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      Bob P

      Has anyone tried taking one 150 MG and one 100 MG dose of Ofev per day? I have been taking to 150 MG doses a day but have had G.I. side effects, mostly in the evening. My pulmonologist ordered a reduced dosage to 100 MG but I have a few weeks of 150 MG doses left. I was going to try taking one 150 MG dose in the morning and one 100 MG dose in the evening to see if that helps.


      If anyone has tried this, how has it worked out?


      thank you

      I asked my pulmonologist if it is possible to split doses and her response was the FDA only recommends to 150 MG doses or to 100 MG doses per day.

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      Rene Hakkenberg

      Hi Bob, first of all I am not a doctor. I have been on Ofev off and on for over 3 years I tried many combinations of dosages. At times I had to completely stop taking it to give my stomach a rest. I am now on 2×100 mg daily and it appears that I can tolerate it. I think that there is nothing wrong with taking one 150 and one 100 mg. I just never had the 150 but if I did I would try it like you suggest, one 150 and one 100 and see how you tolerate it.

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      I Take 150 mg every 12 hours and I hate the constant diarrhea and weakness, but i do breath better so I do it…I am meeting with the transplant team this Friday so will see how that goes..

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      Donald Salzberg MD

      Hi Bob

      I am a physician but I am careful to “give medical advice here.”  I’m on OFEV 150mg twice a day. I am a huge fan of Zofran if you suffer from nausea (typically hits 2-3 hours after taking the meds)!  I take OFEV after I’ve eaten something. I have tracked my diet (you’d all cringe) and there’s no real correlation. Diarrhea can be bad for a few days and then is gone. I have purposely not taken the second dose when I’m suffering with GI issues but I’m not suggesting you do that. I’ve done that over the past 6-12 months and in the short run my PFTs are stable. I don’t feel i breath better (day to day) if I take both pills QD (every day) but in the long run—I suspect it’s better to take as much as one can tolerate. I’m not sure 250mg a day (instead of 300 mg) will make a huge impact either way.

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