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      There is a plethora of literature available online that talks about the harmful effects of alcohol, including wine. However, if you look hard enough, there are also studies out there that counter this literature and say that any type of alcohol in moderation is fine. I suppose that is the key to everything, always in moderation…

      I have always enjoyed a glass of wine, particularly red at dinner time but never consume it on a regular or daily basis. Oftentimes, I’ll go weeks without having a glass but now I am getting a lot more interested in various wine types, along with the way it is made and aged. This makes going to wineries a lot of fun, not only for the purpose of learning more about wine but this is a really enjoyable social activity as well.

      Since my diagnosis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) in early 2016, I’ve been intentionally mindful of how much wine I drink. Again, I never over-consumed in any way,  but now feel a little more guilty about having an occasional glass of wine knowing that overall, alcohol likely isn’t the best for anyone. Typically I don’t drink anything else during the winter months and will enjoy a cold beer or two on the beach at my cottage in the summer. Both of these are within moderation, and not consumed regularly but I still tend to feel a little guilty about drinking them at all. Clearly the guilt isn’t enough to stop me from having a glass of wine, as I just poured myself a nice red, but I thought I’d ask others on this forum:

      What did your doctors/lung specialists say about the consumption of alcohol following your diagnosis?

      Did they mention it at all as problematic, or have you asked them since? 


      Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.

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      Hi Charlene, @charlene-marshall
      From a general point of view, it is now recognized by doctors and WHO that moderate consumption of wine is rather good for health. This is probably true for good health people.
      Is it the case for us ? I never discussed about it with the medical team. One more topic to add to my list for my next visit (mid of march) 😉
      What I’m sure is that a Glass of Wine is a great pleasure, absolutely in line with my “patient’s” rules of Life : Enjoy Life as long as you Can…
      Here in France we have a proverb saying : ” Le vin n’est jamais si bon que quand on le boit avec un ami.” something like : “Wine is never so good as when you drink it with a friend.” and this is the most important to remember !
      Take Care

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      Hi Jean-Michel,

      Thanks so much for getting back to me, I was really curious about this topic and what others thought or have been told. As I mentioned in my DM to you, I was quite happy to enjoy a small glass of read wine last night to “unwind” after a busy day …

      I thought I’d heard that moderator consumption of wine, particularly red, can be good for overall health. I suspect the issue for us with IPF/PF and consuming alcohol, might simply be its reaction with our medications but I am certainly no doctor. I will also add this to my list of discussion questions for next time I go visit the pulmonologist.


      I really like that proverb you share and believe in it completely. Friends and wine can lift our spirits, thats for sure, as its happened many times throughout my young adult years so far. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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      Malcolm Mann

      Hi Charlene

      I have read everything I can locate on OFEV & alcohol consumption, and have not found any recommendations either for or against. My personel research over only the last 4 weeks is inconclusive, I have had several beers, and red & white wine with out any obvious side effects.

      My grandfather was a noted Sydney surgeon (and vigneron) and supplied wine daily to all his patients.



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        Hi Mal,

        Thanks so much for getting in touch with me about this topic – it is of course one of interest, as my desire for wine-tasting and exploring different wineries grows! I don’t want to over-indulge of course, but am curious about what others have been told or do in terms of alcohol consumption since their diagnosis. I appreciate your sharing, and letting me know that the results of your research are inconclusive. I like that answer 😉


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      Kay Kagy

      Hi Charlene,
      I talked to my pulmonologist about wine as well as that is my favorite (and probably only) drink and since I was on Ofev wanted to know. I have been given the green light to drink a glass or so whenever I want! Yea!!!

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        That is wonderful news Kay, thank you so much for finding out this answer and sharing it with us! I like your pulmonologists answer so I’ll go with that 🙂

        Are you a red or white wine drinker? What kind of wines do you enjoy most? I still have a lot to learn but I am really enjoying all the learning that comes with wine tasting.


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      Chuck Pefley

      Hi Charlene,

      I received my IPF diagnosis July 2016 and then in January 2018 a rare & nasty lymphoma diagnosis. The first 6 months of 2018 were spent in and out of the hospital enduring chemo treatments. Not fun. But, I achieved remission in June 2018 but was cautioned that “remission would likely be counted in months, not years”.

      My outlook on life has morphed somewhat over the past couple years and become more focused on “quality” versus “quantity” of life. (Please don’t misunderstand this to mean I have any sort of death wish. I don’t.)

      However, there are two quotes I encountered 40+ years ago that still resonate with my thinking at this point in my life

      Eat Dessert First … Life Is Uncertain!

      and …
      To Enjoy Life, Take Big Bites, for Moderation Is For Monks!

      Life is to be enjoyed and in my opinion wine should be enjoyed as well IF it brings you joy.
      Your mileage may vary….
      Best Regards,

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        Hi Chuck,

        Thanks so much for getting in touch regarding this topic, and sharing a bit more about your story with us. Gosh, you’re very strong to have endured what-sounds-like such a difficult 6 months doing chemo and being hospitalized. I hope your remission status lasts much longer than they suspect, and it is indeed in years…

        Really love the quotes you shared! I collect quotes, and since my diagnosis, many of them are about enjoying life and not taking things for granted which I see as fitting for both of your quotes! I will add them to my book, and focus on the quality of our life, not quantity… such a good reminder!

        Thanks for sharing, and wishing you well Chuck.
        Warm regards,

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      john styles

      I have to confess, I have a glass of wine a few times a week with my wife and I really enjoy our wine time.  The only time it bothered me is when my coughing got real bad and wine and salsa would set me off with a coughing episode, the laser has so far helped my cough to where I enjoy my wine. I have been told not to drink for 20 years but everything in moderation. My favorite quote “life s to short for cheep wine” Next time I have a glass I will toast everyone to have good health.

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      Hi John,

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this topic. I think that is the key to everything in life, isn’t it: all in moderation! I too have a glass of wine occasionally, my favourite is red, and thoroughly enjoy this. Last night I opted not to be online, and read in the bathtub with a glass of wine for almost two hours. It was so relaxing, which is what I needed. I’m glad the laser has improved the cough for you, so you can indulge in this little luxury once in awhile again. Great idea to toast to everyone’s health! Ah, wouldn’t it be great if we could all enjoy a glass of wine (or our favourite beverage) together some day?

      Another favourite quote of mine pertaining to wine is: “life is what happens between coffee and wine”. 

      Enjoy your day!

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