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      Jerry Genesio

      This small study (link below) published in the NEJM sparked my interest until I learned that EGCG is recommended for weight loss. One of the IPF symptoms that I’m experiencing happens to be unexplained weight loss. I’d like to add EGCG to my regimen but the weight loss issue concerns me. If you have weight loss and have taken or take EGCG, has the weight loss continued, gotten worse, or reversed? If so, I’d like to hear from you.


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      I just started on Esbriet a month ago. I have not yet begun losing weight but I am interested to hear if anyone is taking green tea extract as a supplement and is having any noticeable results. Seems to good to be true!

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      Stephen Gould

      I recently read this, and have an order on the way.

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      Really good questions about EGCG Jerry! I’ve never taken it so I unfortunately cannot comment on the weight loss concerns, but wonder if others have tried it and had any concerns with this side effect? The sample size in this study was indeed small, something to consider, but maybe something to speak with your physicians about since it was published in the NEJM, a credible source? I know my doctor’s are reluctant to read anything that isn’t a credible source but if anyone has had this discussion with their doctor, I’d love to hear how it goes. Let me know what you decide to do Jerry and I’ll monitor this thread to see if anyone has some good insights to share.

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      I’m curious to hear something as well Dave, @6whitehorses ! Hopefully someone has some information to share. Hope the side effects of Esbriet are doing okay with you so far.

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      Please let us know how you make out with it, and whether or not you see any noticeable results/feel improvement. Would be curious to know.
      Take care,

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      Steve Dragoo

      This is potentially good news as green tea has been touted a long time as high antioxidant possibly better than Vit C and E among several other benefits.  Makes me wonder if Wei products have EGCG in it…

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      joe hick

      Started taking it yesterday. 1000 mg to start, than, 2000 mg. We will see.

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      Barry McGee


      How did you arrive at those large doses? What brand did you buy?




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      Jerry Genesio

      Joe, have you been taking EGCG and, if so, what has your experience been: weight gain or weight loss?

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      Sarv Punj

      Friends I have read the news about EGCG found to be useful in treatment of IPF. While green tea is easily available, do we have to buy EGCG  (the green tea extract) specially or it is automatically delivered to the body by taking green tea regularly. Kindly educate me on this. Thanks.


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      I ordered the green tea extract from the brand the report used in the study, and my husband started it this past Monday.  I will let you know how he is doing.  My husband sees his pulmonologist later in May

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      This is what the report stated:


      “Half were given oral capsules of EGCG (from Teavigo) at a daily dose of 600 mg for 14 days before the biopsy, while the other half were not (untreated group). Tissue from five healthy lungs were analyzed as controls.”

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      Gregory Dixon

      I find it extraordinary that the NEJM would publish this long letter about a short study of a supplement drug. I  suppose the results, after a mere 14 days of treatment,  were so extraordinary, that they wanted to get the word out. I ordered some easily on Amazon and started taking it last week.

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      Steve Dragoo

      @joehick0529, @sarvpunj, @jgenesio: Hey Joe – I read doses over 800 mg per day may cause liver damage but under 800 mg no damage has been noted. However, there is not an established safe dosage. Since we have this lovely disease I will start when I can get an order here in the Philippines but at about 400 mg per day and increase to 600 mg and/or a cup of strong green tea.

      Green tea has between 50 mg and 100 mg od EGCG per cup. That probably depends on the type of tea, how old it is, and how long you steep it.  I have some of that on hand and will start today using a triple dose.

      In the past when I drank green tea daily I never noticed any weight loss and I prefer a strong brew.

      Stay well… Steve

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      Steve Dragoo

      @rebecca-schrantz-lilly Hi Rebecca – that would be great to hear from you sometime in May. Thanks – Steve

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      Trying to find the exact teavigo  product the study used: “Half were given oral capsules of EGCG (from Teavigo) at a daily dose of 600 mg  …

      Anyone, please help?  In searching,  it appears that Teavigo is a manufacturer and a trademark and other companies use their product, but i may have missed something.

      Anyways, the form used was 94 percent EGCG, apparently and the differing products on the market say different things about this percentage and vary widely in price.   In short,  looking for the same product the study used or a product that matches it its  efficacy.

