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      I am publishing these pictures on behalf of one of our forum members, Sandra Vanzyl. She so kindly sent me some of these via email to add to the forum Quiet Hobbies as something she finds peaceful and relaxing since her diagnosis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Thank you for sharing Sandra!

      What quiet hobbies do you find most relaxing, meaningful or comforting since your IPF/PF diagnosis? 

      Have you taken up any new hobbies since your diagnosis that you never did before? 

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      Billie Medley

        I have started quilting. My husband had built me a rug loom so I had done a couple rag rugs. I seem to find plenty of indoor activities to satisfy my creative side. But they both have proven to be quite messy. Oh well, I’ll clean it up when I’m through.

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          Glad you’ve found some crafty things / projects to keep you busy Billie! That is important, and productive as well 🙂 I want to learn to quilt someday, so kudos to you. They would make beautiful gifts 🙂


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            Sandra Vanzyl

              I’m on a quilting site.   Quilt with Pat Sloan, so much happening and sharing on this FAcebook Page…you would be happy to sign up for it.

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              Hi Sandra,

              Thanks so much for letting me know about this! I think I’ve mentioned before (forgive me if I have, this memory thing of mine stinks lately….) but I’ve always wanted to learn to quilt. Maybe I’ll make that a goal of mine in 2019?! I’ll check out the site, thanks again for sharing. Are you learning lots on it?

              Take care,

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          Tom Nicholas

            My wife states that I am a “man of many hobbies”.  I guess she’s correct, but there are never enough new experiences for me.  Some of my hobbies are Amateur Radio (KJ4JIA), though I am pretty much inactive, I am currently learning to build crystal radios.  Virtually everyday, my wife and I walk about 2-4 miles up and down these steep mountain roads (thank the Lord I can still do this!).  I am never without a digital camera as I love digital photography both still and video.  I am somewhat accomplished in using Photoshop and several video editing software programs.  We both have kayaks and go as often as we can.  I have 3 quad copters and love to fly and take video.  I am a lapidary as I cut cabs from rock that I find and purchase.  My favorite gem to cut is opal.  I also wire wrap many of the stones I create.  When my “halfback” neighbors are here, the gentlemen try to go bowling once a week.  I am getting out of the collecting of postage stamps as I do not have the time for it.  I have two aquariums and breed some tropical fish. Since by now I have exhausted you…I must mention, though not a hobby, my 90 year old mother in law is in a nearby assisted living facility and we make a short visit there most days.  Thank you for listening….

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              Hi Tom,

              Thanks so much for writing and for sharing your experiences with us as you strive to engage in different hobbies. I’m also very glad you can continue to walk with your wife…2-4 miles, that is an amazing trek to undertake, way to go for both of you! I bet the views would be beautiful, and I am so glad you are able to capture them through your photography skills. That is an excellent hobby in itself, as not everyone has an eye for capturing photos 🙂 You could spend some time journaling all of your wonderful physical activity (ie. walking, climbing kayaking) through digital photography or print making even. I bet your eye for photography is wonderful, and would be displaying beautifully on a canvas or something. A new hobby to look into for you perhaps? They would make excellent and very unique gift ideas!

              Sounds like you have some wonderful hobbies to me, and very unique ones. Harness those each day and hope you continue to do well, and be active in the things you enjoy 🙂


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                Tom Landaker

                  WOW, Tom!

                  You are definitely a man of many hobbies, and talents!  My hobby is, also, amateur radio (KE8USN) and I’m learning more and more about it as I go along.

                  Blessings to you as you continue through this progressive and terminal disease, and keep the great positive attitude!

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              Piet Potgieter

                You are amazing, Tom. My hobby is to fall asleep in front of the tv and at night I can’t sleep! I do try to do something every day though. We had ravaging fires in January 2017 here in the Western Cape, South Africa, (the month I was diagnosed with IPF and I still remember my hoarse voice at the time from the smoke. My whole farm burned down and I almost lost two buildings. We are now cleaning up and burn or chip the black logs remaining. My hobby today was to fit a hoist to my Landrover to pull the logs on to a heap to burn. I had to cut an opening in the bumper and drill some holes. It took me all day, because I get so tired and have to rest regularly.

