Lung Disease and Transplantation: The Harsh Realities

In previous columns, I have alluded to the world of lung diseases and organ transplantation as one that is unique and very different from the life that most people experience. This is especially true for young adults, who naturally focus on building a career, strengthening relationships, starting…

The Challenges in Sharing My Diagnosis

Sometimes, it is so discouraging to have PF. … Okay, having PF is discouraging A LOT of the time. I had a hard experience this week, as I’ve had many times before. I bet you’ve had experiences, too. Since my diagnosis with PF a little more than…

Learning to Accept Missed Opportunities in Life

If you’ve been reading my columns the past few months, it is no secret that I’m noticing a huge difference in my physical abilities as the progression of my idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) charges on. I often write about how tired I am physically, how emotionally drained I…

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