      Anyone experience in Green tea extract trusted sources?

      Many thanks

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      joe hick

      I bought Nusapure off of Amazon. The recommended dosage from them is 2 capsules per day, and they are 1000mg. I am going to stay with the one capsule per day. I just started this a few days ago, so nothing to report as of yet, by the way they are made in the USA.

      What I am impressed with is that this study was reported in the, New England Journal of Medicine.

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      Life Extension has a tea product high in EGCG, which they describe as follows:

      Mega Green Tea Extract


      Green tea (Camellia sinensis) contains health-promoting polyphenol compounds such as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a powerful anti-aging phytonutrient that has been the subject of extensive scientific research. Our Mega Green Tea Extract provides more of these potent compounds than the equivalent of several cups of green tea in a lightly caffeinated supplement.

      Each capsule of Mega Green Tea Extract provides 725 mg of green tea extract, standardized to 98 percent polyphenols.

      * * *

      I’ve been taking the product for years, but not in this amount. I’m increasing the amount now.

      I I’ve been using Life Extension products for years in regard them as an ethical company. They also sponsor quite a bit of research.


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      Penny Rylee

      I just got the OK from my pulmonologist to take 600 mg of EGCG a day. He says it sounds interesting. I had sent him the article from our newsletter.

      I might do a clinical trial at Stanford Medical School for EGCG that is the same product once the virus has calmed down.

      This sounds exciting!

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      Let us know how it goes for you, Joe! Goodluck.

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      Hi @prylee ,


      Thanks so much for sharing this news with us – interesting that your doctor was in support of this, that does sound like good news. I’m glad you shared the news letter with him and he was in support 🙂


      Let us know what you decide on the clinical trial.

      Best of luck!

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      Jerry Genesio

      Penny – Thank you so much! Your response is very helpful. I’ve ordered a 4 month trial supply of 500 mg capsules and will take one-a-day. Please, let’s continue to exchange information and results. My biggest concern is weight loss. I’m already experiencing a slight, unexplained weight loss probably attributable to the IPF. I’m down from 198 to 188 over this past year and don’t want to lose any more if I can help it.

      Thanks again! Jerry

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      Sarv Punj

      Hello Everybody everybody on the Forum. Various posts on EGGC are very enlightening. I am still not sure which brand of Green Tea Extract I should buy for my wife. There are numerous brands available in India, local as well imported. Also what potency capsules are adequate. I will be grateful if more light is thrown in this regard.


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      Linda Klein

      Hello all


      I too are very interested in others results after using the green tea extract. I’m will see what I can find in EGSG extract available to buy.


      Thanks Linda

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      Hi Sarv,

      Sorry I can’t be of more help with this, I had another member contact me about the brand of EGCG extract as well and I couldn’t really find anything consistent. I’d maybe try messaging those on the forums directly who have posted that they have purchased the product and see where they got it and their thoughts on it so far? This is of course very subjective, but I’m not seeing a specific recommendation listed in any of the literature. If you find one, let us know.


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      Kay Kagy

      Hi, I started the green Tea with EGCG yesterday after a great discussion with the pharmacist from the Ofev site.  I have been on Ofev for 2 years now.  So-she was so thorough in her response.  First-no drug interactions with Ofev, next-she had the article and the study and said it was important if I was going to do it to match the amount of EGCG in my tea capsules as was in the study.  I had purchased 500mg caps that showed 98% green tea BUT only half the dose needed per cap so she said I needed 2 a day.  On re-reading the printout it does not say the daily needed substance for this study but she knew it!   She also said to be sure the drug was certified by the government to be as indicated on label as many vitamins and supplements were not.  Mine was GMO certified.  I will keep you posted on how things go.  Thanks, Kay

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      Hi @kay-kagy

      That is great to hear, thanks so much for sharing… I’m glad your experience was positive with the Ofev Pharmacist was positive too. For those interested, might you be willing to share the link to the product you got and where you purchased it? I know some folks are looking for information on this. Please do keep us posted on how things go Kay, that would be great.

      Take care,

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      Rene Hakkenberg

      Hi Charlene,

      I got in touch with Teavigo which was mentioned in the test results and they referred me Master Supplements, tel 800 926 2961.