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                  Hi Piet,

                  So sorry to hear about the fires destroying some of your property, how devastating! I think it would take so much courage – physically and emotionally – to start the cleanup process from that. As such, as I think both you and Tom are amazing! Depending on the disease progression, each person is unique in their abilities and what they can/cannot do anymore, but I believe strength comes from trying which is what I see you doing. Be gentle with yourself, and many good wishes to you Piet.

                  Warm regards,

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                Tom Nicholas

                  Thank you Piet…not so sure “amazing”..I think more “lucky”.  I too get very tired and am exhausted after our hikes…  With our windows closing the best we can do is keep fighting and do as much as we can and be satisified with that result… Thank you for your comments!


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                  Well said Tom, kudos to you!
                  Wishing everyone on this forum as many good days as possible!


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                  Ginger Adelstone


                    i was a professional photographer for 22years in Myrtle Beach, SC.

                    But before that, I painted. And I still do. I use acetllics and pasterls .

                    Its amazing how something you love to do can nearly transport you to a peaceful state.

                    I hope everyone here has something that makes them happy, that they can do for the fun and enjoyment of it.

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                      Sandra Vanzyl

                        Hi Ginger , sounds like you’ve got some great hobbies going on…..we are truly fortunate to have crafts, hobbies, photography, art , quilting, knitting to keep us busy some days ….I try to work on something everyday but the odd day here and there I just do nothing and then I feel guilty at the end of the day….it’s almost 1 yr since I’ve been on oxygen 24/7 as I wait t be listed for lung transplant …all the tests have been done and all with great results (thankfully at 65 my failing lungs are the only thing wrong with me, altho that’s a big one) ….so today I’m going to get some knitting done as well as maybe some Christmas gift wrapping ! …enjoy your day

                        Cheers Sandy in Ottawa , Canada ??

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                          Hello Sandy, my fellow Canadian,

                          How has your weekend been? Thanks for writing and reminding us about the importance of good hobbies, I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m looking forward to having some quiet days between Christmas and New Years to catch up on some outstanding crafting projects. I just returned home from NYC with my Mom for our double birthday trip and have some amazing photos to scrapbook so I am excited to start that 🙂

                          I think you wrote me another reply about the status of your lung transplant evaluation, but did it go okay? Are you back in Ottawa waiting?

                          Hope you got some good wrapping done, and knitting too! I have to start my wrapping this week.


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                        Hi Ginger,

                        Thanks so much for writing, it is always nice to hear from you. Did you have a nice weekend?

                        I couldn’t agree more re: working on a hobby you enjoy and how it can transport you to a place filled with more peace and joy. I find this with my scrapbooking or card-making for sure. When I go into my “craft room” lately, I’m noticing that even subconsciously I am shutting the door to the room, almost as though I am closing things out that are bothering me so that I can find that peace while crafting. I am so happy to hear that painting does this same thing for you! Do you still do some photography? Someday I’d love to pick up this hobby and give it a try 🙂

                        Take care,

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                        Hi all –

                        I’m actually a bit grateful for IPF since it has forced me to resign from committees, slow down and try to take each day by itself.  I’ve played around with watercolor and sketching and also textile collage for several years but always felt that it was a waste of good time.  Now I can stay in my workroom for hours just puttering around on a project with no guilt that I should be doing something more productive and I get great joy from being creative!

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                          Sandra Vanzyl

                            ….that’s so good that you have some great hobbies and watercolours to get back into NanaJane…..I’ve been finishing up a wee quilt just tonite for my granddaughter and also have been knitting up some ‘cowls’ ….it was a quiet Christmas here, we invited no one to visit nor did we visit anyone as we prepare for transplant ….I am now listed and meeting the Surgeon on the 14th of January and beginning physio 3 x week for a month at the hospital and then we will go from there.  I’ve been on oxygen 24/7 coming up to 1 year in early January , it’s been a life changer is all I can say.  Hope you keep well and hopefully you aren’t on oxygen as I write this !

