Coping When the Electricity Goes Out

Yesterday I had a difficult experience. It began when our electricity went out as it was turning dark. We didn’t know the cause of the power outage, or how long it would be out. We later learned that a tree in the neighborhood fell down and took…

What I Don’t Need as a Patient with IPF

Sometimes when people ask me, “What do you need” or “What can I do to help,” I feel like a broken record since my response is usually, “I don’t know.” I wish I did know what I need when I am in a poor emotional state, sobbing uncontrollably about…

Learning to Adjust As PF Worsens

Adjust, adjust, adjust… Part of living with pulmonary fibrosis is adjusting to changes that happen as our disease worsens. There is so much to adjust to that it can be overwhelming at times. Supplemental oxygen I first started using supplemental oxygen two months after I received my diagnosis.

Watching Others Leave for Vacation

I have always enjoyed traveling and have been privileged enough as a young adult to enjoy vacations that span the globe. While some were related with business, such as being flown to Calgary, Saskatchewan, Halifax, New York City, Dubai, Colorado, California and Washington, others were purely for leisure. If you…

Constant Fatigue and Its Emotional Toll

After walking from a lunchroom table back to my desk, I remember thinking to myself, “Gosh, I am feeling tired this week.” I reviewed what I might have done differently last week from other weeks, and thought about what might be causing my fatigue. I grappled with the idea…

The Impact of Naivety for IPF Sufferers

By definition, I always understood naivety to mean inexperience, lack of understanding or wisdom about  a particular topic. Such things could include naivety about the topic of a difficult discussion, or an unrealistic expectation of a timeline for something to happen. In relation to illness, this definition…

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