      I ordered 3 bottles of 62 capsules for $85.66 and if I am not mistaken they were 150 mg, which would mean 4 caps per day if we want to stick to the 600 mg as used in the test. I am not sure when I will receive them as there are no flights to Bonaire due to the virus. On amazon you can get cheaper ones and higher doses per cap, but not knowing much i stuck to the ones used in the test results.

      As you mentioned, all of us using it should report in this forum to compare results. Also I hope we can get more expert guidance as to dosage and length of time to take it. Let’s be as detailed as possible in our reporting. Not just “I am feeling better” but details. Let’s hope it works, it would be a wonder(ful) pill.

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      I ordered it from Healthy Origins on Amazon.  I read the replies and one individual participated and here is his reply:


      ‘Amazon Ember’, I participated in a study group for 2 weeks taking four capsules of this green tea. The study was being done by a noted University and I was chosen because I have early stage IPF. (Pulmonary fibrosis). The University chose this tea because of its purity as it was all lab tested and certified for the study. I gave a blood sample at the end of the test to allow for examination. Green tea has been used with mice and produced markers that indicate a reduction of scarring and, potentially, scar reducing action. I have no idea what the study will show but I am now buying two bottles of this product from Amazon every month and taking it in am 1 hour before breakfast. I guess you would say I am assuming this has benefit for my condition and continuing with my own study. Besides, green tea has many other benefits for people with normal health– so why not take it? I hope this helps someone.

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      jaime L manriquez

      hello falks, I m on a green tea for a week already, got it from superstore,  2 little boxes of 20 bags each, inexpensive though, about US$ 2,00 two dollars per box. Will take em all 40 and will comment, best reagrads for all of you friends, hopping something good come out for all of us from researchers on this COVID-19


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      Michael Penner

      I prematurely submitted a post letting all know of my intention to start taking 300 mg/day of Teavigo. Unfortunately, I was just informed/reminded by Cardiology of yet another underlying cardiac condition. Green tea extract has a significant amount of caffeine and I’m now advised to not consider any high doses; cups of tea yes but, extract-no. Forgot how “compromised” my heart has become over the years. Sorry for the mixed messaging. I am on 24/7 home oxygen and have self quarantined since January. For those who are “heart-healthy”, go for it! Anxious to hear of some positive results.

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      Glad you clarified, Michael. I’ve recently been diagnosed with a few cardiac complications stemming from my IPF, so I definitely won’t be trying this supplement! Pulmonary hypertension is a quite common comorbidity of IPF and high caffeine could be quite dangerous, I would think.

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      1: The March 3, 2020 issue of US News and World Report picked up and highlighted the New England Journal of Medicine article we have been discussing in this thread: https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news/articles/2020-03-11/could-green-tea-extract-help-fight-pulmonary-fibrosis

      2. Here is an article that warns against doses over 1000 mg. https://www.nutraingredients.com/Article/2018/04/19/EGCG-warning-EFSA-safety-assessment-suggests-green-tea-supplements-should-come-with-warning

      3. There are EGCG products available that indicate they are Caffeine free.

      4. As others have mentioned, the dose used in the cited  study utilized 600mg per day. I feel comfortable with that. Since there is no cure for this disease at this time, the research articles on EGCG are the only thing I have seen that offers any present hope of inflammation reduction ( and less scarring) and possible positive impact. While I have started taking Esbriet, there is no real way to ever know if it is having a positive impact.

      5. I discussed the NEJM article with my pulmonologist yesterday. While he could not state definitively that EGCG would help, he did say that if he had lung fibrosis, he would take it.

      6. EGCG also has research support for risk reduction of getting and fighting various cancers. I have also been dealing with early stage non invasive bladder cancer. I don’t see any downside here in using EGCG in conjunction with best medical treatment practices.

      7. I should receive my order Saturday and begin taking 600mg daily on Sunday. I hope that a year from now there will be some quantifiable positive difference in my condition to report, either visibly through HRCT results or experientially through breathing tests. My thoughts are that the taking of Esbriet can only show lack of progression ( which might not even be due to taking Esbriet) but the taking of EGCG could actually show some level of improvement. I am taking a proactive approach. I have nothing to lose by taking a responsible dose of EGCG and everything to gain. Trusting God in all things!