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                              Keeping you in my thoughts Sandra!
                              Knitting is on my ‘learn-to-do’ list someday as I find this skill very impressive and would love to learn how to do it 🙂 Glad you had a quiet Christmas, and hopefully enjoyed your time at home… I know how much I love/value quiet time now!

                              Question for you: what is a ‘cowl’? I am curious 🙂


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                                Thinking about you Sandra.  Hope your meeting with the surgeon went well.    Best,  Jane

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                              Hi NanaJane,

                              Being a creative person, this is one of my favourite topic threads on this forum… I love everything to do with creative hobbies/crafts! I can certainly relate to your gratitude of the gift this disease can bring us when it comes to doing activities (ie. crafts/creating) that we enjoy and not feeling guilty about it. I used to live my life at “lightening speed” and while I enjoyed it then, I have to look back now and really wonder how much I could have focused on quality with how quick I moved through the days. IPF has forced me to change that, and I am grateful for this. I used to be a big scrapbooker/card-maker and DIY home decor person in my teenage years and then I gave that up when other things started to fill my schedule. Since my diagnosis, I’ve really gotten back into it and I am so glad that I have. It brings me so much joy and it’s such a positive, therapeutic outlet for me! I also like the idea of having some thing I’ve made to leave behind for my family if that time comes…

                              Thank you for reminding me of the importance of this, and giving me the confidence that others experience this type of creative joy too. 🙂

                              Cheers to creating!

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                              Hi Sandra – I’ve just joined this forum and it’s so nice to receive a your message.  I am on oxygen at night and anytime I am active for more than 5 minutes during the day.  Fortunately a friend loaned ma a portable concentrator so I was able to go get a haircut yesterday and will go to dinner at a friend’s tonight.  I’m finding all of this a bit overwhelming but I am reassured by the things I read here that I can adjust to a new lifestyle that will still allow me to do the things I enjoy most.  I can’t imagine deciding to go for a transplant – I admire your courage to do that and will keep you in my thoughts as you progress through that process!

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                                Hi NanaJane,

                                I am so glad you were able to get a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) to be out in the community and still have your oxygen needs met. I love mine, and use it all the time… I’ve named it (actually, my silly colleagues named it) and bring it with me everywhere, including overseas travel. While adjusting to oxygen has been hard, it can be fun when “Chester” – my POC as it supports my chest/lungs is dressed up for halloween or Christmas. It’s a bit silly I suppose, but it lightens the burden of having to lug oxygen around at 30. The kids I work with now ask about him too, and wonder where “Chester” is! I hope if nothing else this brought a bit of a smile to your face today 🙂


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                              Rudolf Ross

                                Hi Charlene,

                                Rudi Ross from the land down under.

                                You asked a question some weeks ago about whereabouts I lived in Australia,

                                I live south of Sydney ( 2 car)in the southern highlands, it’s cooler in summer and colder in winter but overall it’s a great place to live.

                                Hobbies, As I live alone I do a lot of woodworking things like turn wood into fruit, making plywood statuettes of reindeer

                                and paint them.

                                Been to the doctors and had CT scans done, something changed in my lungs so more tests and scans.



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                                Hi Rudi,

                                Great to hear back from you and thanks so much for your reply! When I climbed the harbour bridge in 2015, I remember getting a beautiful look of Sydney: towards Manly beach, the Opera House, the Northern coast and then up towards the Blue Mountains. Are you headed towards the Blue Mountains way? My geography is not good but that makes sense to me based on what I remember, although it might not be the case at all. It sounds like a beautiful place to live regardless 🙂

                                Glad you’re able to keep busy with hobbies you enjoy. Good for you!

                                I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the new scans/tests don’t reveal anything too concerning. Do you have those soon?

                                Take care and thanks for re-connecting!

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                                Terry Moriarty

                                  I’m definitely into the yarn-based fiber arts: spinning, weaving, needlepoint, crochet and knitting. During my working years, I built up my stash, literally “stashing” it in my garage, to fill my retirement years with los of projects. I’m not moving on until all those projects are finished!

                                  Right now, I’ve returned to my first love, needlepoint. Working on Christmas stockings for my two youngest grandkids.

