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      David Collard

      how long can you continue to take esbriet?  Is there a limit to time frame when esbiet no longer slows the scaring of the lungs and you are taken off of esbriet?

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      Hi David,

      Thanks for starting this topic thread, it is definitely one I’d be interested in learning more about. Unfortunately though, I don’t know the answer as I am not on Esbriet but Ofev instead. I don’t imagine there is a time limit if it appears to be helping with symptom management and/or disease progression, unless of course secondary symptoms develop like liver issues. I know some patients have experienced elevated liver enzymes after being on Esbriet long-term, or even rashes/hives, etc.

      Does anyone know the answer to this question from David?

      Thanks again for connecting and curious to hear what physicians say about the length of time you can be on Esbriet, if anyone has asked 🙂


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      I started Esbriet 2 months ago. I asked the pulmonologist who performed BAL  bronchoscopy and gave me the official diagnosis for IPF and he responded: until the end or a new therapy comes along.

      The point is that even Esbriet effect on IPF (with all its concomitant side effects) is only on a probability percentage basis when contrasted with just a placebo:

      To the best of our knowledge, this is the first intention to treat real-life study showing an increased 3 years survival rate in patients treated with Pirfenidone and a survival benefit of 30% compared to patients treated with no antifibrotic agents.” (source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6251092/ )

      My point being, is it worth it?  Going through all the debilitating side effects (I am being plagued these last 15 days with splitting headaches, dizziness and fatigue, to the point that I need to stay home and inactive most of the day) for a mere 30% chance of life extension, …at this cost?

      God Bless.


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        Mark Koziol

        Hello Michael, thank you for comment. The question you ask is one that each person will have to answer on their own. I’m sure you will get many different answers and reasons why they have answered a certain way. Thank you for this thought provoking topic. Mark

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      Robert Obrien

      My pulmonologist and the transplant team go by test results.  I have been on Esbriet since January, 2016.  Side effects have been appetite loss, weight loss (not the worst thing in the world), occasional mild headaches and fatigue, all pretty manageable.  I will stay with it until they say stop and I really don’t expect that to occur until I get a transplant or I cash in my chips.  This disease sucks and can really get you down.  Bottom line, keep your MD’s informed and heed their advice.  Good luck to you David and all my fellow interstitial lung disease travelers!

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      Mark Koziol

      Hello Robert, thank you for your input. You offer great advice. Best wishes, Mark.

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      Rob Tyler

      I never thought there was a time line, or a time where You need to stop taking Esbriet.  I have been taking Esbriet for over three years.  I had the side effects 6 months after my full daily dose, and battled them for 3 months: (reducing dose, and building back up to max once again, working threw insomnia and mood swings)  The drug is working for me.  No, I can’t run and jump, and hike the back country. I know Esbriet will not fix the scaring.  But I am able to maintain a daily life without 02 at this time. I hope it will continue to do so until the next new drug rolls out with greater projections.  I’ll get the blood work done tomorrow, regarding elevated enzymes in my liver.  My biggest fear is any type of health set back, where my lungs would need to work harder for daily activities.

      Wishing all the best, in their battles with the “unknown”, and keep up the fight!!!!

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      Mark Koziol

      Hello Rob, sorry about the delay in replying to your comment. I pray your lab results come back normal today. It seems you are doing pretty good right now. I hope your fibrosis stays put. Keep up the fight and good work. Stay active and keep these bones and muscles moving. Best wishes, Mark

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      Jerry Genesio


      Michael – Thank you for the information regarding your experience with Esbriet. I’m sorry you’ve had such debilitating side effects. I was diagnosed with IPF in early January 2020. I’ve had symptoms for several years but they could be attributable to heart disease which I’ve had for many years. I’m very concerned about Esbriet’s side effects, especially because I’m on so many other prescription meds that I’ve been able to tolerate well thus far and I don’t want to add the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back. I’m 81 and don’t expect to live forever, and seem do be able to do pretty much what I want right now and am leaning toward leaving well enough alone. I appreciate your very candid post. You’ve certainly given me more grist for the mill.

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      Connie Lum

      I’ve been on Esbriet since October 2018. Initially I had to reduce dose age for Heartburn reflux issues but was able to take the full dose relatively quickly. I have had very few side effects and none that prevents me from my regular activity. Unless I have a increase of liver enzymes or the drug is no longer working (i.e. worsening PFT results or CT scan) I will continue to take it. I am not on oxygen and was diagnosed only because my brother had a double lung transplant at the age of 61. All the siblings were tested and out of 5 , 3 of us have the disease. I am almost 68 and females. They say it happens more in males, my sisters are negative. I would say take it as long as possible, it’s the only choice we have at this time. I am in a clinical trial too. Try to have a positive attitude and keep active. Take care😊

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      Robert Obrien


      I started Esbriet in January, 2016.  I was ordered to stop on February 26, 2020.  I am going to be listed next week after a 2 week flush of my system of the Esbriet.  They do this because of bleeding concerns. I had minor problems in the beginning and for the most part, I never missed a dose but I would have stayed on it as long as they wanted me too. I think it was important.

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      Thanks for sharing your experience with us about this Connie. Glad to hear you’re relatively side-effect free from Esbriet, that is excellent and I hope it continues for you for a long time to come. Sorry to hear about the genetic/familial link though between your family, that must be so tough. Hope the Esbriet continues to be tolerable for you, and hopefully effective in slowing down the progression of this disease. Hang in there and thanks for participating in the clinical trial to. I admire your positive attitude!

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      Jay Turbes-s

      David, ( @dec01 )

      All that I’ve read says that you can continue as long as your dr. thinks there’s a benefit. There are recent studies that seem to show that Esbriet combined with Ofev is also more beneficial than Esbriet alone (can’t speak to whether Ofev benefits by adding Esbriet). If your forced vital capacity doesn’t deteriorate too far, Esbriet is probably still a good bet for the duration.

      If, however, your doctor(s) decide you’re not benefitting any longer then, like Milady here, they can rationalize your not staying on Esbriet based on their interpretation of the law of diminishing returns. Or they make a sudden reversal of your original diagnosis in favor of ‘discovering’ mitigating circumstances such as suddenly (and contrary to the premier pulmonologists at Nat. Jewish here in CO) finding interstitial-related workings of rheumatoid factor and perhaps (most likely in our case) wishing to avoid the continued high cost of Esbriet to your HMO. Esbriet’s street price is about $USD 140K per year whereas prednisone is about the cost of a bag of M&Ms. If that sounds cynical, you get my drift…

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