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      Thank you so much for sharing this Rebecca, I am sure many will find it helpful – including the review you included! Sounds like many are inquiring about purchasing this product, so thanks again for taking the time to write and share this with us. Keep us posted on how you’re feeling with this new product if you can!
      Many thanks,

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      Dave, I totally agree that we need to take a proactive approach.  Being that Green Tea Extract has been shown to fight certain cancers, and we hear all the time how we should be drinking green tea, how can it not be a good thing?!

      My husband’s appointment is on the 18th of this month and he just started taking the extract a week ago so I am not sure if that is enough time but whether it is or isn’t, I feel good about this.

      I will let you all know if there is any indication this is working.

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      Hi Rebecca! Praying for good results for your husband. I am hoping to see some results over time, but I realize this did not occur over night and results may take a while to begin to surface. Having said that, I am moving forward believing that in sticking with it I am doing something good and positive for my health that could get me through the time until there is a cure for IPF.

      I do hold the hope that with all the advances in research around the world, a cure may be available in the next few years. Any positive results from this EGCG are a blessing. Given the many other positive health benefits I have been reading about EGCG, I will probably be taking it the rest of my life!

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      Jerry Genesio

      Michael: Thanks for mentioning your cardiologist’s concern about the caffeine. I also have a cardiac condition and am in A-Fib most of the time so your comment has prompted me to discuss the EGCG with my cardiologist before I start taking it. The one I’ve ordered is Nature’s Wellness Green Tea Extract 500 mg which has 5% natural caffeine.

      I am so very impressed by all of the responses my original post received concerning EGCG and the very brief NEJM article. There is so much information coming in that I’m confident EGCG is something worth pursuing. And there are many who are starting it with a commitment to keep us all informed of progress. Thank you!

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      Tom Nicholas

      I receive my order next week. While looking at the many products available on Amazon or eBay, I did notice a consistentcy of the front labels prominently displaying, for example, 1000mg. While looking at the ingredients and dosage, most products show similarly 45% EGCG per capsule. I assume this to mean, if it is a 1000mg capsule, then I’d be getting about 450mg of EGCG. Is this a correct assumption?

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      Richard L Shelby

      @tom-nicholas Your assumption is correct and all of us interested in EGCG need to pay attention to the product labels as the percentage of EGCG varies quite a bit over the range of available green tea products.

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      Lou Body IV

      I have read the NEJM article and thought I’d try it. I ordered 750mg capsules of Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract from Vitacost.com who I think is quite reputable. This product has 325.25mg of EGCG. I haven’t taken it yet as I wanted to hear how others tolerated it first. I stay away from caffeine as I had Afib for years before it was ablated 2x 10 years ago. I have taken ESBRIET since last September. Currently, I’m OK, out of Afib and still very active and not on oxygen for Familial Fibrosis. I have a sister who has FF also and she takes Azithromycin every other day. She is on oxygen full time but has improved with much less coughing since being on AZT. Our deceased mother was the first one in our family to have PF. People with Lung Fibrosis grasp at any straw, as they should. As soon as I hear that people tolerate EGCG OK then I will try it. So keep your comments flowing on this subject. Thanks, Lou

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      Penny Rylee

      I believe the two-week study at UC Davis (in conjunction with UCSF) used the Teavigo Green Tea Extract from Healthy Origins. I got it through the internet and am taking four 150 mg daily as they did in the study.

      I am doing a walk test and spirometry next week at the pulmonary lab and am excited to see if my lung function has improved.

      I stated Esbriet six weeks ago and now have a horrible sun rash on hands, neck and lower legs. I have heard that this side effect might end within six months. I sure hope so. It’s had to climb hills (with the gym closed) with this creepy rash.

      Good luck with the EGCG!

      Penny Rylee

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      Penny Rylee:

      My husband also came down with a horrible sun rash on the back of his neck 5 years ago.  He is very cautious of putting sunscreen on now when outside.  He has not had a problem since so hopefully you won’t either.