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                                  Hi Terry,

                                  Thanks so much for getting in touch and sharing your interests in this topic. Being a crafty person, I am always eager to hear from others about any “first love” crafting hobbies, as I’ve really done full circle and came back to my first love type of crafting since my diagnosis as well. Isn’t that interesting? Very neat you work on needlepoint and what special gifts for your grandkids for Christmas. Just wonderful! Would love to see a picture some time if you’d be willing to share when they’re done? Happy crafting 🙂


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                                  Malcolm Mann


                                    Hi Rudi

                                    I’m from Tomakin just south of Batemans Bay, you’re almost local, I think there is a ILD support group in Goulburn, other than that I now know only a couple of other sufferers of this condition in Australia.

                                    The medical industry describes my condition as mild, and I have started Ofev this Feb, I have been a constant cougher since the early 2000’s. I’m off to Sydney tomorrow for a Cardio/Pulmonary stress test to evaluate my hearts position on all this.

                                    All the nest with your tests.

                                    cheers  Mal

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                                      Rudolf Ross

                                        Hello Mal,

                                        Yes it seems we are neighbours sort of, I now live in Bundanoon with my son /Carer of sorts, last year I picked up some sort of virus/bug and been coughing constantly until recently I had a penicillin drug for 3 weeks and now feel a lot better for it.

                                        My lung function test ( ILD )every year shows a small decline but nothing to worry about so the doc tells me in the 3 minute consultation I have with him every year. I breath faster now than what I did years ago however the oxygen levels are in the mid 90s, when I am doing things in the shed alls good until I try to exert myself then the puffing starts.

                                        Used to be a sparky, that’s how I filled the lungs up with all sorts of great things like brick and tilling dust, fibreglass in ceiling mixed with 100 year old roof dust, I’d come out coughing and spluttering and never think of the consequences years later.

                                        Cheers from me and hope your’e doing all right.


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                                      Hi @mal-com,

                                      I know your reply was to Rudi, just chiming in here regarding your heart test tomorrow with the Cardio/Pulm stress test. Will you report back on your doctors finding about how your heart is coping with all of this? I am curious to hear from others on this topic, as my heart is starting to be impacted by the poor lung function too. If you’re comfortable, I’d be curious to hear what your doctor shares with you …

                                      Thanks in advance,

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                                      Rudolf Ross

                                        Hello Charlene,

                                        To answer your question regarding the geography of Sydney etc, The city is east to the rest of us, the Blue mountains are west of the harbor bridge, I live 2 hours south of Sydney, no pollution, or peak hour traffic, beautiful green pastures what can I say its Gods country.

                                        I do acrylic paintings as well so it makes one concentrate on the subject.

                                        Cheers from me



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                                          Hi Rudolf,

                                          Thanks so much for getting back in touch with me, your home location does sound like Gods country! I remember standing on the top of Sydney harbour bridge and thinking how beautiful the views were. So glad you reside in such a nice area, especially pollution-free.

                                          Also glad you have your paintings to keep your mind busy, it certainly helps with the hobbies I have as well. Take care and thanks again for connecting.


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                                          Rudolf Ross

                                            Hello Charlene,

                                            Crickey’s, it’s been a few years since I made contact with anyone, basically I guess I got on wth life also I was in a mental stage where I sort of couldn’t be bothered with attending to things and letting things go.This lasted a year or more then I slowly realised I wasn’t going to die early.

                                            In Australia we call it the “Black dog”,as a lot of men suffer from this and top themselves (commit suicide) This is a big thing with service men here and everywhere else I guess.

                                            I sold up all my assets and moved in with my son also gave away enough $$$ to my 3 children?? ( 50 plus)for  them to debt free.

                                            In this country if you have to much $$$ one doesn’t get the pension as we call it so it’s spend spend spend until one qualifies.

                                            I am slowly deteriorating with my lung condition but then again I am over 80 YO so it’s sort of ok and could have a few more years to look forward to.

                                            Cheers from me


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                                            I’ve found the one hobby that calms me. It is cross-stitching. You can listen to something in the background and just relax. I prefer working with big pictures (they take a lot of time, of course). But in the end, you can be proud of yourself that you have done great work.

