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      Mike Spiva

      I’m new to IPF and this website so I hope I’m doing this correct.

      I found an article that say the medicine Medformin used to treat diabetes has been proven in lab mice to reverse PF. I have attached the article below. Has anybody taken this? Does anybody know anything about this Med or the trial??

      Thank you<b></b><i></i><u></u><span style=”text-decoration: line-through;”></span>

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      Mark Koziol

       Mike I copied and pasted my reply on your initial comment. I see you are figuring the site out. 

      Mike, it appears this research is in the initial research stage as they stated they are hoping to offer this to a large human population in phase 2. Clinical trials can be found on the pulmonary fibrosis foundation. If you search the forums I recently wrote a topic regarding how to find clinical trials. I hope this helps. Mark

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      That’s exciting research. Thanks for sharing it, Mike.

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      john styles

      Unfortunately  there is no beneficial results from Metformin, if you go back far enough on google you will find where it was tested on humans with IPF with no benefits. The first results with mice/rats was actually discovered overseas maybe Korea. The problem is not always are the benefits of drugs reproduced in humans.

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      Kathleen Greco


      I  like to know more about the drug Metformin & wonder is it beneficial or is it not? reading the comments one can not tell..2 people said it was & 1 said it was useless pretty much.

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        Steve Dragoo


        Hi Kathleen,

        Metformin studies are inconclusive. Subjectively I think it does not help much but possibly some in certain patients. IPFand ILD have different causes and missing or too much of certain enzymes of which metformin may help in a minor way for a few. I have been taking metformin since 2010 and was initially diagnosed with ILD October 2016 and officially IPF on May 2018 shortly after I returned to the US. Metformin has not helped me.

        What has helped IPF a lot are the forums here, class 4 laser, serrapeptase, herbal products, B complex, exercise, proper hydration, rest, and our spiritual walk. – I caution you about using any pills or herbals until you have explored them carefully. For example, serrapeptase works very well for mucous control BUT should never be taken close to other pills or food. Hope this helps you… – Steve

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      @Kathleen-greco – there is probably not all that much research on Metformin specifically to IPF, however, there is a large amount of research because of its prominence as a medication for Type 2 diabetes. It seems to be protective against both heart disease and cancer which are closely associated with Type 2. Even some of the longevity researchers are looking at it because of various promising statistics on prolonging life. If you search for it, you’ll probably find lots of stuff. Not sure what the policy on links is here, but here is one I found on the summary of research:

      A lot of the promising research relates to metformin’s effects on AMPK – effects that are also found in the ketogenic/low carbohydrate diets. Ketogenic diets in particular can also be neuroprotective against hypoxia, so that may be one pathway for it to be helpful with IPF. There is a man who goes by the moniker “COPD Athlete” who uses the diet for that reason.

      Lots of info out there on the web for both metformin and ketogenic diets.

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      Hi @jill-tanner,

      Thank you for such a thorough reply to @kathleen-greco’s question regarding Metformin. Your understanding is similar to mine, it hasn’t been tested/proved effective yet for IPF management, although there is some research on this topic. BioNews released this article last month, which sounds promising:

      I think it is a matter of physician preference right now, and whether or not they are willing to prescribe this medication for patients to try, though I’d encourage patient’s to advocate for it if it is something they are interested in. Hopefully more research will emerge about the benefits of this! Thanks for bringing this topic forward.


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      Kathleen Greco

      Thank You very much…[email protected] & others who contributed to giving me info & sites that may or may not be useful for the medication, Metformin but at least enough info to get a handle on what’s going on with it.

      Thank you for your time& information. Kathleen Greco

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      Rose Sottilo

      I have had PF for over 3 years. I was diagnosed as prediabetic in January 2019, Also had a pneumothorax same time. Surgeon patched up lung. I started on metformin then. Just recently did my CT scan and lung capacity appointment and was told no progression, and my lung capacity is much better. I don’t know if the metformin is responsible for the good news but I’ll take it.

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      That is wonderful news Rose, congratulations on no disease progression and that your lung capacity has improved. So great! I’d be curious to hear from your physician if he/she thinks Metformin could have contributed to this…. would be good to know for all of us, but no pressure. Glad things are going well for you.

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      Duncan Fowler

      I sent a note to my Pulmonologist about Metformin.  She is also well involved with the research community.  Her response was that there are enough significant differences between Mice and Men (And ladies too) that you should not draw any direct conclusions about how it will work with IPF in humans.  That there is a lot more research needed to be done before it can be considered a good and reliable treatment for us.

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      Hi Duncan,

      Thank you so much for circling back and sharing your doctor’s thoughts on the use of Metformin for IPF. Her response sounds very similar to what I’ve heard other physicians say as well – essentially, the evidence is not yet conclusive enough to apply it to humans, and mice aren’t enough like us to just translate results. Hopefully more research can be done with promising results and soon! Thanks for sharing and hoping you’re doing as well as possible.

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      @steve-dragoo @drandyhall @caneelbay1

      Hi Steve, Please, what is class 4 laser? I am recently diagnosed and new to everything….thanks much…

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      Steve Dragoo


      Hi Cynthia,

      Dr. Hall introduced us to the class 4 laser he has been successfully using it for several years on his IPF.  There are several forums regarding the use but he is the expert.  I see he was added to respond to you and I know he will soon.

      There are several things I do to help my IPF and can discuss in more detail if you want. Basically laser (when in the USA), Wei labs, serrapeptase, nattokinase, B vitamin complex, hot lemon water in the morning, exercise, water, breathing styles and spiritual walk.


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      jaime L manriquez

      Hello everyone, METFORMIN, i m on it for quite a while 850mg une pill a day, and it seems to help ..anyways I think its worth to try, most of us if we are over 70 years old will need it anyways.. for control the regards

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      Hi Jaime,

      Nice to hear from you! Thanks for sharing your experience with Metformin and IPF. Did you get put on this medication for IPF specifically? Does it help with your shortness of breath when you say you feel like it is helping? I’m always curious about how people manage with different medications. Thanks in advance for sharing!

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      jaime L manriquez

      Hi Charlene, nope I have not been prescribe metformin for my IPF but Im taking it for prediabetes, mellitus regards


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      Oh okay, thanks for letting me know Jaime! Take care, Charlene.

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