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      Penny: Our situations are very similar… I ordered the same product as you and plan on the same dosage. I started Esbriet as well ( 9 weeks ago). I read about the rash side effect but have not had that. I have now read many scientific studies on EGCG for a variety of health applications and find it encouraging that there has been so much interest in it and in further studies. Time will tell! Hoping you and the rest of us have positive results going forward!

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      Bioavailability of EGCG:

      Just received my order of EGCG and immediately took two capsules (150mg ea). Went and read some more research and discovered that optimum bioavailability of EGCG is achieved by taking it without food and only water. Bioavailability is important because it determines how much of the substance gets to the intended target/s. In other words, many things impact the results of ingesting a substance to include absorption, degradation of potentcy by air or light, etc. Maximum bioavailability is preferred. Taking EGCG with a meal reduces its bioavailability. I will incorporate this change starting tomorrow morning. Here is a link to the article for those that want to get into the details::


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      Hi Dave,

      Thanks so much for sharing this with us and good reminder re: bioavailability. For those of us on the anti-fibrotics and wanting to take the EGCG, we’ll have to figure out a schedule as to when to take it without food to maximize bioavailability. I know it is important to take our anti-fibrotics with food, so it’ll take some planning for the EGCG but certainly manageable. Thanks for the reminder, and for sharing the credible resource of the NCBI article. Let us know how you manage with your first few doses…

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      Thanks for sharing all of this information with us Dave! Of particular interest is the comment your pulmonologist made about EGCG and if he had fibrosis, he’d take it. Glad to hear this, and that your order came. Let us know how you make out today (Sunday) if you can, or after a few days of taking it. Will be curious to hear…. thanks for taking the time to provide us with credible links as well.

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      Thanks for sharing the contact number with us, Rene! I just replied to your email, but am looking at possibly ordering the extract as well, to give it a try. I can’t see how it would be harmful to us, even if not beneficial, and I like the comments from others on here that their physicians are in support of trying it, or that they’d explore using it if they had lung fibrosis. We’ll see – I’ve been in touch with my pulmonologist and GP almost daily last week, so when he calls this week I am going to explore it with him.

      I also think it is a good idea that those on it compile their findings, citing detailed improvements or things they notice after being on the extract. Details are key! Unfortunately, I don’t have the capacity to track this using an excel sheet at this time, but I wonder if someone did? Something worth exploring if someone has the time to compile all the information, please let me know.

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      Hi Charlene!

      Always glad to share. I suspect I won’t have much to report as far as any results for a few months. I did not expect any immediate noticeable difference but hope to be able to see some quantifiable results via a breathing test, blood labs, and/ or CT scan in 3-4 months. Will continue to read and research in the meantime. Blessings!

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      Sounds great Dave, I look forward to hearing! I also hope you have some quantifiable results in the coming months, wouldn’t that be great? Thanks again for sharing and wishing you the very best. Have a restful Sunday 🙂

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      Jerry Genesio

      Received word back from my pulmonologist today saying she thought the EGCG article in the NEJM, though brief and involving a small number of patients, shows promise. She said she could think of no reason why I shouldn’t start taking EGCG. I’m starting today and will watch and listen very carefully to how my body responds. If I notice any changes, I’ll post them here.

      Best to all!

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      Cornelia Hendershot

      I’ve been drinking green tea for years & have not lost weight nor has my IPF improved. But it can’t hurt.  Taking megadoses of anything can have unwanted side effects.


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      @jgenesio ,

      That is so encouraging, thank you for circling back with your doctor’s thoughts on the NEJM article on EGCG. Although no formal medical training of course, I also couldn’t imagine it causing us harm in trying it so I’m glad you’re giving it a try and will pay close attention to your body and any changes you notice. Please do let us know and I look forward to hearing. Best of luck and thanks again for sharing!

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      Hi Corneila,

      Thanks so much for writing and welcome again to the PF forums! I am also a green tea lover 🙂 Something to note, the EGCG Green Tea Extract as cited in this article:  https://pulmonaryfibrosisnews.com/2020/04/21/green-tea-extract-stops-anti-fibrotic-processes-ipf-small-study-finds

      … is quite different than regular green tea, a lot more concentrated and targeted from what I understand. Hopefully the side effects are minimum, stay tuned here for folks who are willing to try it and report back on how they’re managing with the recommended EGCG doses of the extract, if interested.