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                                              Mark Koziol


                                                Hello Aria, we are happy you feel comfortable engaging in discussion. When I was younger I would trace NFL football helmets on a white piece of cloth and would then embroider each helmet. I did this in the winter down times. Didn’t really tell any of my friends because of the sewing but then I brought several pieces to school and they all liked them. Thank you for sharing. Mark

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                                              Julie Adam

                                                You made great work and I am also having an interest in making these types of crafts I have recently purchased twice boards for making my new crafting designs from Arts & Crafts Coupons, one of my friends suggested me to visit here they charged a very budget-friendly amount on all my purchasing.

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                                                  Im software developer. My hobby make web sites and apps.

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                                                  @ericmiles – thanks so much for sharing with us! I am always fascinated by people who are smart enough to do that kind of work 😉 Kudos to you! I bet your services – or anything in tech, really – have been very busy amid the lockdown. Thanks for writing.

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                                                    Hi everyone –

                                                    I got back into doing crafts more since retirement and my IPF diagnosis.  Things I make –

                                                    1.  Fabric gnomes – usually make the hats out of t-shirt or stretchy material.  Made some for family with different hats so can change hat with the seasons.

                                                    2.  Ceramic coasters with paper napkins or fabric.

                                                    3.  Resin art pictures with seashells, sand, alcohol inks, artificial flowers, etc.

                                                    4.  Made lots of face masks during Covid – for family & friends

                                                    5.  Made fabric dog scarfts and bowties, too.

                                                    Going to go to some local art shows this year.


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                                                    Theresa Skuczas

                                                      That is great,I am going to learn to make quilts. Right now I do a lot with my heat press.
                                                      Resin on cups,and pour painting I love crafting if and I have time

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                                                        Christie Patient

                                                          That’s great Theresa! Charlene and I are both crafters too. I’m sure you already know but be sure to wear a respirator when you use resin, that stuff is nasty to breathe. If you have any photos of your work posted online, we’d love to see!

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                                                          What an interesting long conversation! Great to see so many industrious people.  Maybe Eric can create a web platform for people to trade and sell our work!
                                                          I was diagnosed with IPF in the first year of the pandemic just after putting on the finishing touches for my ceramics studio…. the one that my respirologist forbade me to enter … lol!  I’m still trying to figure out how I can go back to ceramics because I love it so much … in the meantime, I am cleaning our house and sorting through decades of photos, letters etc with the hope of creating a sun-filled studio in our living room. I’ve been dabbling with drawing and painting off and on for years. Hoping to renew my focus and enjoy learning from all the inspirational artists on the internet. Anyone else inspired by a particular art teacher?


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                                                            Christie Patient

                                                              Hi Laila,
                                                              I bet you could safely do ceramics while wearing a mask, or respirator. Was your pulmonologist more worried about dust, or mold from damp surfaces? Curious that they would forbid you to enter your studio altogether… seems a little extreme. I am also a ceramicist, though I haven’t had the space to do it for some time. I’d love to see your work if you’ve posted any online 🙂

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                                                              My dad has taken up painting! He does folk art and it is so lovely and calming for him. He has recently sold many of his pieces for a fundraiser at his Temple and family/ friends are always placing orders. It’s a new found passion 🙂

                                                              I’d loved to share some images here. Does anyone know how?


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                                                                Hello everyone. Hobbies. I used to h ave a hobby that I started when I was 8 years old. I made model cars. At one time  I had over 100 but in my travels, I have given some of them to people I met and liked. I still have over 25 of the best ones including my first. I made my last one about 3 years ago. Then when IPF  was diagnoised, I wasn’t sure what I could do. I thought making models would be a no brianer. Wrong. You have the order of the glue and the spry paint. That  I cannot tolerate, as probably others can’t. Them with a bad heart and all the pills I take, I have gotten the shakes to bad to work on 1/24th models. So, I had to give it up. I also enjoyed wood working most of my live, but had to stop that too. Again, glue and paint. So right now I’m hobby less.

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