suggestions on how to manage the drug if it does get tough. Some great tips have been shared. Thanks for sharing your experience with the cough and gabapentin as well – sounds like the dosage is important for patients to consider, but many seem to have been helped by the drug. I am eager to chat with my physician about this!

      Take care and feel free to write any time.
      Kind regards,

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