    • #24357

      I can’t believe the heading is worded wrong and they didn’t catch it! It says the tea extract stops ANTI fibrotic process. Shouldn’t it be PRO or leave the word ANTI out?

    • #24364

      Hi @deliassen ,

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I would imagine you’re right, and I’ll connect with our editor-in-chief to see if it needs to be updated to reflect a title with the ‘anti’ removed. It may have just been a typo on our end publishing the article, these things happen but I am really grateful you brought it up. Thanks again!

      UPDATE: fixed Denny, thank you for pointing it out!

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      Edward Brownstein

      Hi. I have been taking 750 mg of green tea extract for about 3 weeks. I have not had any weight loss. the only difference I have experienced is my oxygen saturation has in increased from 96 to anywhere from 97 to 99. I  have no idea if this is result from the extract.

    • #24370

      I have been taking 600 mg of Green Tea Extract for 1 week (Decaffeinated, 94% EGCG). I have not lost any weight. After 1 full week, the quantitative results are:

      Oxygen Saturation increased from Average 94% to Average 96%.

      Measured by home pulse oximeter.

      The only thing that has changed in my routine is that I began taking the Green Tea Extract.  I have not experienced any side effects or negative consequences. I have not had any other medical tests or measurements. Plan to have a breathing test in approx 4 months.

    • #24372
      janice sutton

      Hi Dave, would you please share what brand and where you purchased (600 mg, 94% EGCG) you green tea extract. I would like to try it but I also want the exact formulation which you have found and is used in the article.

      Thank you, Janice


    • #24375



      Hi Janice! I bought Healthy Origins brand Teavigo (Caffeine Free) . It is available at both Swansonvitamins.com and Amazon.com. Hope this helps! Kindest Regards, Dave

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      Jerry Genesio

      That’s good news Ed Brownstein! My only concern has been weight loss. I started on 500 mg EGCG QD about a week ago and hope I can keep or increase mt weight. Thanks for posting your results.

    • #24378
      Jerry Genesio


      Dave – I hope your weight remains steady. Weight loss is my greatest concern. I, too, have been on EGCG for about a week with no weight loss so far and no other adverse reactions either. Thanks for posting your progress. I’ll be interested in what you have to report a month from now..

    • #24380

      Hi Jerry and thanks! The articles I have read on weight loss and EGCG seem to indicate that some weight loss can occur but when combined with intake of higher levels of caffeine. I do drink one cup of coffee most days, but I think higher levels than that are used to facilitate weight loss and even then weight loss is not always an out come or significant. Will keep you posted and blessings to you on your journey!

    • #24391

      Thanks so much for sharing Dave! I’m glad you haven’t had any adverse/difficult side effects, and that your saturation seems slightly improved, that is great. Keeping my fingers crossed that more quantitative data emerges from others using the extract as well. Thanks for sharing!

    • #24392


      Hi Ed,
      Thank you so much for sharing these results with us. So far, everyone has reported some positive news from the extract so it is nice to hear your experience as well. Please continue to update us… we so appreciate it. Take care.

    • #24406
      Rene Hakkenberg

      In order to be able to draw the most meaningful conclusions  of taking EGCG, I would suggest to all of us using EGCG and that are reporting results thereof in this forum to add as many details as possible, such as what lung disease you have, since when, taking Esbriet, Ofev or neither, whether or not you experienced weight loss and length of time taking the extract. With these details we will be better informed to draw meaningful conclusions. For instance, it could be that EGCG works for one disease but not for another. Thank you and let’s hope it works for all of us.

    • #24409

      My husband was diagnosed with IPF in 2014.  He has been on Esbriet since January 2015.  He started the EGCG 2 weeks ago and not for the weight loss, though that would be nice, but for the same results as the study was showing.  He has an appointment with his pulmonologist this week and I will report back either way if their are changes whether good or bad.

    • #24411

      Hi Rebecca! Your husband seems to have had great results with the Esbriet so far. I hope he and the rest of us see positive benefits from the EGCG as well!

      • #24412

        He has had great results considering the fact that shortly before he was diagnosed, he couldn’t even walk a few feet without panting and needing to sit down.  Obviously he is still battling this horrible disease but from October 2014 to now?  I consider a huge victory for him as well as his Pulmonologist said my husband is the Pulmonolgist’s poster child as well as the Pulmonologist’s associates.  The green tea extract is just another step for making my husband’s life a little easier.  It can not hurt him but only with God’s Will, help him as well as all of those suffering from this disease if the extract can help. Unless someone can prove that it will hurt those suffering from this disease, I will make sure he stays on it.

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      Edward Brownstein

      I haven’t heard of any adverse effects from those of us who have been taking the extract.Not sure if its the real deal, I do know I’m 85 with ipf and taking Ofev since December and my oxygen saturation has increased 2 to 3 percent. I can’t see any downside by trying it.

      Wishing everyone well


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      Lou Body IV

      I have begun taking Decaffeinated EGCG Extract from Vitacost, 325.25mg of EGCG per capsule. I recognize this is 25% less than the Teavigo dose. My intention is to see if I have any side effects like a rocky stomach, etc. After a week, so far, so good. However, a nurse told me to take pills with food for maximum Bioavailability so this is how I’ve taken EGCG. Dave wrote that he read to take the dose with water and no food. Is the nurse all wet or does it really matter how it’s taken? I take Esbriet and wouldn’t dare not take it with food.

    • #24451

      Hi Lou! Great to hear you are tolerating the EGCG so far. I too am taking Esbriet and I do that with food about 1-2 hours after taking the EGCG with no food. The issue of bioavailability is interesting to me. I feel somewhat like a blind man feeling my way through a maze of research and various information channels. After reading your post,  I did contact the company I bought EGCG from and he referred me back to the article I had posted on this board indicating that food degrades the bioavailability of EGCG. The article indicated that taking the EGCG on an empty stomach with only water was 2.7 times more effective than taking it with food. I am not a doctor, nurse, nor scientist so I can only go by what I read. It would be interesting to see what the nurse thought after reading the article. Perhaps someone on this thread can print the article and take it to their Dr or nurse for comment/ interpretation. While there is a lot of interest in the effects of EGCG on many conditions, there is still so much that is not known. It seems that there is great benefit potential, but the current delivery methods are not optimal to get the full benefit of this and other natural supplements such as curcumin. It is frustrating to all of us to be so close to a seemingly good thing and not be able to maximize its usefulness! Still feeling my way along.

    • #24452

      My husband has been on the EGCG for about a month now.  He had an appointment set up to see his Pulmonologist this past Monday, the 18th.  Unfortunately, it was a teleconference appointment in which we had no clue that this was the way he would see his Pulmonologist.  To me it was totally worthless since there was no vitals taken, no Pulmonary function test taken so what was the point?  The Pulmonologist saw his blood work my husband had done on May 1st.  Asking him over the phone how he feels is not reliable to me.  I’m a little frustrated and now we are leaving out of the state till October so will not be seeing the doctor until November where he will take a Pulmonary Function test.  I can not tell you anything in regards to my husband taking the Green Tea Extract other then he feels good and it does not bother him with sleeping or notice any weight loss.  I wish I could tell you more.  I’m hoping those on this post who are taking it will have more information.

    • #24454

      Hi Rebecca! So sorry for the frustrating Dr. appointment. I was also eagerly awaiting your report on your husbands visit! I don’t go back for any significant tests until Mid October, so probably won’t have anything quantitative to report for awhile. The good thing about that is it will reflect 4+ months of taking EGCG. I will have a liver panel blood draw soon and if anything unusual (positive or negative) shows up I will report it. I am also looking at adding Curcumin to my approach having read the the two together enhance another.

    • #24456

      Dave, I will say this about my husband and what he takes.  He has been on Curcumin since spring of 2015.  He had a C-Reactive Protein test done on May 1st and his inflammation in his body has reduced to a normal level.  I tribute that to the Curcumin and I believe that is a plus when having inflammation in the lungs.  My opinion only but my husband is not getting worse and it has been 6 years now.  I totally believe in Curcumin!

    • #24457


      Rebecca…that is incredible! How much Curcumin does he take, and with or without food?

    • #24477

      Thank you for sharing with us what you can Rebecca, it is greatly appreciated! I can imagine your frustration with the teleconference meeting vs. an in-person one, I’m so sorry that was your experience. Is there any opportunity to ask that he be on a cancellation/call-back list to potentially get an appointment before October? Fingers crossed his PFTs are still positive. Thanks for writing to us.

    • #24478

      This is a really good suggestion @renehakkenberg and a great way to compile some quantitative and qualitative data, I just may need to put my head together about how to do this. I may be able to create a shared spreadsheet for those who are taking EGCG and want to compile their results, so we can track it all in one spot. I’ll have to give this some thought, as I don’t know if I have the capacity to monitor it but I’d be happy to create it. Let me seek some clarification from our Forums Director and get back to you! Keep on me about this though so I remember ok? I am juggling lots right now! 🙂

    • #24958
      Luke R Matthews

      @Dave @Charlene
      thank you for your post on bioavailability of EGCG. Could you tell me whether you Talked to Healthy Origins or Teavigo concerning taking EGCG without food? I also take Healthy Origins with 150 mg of Teavigo. The directions state to take with a meal. I have already switched to taking it without meals but would be interested in the link to the article you mentioned. Also do you take two Capsules twice a day or four capsules all at once? I have been taking mine 2x per day.
      Thank you. Luke

    • #24959
      Luke R Matthews

      I found your link to the article Dave. Thank you.


    • #24969
      Lou Body IV

      Hi all!

      I’m back to a point where I could start taking EGCG again. I had to stop a few months ago to sort out a non-related issue. I know Charlene is trying to get a data assimilation plan started but that’s about all I’ve seen. Has anyone had any good or not so good results these past 3 months while on EGCG? Is the interest in it still high or has it waned for some reason. Thanks,


    • #24970

      Lou… welcome back! I have no news to report other than I am still taking 600 mg of EGCG daily (all at once on an empty stomach with water only. I wait 2 hours before any other meds or food.) No weight loss to date. No negative side effects.

    • #24983



      Hi Lou,

      Thank you so much for writing and letting us know how you’re doing. Nice to hear from you!

      BioNews Insights (our research team) is almost done finalizing the survey to compile some data assimilation and we’ve had a conversation with the lead investigator of the original EGCG study as well (he is out of UCSF). He gave us some good direction for this project, and appreciate everyone willing to participate. Right now, we’re looking to gather a control group so we can begin 🙂

      Thanks again for connecting and checking in on the status of the EGCG conversation. Hope you’re doing better!

    • #24988
      Mona Klein

      Question can you take ecgc when you are take Ofev?

    • #24989
      Rand O’Brien

      I’ve been taking the Amazon capsules, forgot which one, at present Zenwise for about 6 wks. Thecapsules look the same as the ealier bottle with the same emount of ECGC. Bottle recommendation is 2/day, I take 2 twice/day. About 2-3 wks. into them I had my first 97% on the Oximeter, usually running at about 95, sometimes down to 92. Consistently O2 is now 96, 4-5 times per week 97 and once per week 98%. Really haven’t changed my routine beyond that. I have my pulmonary test next week, so we’ll see how my official numbers change from 11/19. Who knows, but something has shifted slightly.
      Rand O’Brien

    • #24999


      Hi Rand,

      This is great to hear, thanks so much for sharing. How did your PFT go, or are they coming up next week? Would love to hear 🙂

      Happy to hear about the seemingly improved 02 saturations. Would you be willing to participate in our EGCG project as an experimental participant, to report these findings? Basically we’re looking at conducting a longitudinal survey to track the effect of EGCG on patients using experimental and control groups. We’re just looking to recruit for the control group and then we can launch the survey. We developed it with advice from the lead investigator on the EGCG New England Journal of Medicine study at UCSF. Please let me know, but of course no pressure! I’m just happy to read this update from you.



    • #25003


      Hi Mona,

      Thanks so much for writing — good question. I don’t believe EGCG is harmful to those taking anti-fibrotics, simply based on others’ reporting their doctors are okay with it and I know some forum members have been on both EGCG and Ofev. However, it is important to note that I am not a physician so I can’t ultimately give advice on this. Would it be possible to ask your doctor about this, so you feel comfortable with his/her answer and how to proceed?


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